The Jam / The Gift super deluxe edition / more details

The Jam / The Gift Super Deluxe Edition Box Set

The Jam / The Gift Super Deluxe Edition Box SetMore details have emerged about the forthcoming The Gift super deluxe edition box set from The Jam. The four disc box will include 13 unreleased demos and alternate versions on disc two, while the third CD offers a complete concert from the last ever Jam tour – 23 tracks remasterd. The DVD provides promo clips and various live performances, including a Danish TV special.

The original UK vinyl came in a lilac and white stripped paper back and the outer slip case for this set reflects that design with “The Jam – A Gift” written on it. A nice touch.

This box set is due for release on 19 November 2012.


  • Outer box in original striped bag style cover – ‘The Jam – A Gift’!
  • Hardback 72-page, full-colour book – including period and fan’s memorabilia, magazine cuttings (NME etc.), reviews, photos, new interviews (with Paul Weller and producer Peter Wilson)
  • Forward by Paul Weller and new essay by John Harris
  • Set of postcard prints

Four discs, in individual wallets:

1. Disc 1 – original album re-mastered
+ 10 singles/b-sides from the period, up to the split.

2. Disc 2 – bonus tracks
15 demos & alternate tracks, 13 previously unreleased, re-mastered

3. Disc 3 – Live at Wembley December 1982
23 tracks, complete concert from the last ever Jam tour (previously unreleased), re-mastered

4. Disc 4 – DVD compilation

Promo clips (Town Called Malice / Precious / The Bitterest Pill)

Trans-Global Unity Express tour – live tracks from Birmingham show:

  • 01. Town Called Malice
  • 02. Carnation
  • 03. Precious
  • 04. Ghosts
  • 05. Move On Up
  • 06. Private Hell
  • 07. Pretty Green
  • 08. “Trans-Global Express”
  • 09. The Gift

Danish TV special (DR) The Gift album live in small studio with audience

Top Of The Pops – 1982 – Town Called Malice / Precious

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[…] die-hard Jam fans will be debating whether to pick up the super deluxe edition box set of The Gift, anyone new to the band, or only familiar with the hits, might be interested in this […]


Compared to the VU ‘Banana’ box, it is pricey–and the same label! Also, the VU box boasts 6 discs to this one’s 4. What gives? I saw it listed on Amazon Japan at over 15, 000 Yen (around $140 or more, give and take). I want it, but really have yet to decide if it’s worth the price. Mind you, the Pistols box is about the same, and I went for it. Add the temptation of both the VU and Slider/T-Rex boxes, and I reckon I won’t be eating!


I note the full track listing has now been revealed on Amazon.

1 ‘Happy Together’
2 ‘Ghosts’
3 ‘Precious’
4 ‘Just Who Is The Five O’clock Hero?’
5 ‘Trans-Global Express’
6 ‘Running On The Spot’
7 ‘Circus’
8 ‘The Planners Dream Goes Wrong’
9 ‘Carnation’
10 ‘Town Called Malice’
11 ‘The Gift’
12 ‘Precious’ [12” Single Extended Version]
13 ‘The Great Depression’
14 ‘The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)’
15 ‘Pity Poor Alfie’/‘Fever’
16 ‘Pity Poor Alfie’ [Swing Version]
17 ‘Beat Surrender’
18 ‘Shopping’
19 ‘Move On Up’
20 ‘Stoned Out Of My Mind’
21 ‘War’

1 ‘Skirt’ [Demo Version]
2 ‘Get Yourself Together’ [Demo Version]
3 ‘Ghosts’ [Instrumental Demo Version]
4 ‘Just Who Is The Five O’clock Hero?’ [Demo Version]
5 ‘Running On The Spot’ [Demo Version]
6 ‘The Planners Dream Goes Wrong’ [Demo Version]
7 ‘Carnation’ [Instrumental Demo Version]
8 ‘Precious’ [Demo Version]
9 ‘The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)’ [Demo Version]
10 ‘Pity Poor Alfie’ [Demo Version 2]
11 ‘We’ve Only Started’ [Old Version]
12 ‘We’ve Only Started’ [Instrumental Demo Version]
13 ‘Shopping’ [Demo Version]
14 ‘Beat Surrender’ [Demo Version]
15 ‘A Solid Bond In Your Heart’ [Demo Version]

1 ‘Start!’
2 ‘It’s Too Bad’
3 ‘Beat Surrender’
4 ‘Away From The Numbers’
5 ‘Ghosts’
6 ‘In The Crowd’
7 ‘Boy About Town’
8 ‘So Sad About Us’
9 ‘All Mod Cons’
10 ‘To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have A Good Time)’
11 ‘Smithers-Jones’
12 ‘That’s Entertainment’
13 ‘The Great Depression’
14 ‘Precious’
15 ‘Move On Up’
16 ‘Circus’
17 ‘Down In The Tube Station At Midnight’
18 ‘David Watts’
19 ‘Mr. Clean’
20 ‘Town Called Malice’
21 ‘But I’m Different Now’
22 ‘Trans-Global Express’
23 ‘In The City’

1 ‘Town Called Malice’
2 ‘Carnation’
3 ‘Precious’
4 ‘Ghosts’
5 ‘Move On Up’
6 ‘Private Hell’
7 ‘Pretty Green’
8 ‘Trans-Global Express’
9 ‘The Gift’
10 ‘Town Called Malice’
11 ‘Precious’
12 ‘The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)’
13 ‘Running On The Spot’
14 ‘Circus’
15 ‘Happy Together’
16 ‘Ghosts’
17 ‘In The Crowd’
18 ‘Town Called Malice’
19 ‘Pity Poor Alfie’/‘Fever’
20 ‘Precious’
21 ‘Just Who Is The Five O’clock Hero?’
22 ‘The Gift’
23 ‘Move On Up’
24 ‘Trans-Global Express’
25 ‘Precious’
26 ‘Town Called Malice’

My observations:

I suspect the version of ‘War’ on disc one is the slick Peter Wilson produced version from the ‘Beat Surrender’ single, rather than the raw Jam/Tony Taverner produced and Afrodiziac-less version from the ‘Just Who Is The Five O’clock Hero?’ single. This is a shame, as the latter has not been released on CD before to my knowledge.

The 7” Single Edit of ‘Precious’ is absent from disc one (although is available on the ‘Snap!’ compilation CD).

The 12” single version of ‘Town Called Malice’ [Live at Hammersmith Palais on 14 December 1981] is absent from disc one (although is available on the ‘Live Jam’ compilation CD).

To my mind the inclusion of ‘Pity Poor Alfie’ [Swing Version] on disc one seems somewhat awkward as, unlike the other tracks on this disc, I don’t believe it was originally released in 1982; indeed I believe its first release was on 1997’s ‘Direction, Reaction, Creation’ box set. I think it would sit more comfortably on disc two.

‘Get Yourself Together’ [Demo Version] on disc two is the version that was previously released on ‘Extras’.

‘Precious’ [Demo Version] on disc two is the version that was previously released on the ‘Direction, Reaction, Creation’ box set.

‘A Solid Bond In Your Heart’ [Demo Version 1], ‘I Got You (I Feel Good)’ [Demo Version] and ‘We’ve Only Started’ [Demo Version]’ from ‘Extras’ are absent from disc two.

‘The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)’ [First Version] and ‘A Solid Bond In Your Heart [Demo Version 2]’ from the ‘Direction, Reaction, Creation’ box set are absent from disc two.

I assume the live versions of ‘Move On Up’, ‘But I’m Different Now’ and ‘The Great Depression’ on the bonus ‘Snap!’ EP are from different nights at Wembley Arena to those included on disc three.

Likewise, I assume the live version of ‘Precious’ from ‘Live Jam’ is from a different night at Wembley Arena to the version on disc three.


James – your last sentence there, could not agree more.


At that price, not a chance! Seems there’s a competition going on between the labels as to who can rip off the consumer the best. The prices of these so called ‘super deluxe’ boxes are just so far away from reality that it beggars belief how they actually come up with the price. I seem to favour the “let’s pull some numbers out of a hat and rearrange them randomly”.
Also not in the spirit of what the Jam stood for.


Price is irrelevant to me when adding to my music collection, up to a point, but value for money isn’t.
What a shame they’ve chosen to include a widely bootlegged live show you can get for free on the ‘net and then only nine tracks from the Bingley Hall show on the DVD (a straight, but I hope cleaned up, port of the old Trans Global Unity Express video). Trouble is, you can buy the whole of the Bingley Hall show for a few quid on Ebay, so the whole show clearly exists and could have been used I should have thought. I think, without checking, the Danish show on the DVD is on Youtube.
Oh, and HOW MANY more times do we need to buy copies of the promo videos?! I’m almost sure (again, not checked yet) that the TOTP footage was included on The Complete Jam DVD collection a few years back.
I hope the demos/alternate versions are good as I don’t think there’s much else here to tempt a dedicated Jam fan. And who else is likely to shell out £80+?


and the opening price at amazon.uk is 108 pounds ? Makes the Roxy Box at 43 pounds look like a bargain. No 5.1 or other spectacular goodies,(excluding marbles and scarves), leaves this one open to discussion both in terms of content and price.