The Rolling Stones / Sweet Summer Sun: Hyde Park Live / extra editions

The Rolling Stones / Sweet Summer Sun: Hyde Park Live

Just as it seemed as if the number of formats of The Rolling Stones’ Sweet Summer Sun Hyde Park Live release couldn’t get any more confusing, it just has.

We outlined the five different purchasing options earlier this month, but now feel the need to update you with the latest choices open to you.

Amazon UK haven’t really got their act together with this release, and for a long time didn’t include the top-of-the-range ‘deluxe’ edition which consists of 2CD+DVD+Blu-ray and a book. However, for a few days last week they DID introduce this option (around £30) only for it to disappear soon after. Those of you in Europe can pick it up from Amazon in Germany.

Despite this omission, the Amazon UK have recently added what amounts to a sixth option, which is a standalone DVD edition (NTSC) with exclusive T-Shirt (any size you want as long as it’s large).

Japan have decided that the standard deluxe edition isn’t deluxe enough, and have their own special version which is 3LP+DVD+Blu-ray+2CD. There are only 1000 of these sets being manufactured in Japan and they seem to come with some bonus video content. More information here.

So we make that seven different editions so far. Let us know if you discover any more.

Sweet Summer Sun: Hyde Park Live is out on 11 November. Track listings and more details here.

Japan-only Mega Deluxe Edition (3LP+Blu-ray+DVD+2CD)

Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray+DVD+2CD+Book)

2CD+DVD combo

3LP Vinyl + DVD



DVD + T-shirt

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Only have the vinyl version and it sounds like are listening to a concert from the other end of the park with plugs in your ears. And this is not due to the quality of the turntable!

So, no satisfaction for me either!

Tom Collet

I go online to buy a copy of this concert- but I cant get no satisfaction!
The sound quality of the cds are terrible- heavy dynamic compression (the loudness war)- just a wall of distortion.
Unsure about the vinyl sound quality, but like the cd- it omits “Happy”
Then the DVD and Bluray have great sound but omit “Tumbling Dice, Emotional Rescue, Paint It Black, and Before They Make Me Run”. Sure- the last 3 of these are included as ‘bonus’ features (read bogus), but why not just keep them in the main concert, and why omit Tumbling Dice entirely?

All I want is a great sounding recording of the Whole Concert, not these multiple versions which give me everything but.

[…] Summer Sun: Hyde Park Live is released on 11 November. Fans outside the US can check out this post for details and pre-order […]


Seems The Stones and/or Eagle Rock like to scr?w the fans over. Tracks in one release not on the other. CD/Blu-ray version not available. And why include both Blu-ray and DVD in the same packaging? I have a few of those and rarely would I bother watching the DVD version.


I now have a headache with all these editions more than i did getting tickets 2 the event this summer. It seems amazon japan are offering all the above versions but with a 3cd option. However this could well be a typo as they often get the pre release info wrong.


And the record companies wonder why they’re struggling. Desperation.

I’m not a Stones fan, but from the outside this looks ridiculous. Are they really not set up for ten of our lifetimes? And seriously, how many Stones fans are queuing for another septuagenarian live version of ‘Jumpin Jack Flash’….really?


This excessive number of formats is all about the milking the OCD fan who just can’t help himself and will be compelled to order everything because they’re all slightly different? The Japanese get an extra “bonus track” in the form of Emotional Rescue – not quite sure how much of a bonus it is given the massive price tag. Oh, there is another UK version with same contents as the German deluxe edition available from Sainsburys.

Paul B

These are now going beyond parody -but I suppose it keeps somebody in a job

Todd R.

Oh for goodness sake. Can’t we just have the complete show? Really?

Ron Hatchell

It appears that there are tracks on the DVD that are NOT on the CD’s, AND vice-versa. Normally one will have the same as the other, plus some, but rarely with each format containing tracks the other does not. So, neither format gives you a complete show.


There’s another Japanese deluxe version,at Ward records,only 500 sets ; 3LP+Blu-ray+DVD+book + 2 t-shirts