The Sound of McAlmont & Butler anniversary deluxe edition


Bernard Butler’s first post Suede work was his 1995 collaboration with David McAlmont, appropriately titled The Sound of McAlmont & Butler. That album is to be reissued as a five-disc 20th anniversary deluxe edition in September, complete with hardcover book.

Bernard Butler himself has remastered the album from the original tapes, and the new set comes with 15-track bonus CD of demos, remixes, single versions along with some tracks from a BBC radio session.

A DVD (NTSC, no region restrictions) contains promos, BBC TV appearances, new 2015 acoustic sessions and a new hour-long interview with Bernard and David discussing the making of the album.

This anniversary deluxe includes the original album pressed on 180g vinyl and a bonus 12-inch vinyl with the two singles Yes and You Do plus the demos of both on the flipside.

As well as the deluxe book edition cheaper 2CD+DVD set is being made available at the same time.

This five-disc deluxe set is available to order via Amazon UK or you can pick up a copy that comes with a SIGNED PRINT via the official store which is also the cheaper option at present. It’s released on 25 September 2015.



5-disc deluxe book edition

via Official Store (with signed print)

via Amazon

2CD+DVD Edition



Disc: 1 (CD)
1. Yes [full version]
2. What’s The Excuse This Time?
3. The Right Thing
4. Although
5. Don’t Call It Soul
6. Disappointment / Interval
7. The Debitor
8. How About You?
9. Tonight
10. You’ll Lose A Good Thing
11. You Do [full length version]

Disc: 2 (CD)
1. Yes [demo]
2. Yes [four track demo]
3. Yes [instrumental]
4. You Do [demo]
5. You Do [mix 1]
6. Don’t Call It Soul [demo]
7. Don’t Call It Soul [original single version]*
8. How About You? [original single version]*
9. Tonight [Oompah demo]
10. You Do [BBC Radio 1 Simon Mayo session, 17.10.95]
11. Walk On [BBC Radio 1 Simon Mayo session, 17.10.95]
12. Tonight (Overnight)
13. What’s The Excuse This Time? [2015 remix]
14. Yes [Bernard Butler & Nigel Godrich 1995 remix]
15. The Argument

Disc: 3 (DVD)
1. Yes (Promo Video)
2. You Do (Promo Video)
3. Yes [Top Of The Pops, 18.5.95]
4. Yes [Top Of The Pops, 25.5.95]
5. You Do [Later… With Jools Holland, 10.6.95]
6. You Do [Top Of The Pops, 2.11.95]
7. David McAlmont and Bernard Butler discuss the making of the album
8. Don’t Call It Soul [live acoustic 2015]
9. How About You [live acoustic 2015]
10. You Do [live acoustic 2015]

Disc: 4 (180g vinyl) * deluxe book set only
1. Yes [full version]
2. What’s The Excuse This Time?
3. The Right Thing
4. Although
5. Don’t Call It Soul
6. Disappointment / Interval
7. The Debitor
8. How About You?
9. Tonight
10. You’ll Lose A Good Thing
11. You Do [full length version]

Disc: 5 (180g vinyl) *deluxe book set only
1. Yes
2. You Do
3. Yes [demo]
4. You Do [demo]

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[…] Butler and the Sound of McAlmont & Butler album which was released 20 years ago and has been recently reissued as deluxe […]

[…] McAlmont and the Sound of McAlmont & Butler album which was released 20 years ago and has been recently reissued as deluxe […]


While accepting that for some people this must be an all time favourite, I think it is beyond ridiculous that a very minor lp with 1 admittedly stand out song, merits a 5 disc release. First world consumerism gone mad…the end is nigh I tell you!


Those asking about Yes on Later…

If you zoom in on the pics it IS listed on the packaging

Paul Anthony Chapman

They haven’t included Yes from Later with Jools? Madness!


In my opinion, David McAlmont has the most beautiful voice in pop music. If you’re interested in what he’s doing now (apart from preparing this reissue and touring with Mr. Butler), you’ll surely enjoy the wonderful ballad “Blackbirds”, released with keyboardist Guy Davies as FingerSnap.


Never heard of these people but I’m glad they get special things for their releases! Kind of adds to the curiosities of why and who gets what type of released and why!


Paul, do you happen to know if it’s the radio edits on the A-side of the 12″ vinyl – or whether it’s just the full length versions repeated?


A fantastic album and, yes, it includes the best song of the nineties.

Fat Old Bloke



Equally brilliant 2nd album ‘Bring It Back’ chock full of ace tunes including the space love song ‘Falling’. Have the original vinyl, the singles and am gonna buy the deluxe version. As I bloody love it


Jump on the bandwagon, folks! I never bought this album the first time around because I had all the singles and probably won’t bother with these barrel scraps either.


Wow, McAlmont & Butler with 5 discs. Just goes to show ANYTHING can happen these days…. What next? a David Sneddon box set?

Steven C

Edsel usually wait for the signed copies to be out of stock and then open it up to the states. At least that’s what they did with all the Suede releases…

Rare Glam

Can I be another ‘that guy’ and posit – will the 2xCD+ CVD edition be in a stylish hard cased digibook or a flabby 8 panel digipak with plastic retainer clips? I’ll buy either way ’cause the music is blissful but I still want to know why or what determines what packaging is used, is ti a budgetry thing? If so how is it reckoned.

Also given this Suede related Edsel owning turn of events, can we soon expect a SDL (or just DL?) edition of Brett Anderson’s ‘Here Come The Tears’??


shame YES on Jools was not included. my favourite performance

Rob Wilcock

Really looking forward to this. Amazon are offering a £10 discount on orders over £50 today – Monday 3 August 2015 – use BIGTHANKS in the promotional code box before confirming your order.


Why are you not releasing this in the states???

Chris Brown

According to their Twitter, they haven’t got the licence to release the tracks outside Europe. https://twitter.com/McAlmont_Butler/status/628277047299842048


Who is the you that you keep referring to ???


Can I be “that guy” and ask…Why are you not releasing this in the states???


I really like this album, and will definitely be tempted by the 2CD/DVD.

It’s funny to think, but it’s not even a proper album, as such, but more a compilation of just 2 singles, and the B-sides !!

Hard to imagine that 20 years later, it could generate a SDE : ) But I’m pleased to hear it…


An “album”, compiled from a couple of singles, generates a FIVE DISC superdeluxe 20 years later, and the actual single versions aren’t even on it. Should I laugh or should I cry…..


Yes is a great song. But i am crying! What next a 20 cd magnum opus SDE of Cornershop’s When I Was Born for the 7th Time?


An underated, or perhaps unknown brilliant album. I recall the first time I heard ‘What’s the excuse this time?’. Brilliance.

This article has prompted me to play my old CD now. Thx Paul.

I might check out this reissue because the demo versions may be a good listen.

Oooh, ‘What’s the excuse this time?’ just started. Gotta go.

Mark S

Can I be “that guy” and ask why they didn’t include the Radio edits that were the lead track on each CD single back in the day?


I will deffo be getting a copy of the 2cd+1dvd edition. I’m really looking forward to this, I think it’s a fantastic album and I still listen to my original 1995 copy regularly!


Just ordered the deluxe edition from their official store, roll on September