The Essential Swing Out Sister


Salvo Music are issuing  a new Swing Out Sister hits collection in October.

The Essential Swing Out Sister is a 17-track, single CD compilation which gathers together the band’s six UK top 40 singles (including top 10 hits Breakout and Surrender) along with other 45s and fan favourites.

The late Frankie Knuckles is remembered by the inclusion of his Classic Club Mix of Notgonnachange (the original version featured on 1992’s Get In Touch With Yourself) and a previously unreleased ‘big band’ version of Forever Blue is the attraction for die-hard fans. Twilight World is offered in its album form – the Superb, Superb Mix.

This release will be issued on 6 October 2014, but before that the Japan-only, Ultimate Collection (30th Anniversary Best) is in the schedules for a late August release. Early research suggests that this SHM-CD will share a track listing with The Essential Swing Out Sister, but that is not yet confirmed.

Swing Out Sister are currently working on their next studio album (available via PledgeMusic) and are preparing to play eight dates in Japan at the beginning of September.

Track listing

  • 1. Breakout
  • 2. Surrender
  • 3. Twilight World (Superb, Superb Mix)
  • 4. Fooled By A Smile
  • 5. Where In The World
  • 6. Waiting Game
  • 7. You On My Mind
  • 8. La La (Means I Love You)
  • 9. Am I The Same Girl?
  • 10. Notgonnachange (Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix)
  • 11. Precious Words
  • 12. Heaven Only Knows
  • 13. Waters Of March (with Akiko) (single edit)
  • 14. Somewhere Deep in the Night
  • 15. Love Won’t Let You Down
  • 16. Forever Blue (Previously unreleased Big Band version)
  • 17. The Windmills Of Your Mind

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Charles Vergados

A big fan,especially after spending 3 hours with them in 2013.Incredible indiduals,Corinne as sublime as you’d think. I would like “BeWannabe” Andy’s production of “My Sedative” by Dawn Zee and Gina Foster’s “Expect A Miracle” from their VEVO album added as bonus tracks. Oe a world release of the VEVO CD. Their music brightens our lives with it’s magic.


It’s Better To Travel 2xCD remaster was released quite recently. My opinion only ,but unfortunatley the remastering is not an improvement.


Just received the Japanese release. Track listing is confirmed as previously mentioned. Forever Blue is the redux you tube version I spoke about before…


Google: You Tube Swing Out Sister Champions again! Forever Blue to see/hear the version likely to be on this album…


I just did. Loved the big band version but still like the original.

John Sayers

After some research on the various Japan on-line retailers it looks like the Japan SHM-CD will have as the 18th track, a bonus for Japan, the song “Now You’re Not Here”.

Wax Monster X

Ooops. I meant It’s Better To Travel. Damn meth screwing with my brain again. LOL.

Wax Monster X

Kaleidoscope World 2CD remastered needed soon! Was hoping this would materialize after Twilight World. No more Best Of’s pleeeease! Or maybe a big 4 disc completist box with all those various mixes etc. That would get my $$. Saw them live this year and it was tremendous!


I agree with almost all the posts.

Since I am a fan of theirs from the beginning,I woul have liked to see “Kaleidoscope World” treated the same way they did it with “It’s better to travel”.
And apart form the 7″ edit [that is anyway in some “minor” let’s say this way,compilations,Best Of] of “Twilight World”,why have they to put always the already worn and redundant “Superb,Superb Mix” of the same track,and not the more rare 12″ Remix AKA as “The World Travel Mix” or the even more rare “Outer Limits Mix”,or even the US only vinyl promo with 4 tracks called “Special Club Mixes”?

And speaking of “Am I The Same Girl?” It’s time to see the “Soulfull Mix” or the “Bubba’s Version”.

In other words: these and many other amonmg their best singles they remixed once they came out,deserves,in my humble opinion,better treatment,and to see the light of day on CD.


If you’re looking for very decent vinyl rips and even 24 bit FLAC mixes of the TW ” World Travel Mixes” check out DJ Pault’s burningtheground.blogspot


I know: it has that and other Swing’s Mixes.


I was just pointing out that is time to put them on CD.


While I would love a remix set and a DVD, at least this set will spur more interest in Swing Out Sister and hopefully more goodies to come.


They have several Best Of’s. Anyone have an opinion on which Best Of would be the one to get for a newbie? I’m looking at a 3CD set (Ultimate Collection) but am open to suggestions. Any help would be appreciated…


The 3cd is pretty good. Aren’t they putting out a 30th anniversary version of that in Japan?


I would prefer their other albums to be released as expanded editions, than this “nothing much to boast about” single CD compilation. I for one will not be buying it.

Bjorn Wahlberg

“Twilight World (Edit)” was released on CD back in 1987 on the Japanese compilation album “Another Non-Stop Sister”. It’s also on the 1996 Japanese album “The Best of Swing Out Sister” and on the 2001 “The Best of Swing Out Sister (Millennium Collection)” as well as on the 2009 Japanese CD “Best Selection”. So it’s fairly easy to find on CD.

I, for one, am looking forward to the previously unreleased ‘big band’ version of “Forever Blue”! I just hope it’s not the old “String Mix” version from the 1989 CD…

Paul H

How funny, I absolutely loved the string mix, although you could never describe any element of it as Big Band, so you should be in luck


Plus the string mix was instrumental. I doubt that they would include an instrumental track on a best of..


It if had expanded into a 2cd set then these tracks should’ve never been left out:

1. ordinary people
2. now you’re not here
3. we could make it happen
4. somewhere in the world
5. here and now
6. blue mood
7. through the sky
8. circulate
9. where do i go
11. secret love
12. beautiful mess
13. taxi town
14. something every day
15. let the stars shine
16. where our love grows

alan hansen


Paul H

Odd that this starts off as a singles chronology and then seems to wander off piste halfway down the track list….

Paul H

Paul, I first found your website from a link SoS shared to your “It’s Better to travel” reissue last year. Any news on any more? “Kaleidoscope world “would be a great follow up for the SDE treatment

Bert Hopkins

Has the single edit of Twilight World ever been released on CD?


It was on the Universal “The Millennium Collection (Best Of)” i think?

Dean Williams

Why do they never include the single edit of Twilight World. Most irritating.
I think this only for the casual fan as a compilation.


…and why not many remixes, b-sides and rarities???

Jon J

Quite a decent tracklist for a single disc with a few rarities (Waters of March, Heaven Only Knows, Windmills of Your Mind), although nothing from either the Shapes and Patterns or Filth and Dreams albums, which were both solid and were not released in the UK. I’d have dropped Waiting Game to make room for something from either of these.

Given the inclusion of the new version of Forever Blue and the use of the Superb, Superb Mix of Twilight World rather than the single edit, I’m guessing the band had some involvement with this?




Because they will want to reissue this again next year with the dvd included and get you to part with even more money, the record industry does this all of the time, hold back tracks so they can include them at later dates in the countless reissues of the same stuff.


Not a bad track listing but a DVD of their videos as part of the package would have gone down a treat!


A fairly comprehensive collection,although a 2 disc version would’ve been more appropriate. There’s nothing from The Living Return,Shapes And Patterns and Beautiful Mess.