The Jam / Classic Album Selection

The Jam / Classic Albums 1977-1982 box set
The classic album selection box contains all six studio albums

While die-hard Jam fans will be debating whether to pick up the super deluxe edition box set of The Gift, anyone new to the band, or only familiar with the hits, might be interested in this Classic Album Selection box set that comes complete with all six of their studio albums.

The set is due for release on 3 December 2012, and the attractively designed box will contain the six CDs housed in vinyl replica card wallets. The albums themselves will not come with any bonus tracks.

Albums within the box:

  • 1. In The City (1977)
  • 2. This Is The Modern World (1977)
  • 3. All Mod Cons (1978)
  • 4. Setting Sons (1979)
  • 5. Sound Affects(1980)
  • 6. The Gift (1982)

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Isn’t it always the way – I just purchased all 6 CDs online in their standard jewel cases. Oh well…
To save the same thing happening to me again, do the lovely people at SuperDeluxeEdition know if a similar box is being planned for The Style Council?

Michel Drolet

I’m quite new to the music of The Jam, only have a greatest hits (and many solo albums by Paul Weller), and I just ordered “Direction Reaction Creation” since the comments posted here seems to be in favours instead of the “Classic Album Selection”…and at $54 at Amazon.ca I assume I can’t go wrong with so many songs on it!!
Still not decided about The Gift box set!! Is there any indication that the other albums will also be issued in a box like The Gift??
Excellent Web site (which I talk about on my radio show and my FaceBook page), my only complaint is my credit card is screaming back at me!!! ;-)

Paul English

There’s a nice SHM box from Japan that has the six albums in mini-LP packaging along with Dig The New Breed. Nice promo box from Disk Union [All Mod Cons packaging].


Mark, I am not exactly sure what you are asking, but for what it is worth, I think that the sound quality on “DRC” is excellent. You get a comprehensive selection of singles, 12″ singles and rarities over and beyond the entire original albums.
Heck there are even two versions of “Tales from the Riverbank”

If you are starting, seriously consider “DRC” and Paul I still dont know what to do about “The Gift”

Mark Stubbs

As a Jam fan that has digitally compressed versions all the albums is “Direction Reaction Creation” is this a better starting point for those not familiar with the music and the wish for a more rounded set?It also has a book and bside rarities? Would anyone advise on a comparable book, CDs with the same content that you could buy alongside the recent boxed ALL album release that is better value in cost and music terms.


The Jam was a great singles band and as such, I would have thought that anyone new to the them would surely want to have all their singles, many of which were stand-alone (‘All Around The World’, ‘News Of The World’, ‘Strange Town’, ‘When You’re Young’, ‘Going Underground’/‘The Dreams Of Children’, ‘Funeral Pyre’, ‘Absolute Beginners’, ‘The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)’ and ‘Beat Surrender’) and are therefore unrepresented by this collection.

Perhaps a ‘Past Masters’ style bonus disc of non-album singles and studio b-sides should also have been included? Preferably including the original Jam/Tony Taverner-produced and Afrodiziac-less version of ‘War’ (from the ‘Just Who Is The Five O’clock Hero?’ single), which is not included on the forthcoming super deluxe edition of ‘The Gift’ or on any CD to my knowledge.


“Direction Reaction Creation” seems like a better bet, and its still around at a very reasonable price….a lot less than I paid for it
Your comment about “The Gift” is very well taken,I have no idea what to do about it, instinct says its too expensive for the limited additional content