The Lilac Time / No Sad Songs


The Lilac Time will release a new album, No Sad Songs in April.

The follow-up to 2007’s Runout Groove is being released by Tapete Records and according to Stephen Duffy “recording No Sad Songs has been as enthralling as making the first album and it was reassuring to find we still sound like us”.

If you want confirmation that The Lilac Time do still indeed still sound like The Lilac Time, you can listen to the title track below (indeed, you can download it for free).

A single called She Writes A Symphony will precede the album and No Sad Songs should be available from 6 April 2015 on CD and double vinyl.

CD Edition

2LP Vinyl

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[…] The Lilac Time have done with this 12-inch EP which features a new mix of Prussian Blue from their No Sad Songs album. Save a couple of quid by picking up at Amazon […]


Album of the year for me so far.


I ordered the vinyl direct from Tapete which comes shrink-wrapped with the CD included. Maybe that’s why it’s says 2 discs? Has anybody bought the vinyl from Amazon? Just wondered if that also includes the CD or is that package exclusive to Tapete?


Now available to purchase on cd and/or vinyl at the label website
First 100 orders receive a numbered cover print apparently.

Don Cooper

There were a few versions.I have hardback and paperback original and updated versions.
(back in the day at Barbarellas SD nicked my schoolmates g/f)
Best from Brum.


Thanks for the responses guys. I’m actually reading Steve Malin’s book at the moment. I’m still in the early phases which is where Duffy features most heavily of course. Having read some of the passages you mention it prompted me to look further and Duffy himself mentions having finished the book but, as you say Gazelle, no sign of it anywhere.

I missed the various showings of the Memory and Desire documentary. I presumed at the time that it would soon be released on DVD but, alas, no such luck.

Still a new album on the horizon is more than enough compensation :-)

@Dan Cooper Incidentally – Ive just noticed that the Malins book I am reading on my Kindle seems to be titled simply ‘Duran Duran’ – I presume that it is the same (or largely the same) as the one you refer to as ‘Notorious’ (perhaps an earlier or later version?).


Preordered this a couple of weeks ago. Really can’t wait!
Strangely enough I was (and am) listening to Memory and Desire (an excellent self- compiled retrospective of of Duffy’s work) as I came across this entry on the site.

Does anyone know if Duffy ever released his Memory and Desire autobiography. I keep reading that he finished it but can’t actually find any evidence of it having been published.

Don Cooper

Short passages appeared in Steve Malins biog ‘Duran Duran:Notorious’


Douglas Arrowsmith’s documentary film ‘Memory and Desire’ was shown during the London Raindance Film Festival in October 2009. However, I don’t believe the film has been released on DVD. Likewise, I don’t believe the planned book of the same title has ever seen the light of day either.


Memory and Desire the autobiography has not yet been published. Promising extracts of drafts were published on the Lilac Time website 10 to 15 years ago. Memory and Desire the film was completed, is excellent, and has been shown at a few film festivals around the world. We are still waiting for a DVD release. Introduction can be viewed here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YloBOBCcqL0


Really looking forward to this. Apparently, the band recorded twenty songs, ten of which appear on the album (I wonder what will happen to the other ten?). Song titles on the album include the title track ‘No Sad Songs’, lead single ‘She Writes A Symphony’, plus ‘The Dream That Woke Me’, ‘The First Song Of Spring’, ‘A Cat On The Long Wave’, ‘The Western Greyhound’ and ‘Prussian Blue’.


Gazelle: But if there’s only 10 songs on the album, then why a double vinyl? Unless they’re reeeeeeealy long tracks (which has never been TLT – or mr Duffy’s – thing)?
I met SAJD at a signing once and I physically shook and was stuck dumb.
A hero.


Don’t know. I took my information from the Tapete press release: