The Primitives / The Lazy Recordings 1985-1987

Everything's Shining Bright: The Primitives The Lazy Recordings 1985-1987

British indie band The Primitives will soon be releasing a new compilation through Cherry Red Records entitled Everything’s Shining Bright – The Lazy Recordings 1985 – 1987. 

The compilation, due out in March, brings together tracks from all the singles recorded for their own label Lazy (hence the title), before they signed for RCA in late 1987.

In addition, this two-CD set will feature previously unreleased, early versions of songs that ended up on Lovely, their first album for the major label, and even includes some 1985 demos (Crash being one of them).

Finally, this slice of early Primitives, ends with the audio from their 1987 ICA show, with Morrissey introducing the band on stage.

Track listing –

Disc 1:

The Lazy Singles

  1. Thru The Flowers
  2. Across My Shoulder
  3. She Don’t Need You
  4. Lazy
  5. Really Stupid
  6. We Found A Way To The Sun
  7. Where The Wind Blows
  8. Stop Killing Me
  9. Buzz Buzz Buzz
  10. Laughing Up My Sleeve
  11. Ocean Blue
  12. Shadow (Guitar Version)
  13. Thru The Flowers (New Version)
  14. Everything Shining Bright
  15. Nothing Left

Live 1985 Demos:

  1. Across My Shoulder *
  2. Crash *
  3. Spacehead *
  4. Nothing Left (Sounds Version)

Disc 2

Everything Shining Bright – Unreleased 1987 Sessions:

  1. I’ll Stick With You *
  2. Dreamwalk Baby *
  3. Buzz Buzz Buzz *
  4. Nothing Left *
  5. Out Of Reach *
  6. Carry Me Home *
  7. Don’t Want Anything To Change *

Live At The ICA:

  1. Think I’ll Stick With You
  2. Really Stupid
  3. Run Baby Run
  4. Thru The Flowers
  5. Nothing Left
  6. Shadow
  7. Out Of Reach
  8. (We’ve) Found A Way (To The Sun)
  9. Don’t Want Anything To Change
  10. Across My Shoulder
  11. Everything’s Shining Bright
  12. Buzz Buzz Buzz
  13. Really Stupid
  14. I Wanna Be Your Dog

* = previously unreleased.

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Is it just me or are the tracks all screwed up on this?
Buzz Buzz Buzz plays Stop Killing Me and others are wrong too.

[…] label Lazy Records (also home to My Bloody Valentine and later Birdland) before signing with RCA. Everything’s Shining Bright is named after their planned Lazy Records album, which was abandoned when the band left the label […]


Pretty much a repackaging of the previously released Buzz Buzz Buzz – The Complete Lazy Recordings from a few years ago. Great band mind you.