The Dream Academy / The Morning Lasted All Day: 2CD retrospective

EDSK7074_The Dream Academy_The Morning Lasted All Day_Booklet

The Morning Lasted All Day is a new Dream Academy retrospective compiled by frontman Nick Laird-Cowes.

Best remembered for 1985’s Life In Northern Town in, the band released three studio albums in the years that followed, eventually disbanding in 1991.

Many of their songs on were co-produced with Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and this new two-CD collection contains five previously unreleased recordings, including a brand new track.

Laird-Cowes has really got involved here, because not only has he remastered the music, but he has written a track-by-track annotation and an essay for the notes.

The Morning Lasted All Day is out on 28 July 2014.

Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. Life In A Northern Town
  • 2. The Love Parade
  • 3. The Edge Of Forever
  • 4. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
  • 5. Johnny (New Light)
  • 6. In Places On The Run
  • 7. Ballad In 4/4
  • 8. Girl In A Million (For Edie Sedgwick)
  • 9. Power To Believe
  • 10. This World
  • 11. Here
  • 12. One Dream

Disc: 2

  • 1. Indian Summer
  • 2. Lucy September
  • 3. Hampstead Girl
  • 4. The Demonstration
  • 5. Living In A War
  • 6. Love
  • 7. Waterloo
  • 8. The Chosen Few
  • 9. It’ll Never Happen Again
  • 10. Power To Believe [Instrumental]
  • 11. The Last Day Of The War
  • 12. Sunrising


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Release date for Amazon US is still July 29, FWIW. Really looking forward to receiving my copy.


Release date changed to the 6th October according to amazon.


5 tracks previously unavailable is alright by me! I have a bootleg that collects all the b-sides and rarities (i.e. “Things We Said Today” (Beatles), “Heaven Pt. 2” (B-side), “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (instrumental” (Ferris Bueller soundtrack)). I hope they re-issue the catalog with the appropriate rarities for each album.


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait. There’s a “Heaven Pt. 2??” I only ever heard of/seen Pt. 1. What single was it on?

John Moore

What’s the name of the bootleg? Quality good?

Bjorn Wahlberg

Fantastic news! Dream Academy is a favourite band of mine ever since those halcyon days of 1985 when I first bought the debut album on the basis of “Life in a Northern Town”.

I sincerely hope this new release will pave the way for the proper 2-CD deluxe treatment of each studio album, perhaps a live CD at that… and would the band even consider making a fourth album? I’m very curious to know if the new song here, “Sunrising”, was recorded by all three or by NLC alone?

Either way: this release was long overdue! I feel the “Love Parade” coming.


How ’bout giving their three albums the whole 2CD+DVD deluxe treatment? They were such a great band! The first album and Remembrance Days were among the best albums of their time. I’d buy them as soon as I could get them :D


Would rather have a comprehensive release with the 3 albums and some rare tracks. If I buy this I still have to keep the old Different Kind of Weather album for the tracks not on here.


I’m hoping that the album remasters are next. Considering that out of the blue Nick was involved with this project as well as recording a new track may suggest that future Dream Academy stuff is in the pipeline.

joe connelly

IMO, no need for remasters. The original CDs have always been some of the best sounding in my library. I’d be into expanded album releases, something along the lines of the Bananarama , if material exists in the vaults to justify such releases. I’ve never heard a lot of “lost” material by this band, so I’d be doubtful that they have the ability to fill out an additional 60 minutes +/- for each of those albums.

One thing that would be very cool, based on the way their songs sounded, would be individual instrumental tracks…say isolate Kate’s woodwind track or Nick’s guitar tracks. I could listen to that all day.


My Dad hung out with a 13 year old Laird Cowes at the 1970 Isle of Wight festival. He was only 17 himself, but that remains his major claim to fame.


Wonderful news! Have spent the weekend listening to this fabulous band. Very pleased to hear that a retrospective set is being released here in the UK. A show or two would be nothing short of a dream come true Nick & Co.


Didn’t know they’d reformed for a tour. I think it’s just Nick doing this project by himself .


did they ever announce the tour dates in support of this?


On one hand I’m very excited and will definitely get this. On the other I’m kinda bummed that there’s not more tracks. 12 tracks on each disc easily leaves space for 3-5 more. Like some 12″ mixes or even b sides could’ve been good. Would love to see if the version of Love Parade is at the album version or the US single mix which has a completely different intro.


Another missed opportunity.
No Love Parade (7″ US)


Damn! I want this!