The Strokes / Is This It ltd white vinyl LP

German retailer JPC are listing a limited edition white vinyl pressing of The Strokes‘ debut Is This It, to be released next month.

The album was released in the summer of 2001 and features the singles ‘Hard To Explain’, ‘Last Nite’ and ‘Someday’ all of which were top 20 hits in the UK.

It’s not entirely clear right now if release is a German territory exclusive, but it looks that way (I can’t find any listings for this elsewhere). It’s relatively cheap at €19.99 and JPC are also selling coloured vinyl editions of Room On Fire and First Impressions of Earth at similar prices, to be released on the same date. The retailer ships internationally.

All three Strokes albums are released on coloured vinyl on 7 February 2020.

• Pre-order white vinyl Is This It from JPC

• Pre-order translucent red vinyl of Room On Fire from JPC

• Pre-order silver vinyl of First Impressions of Earth from JPC

Is This It white vinyl

1. Is This It
2 The Modern Age
3 Soma
4 Barely Legal
5 Someday
6 Alone, Together
7 Last Nite
8 Hard To Explain
9 New York City Cops
10 Trying Your Luck
11 Take It Or Leave It

Room on Fire translucent red vinyl

1 What Ever Happened?
2 Reptilia
3 Automatic Stop
4 12:51
5 You Talk Way Too Much
6 Between Love & Hate
7 Meet Me In The Bathroom
8 Under Control
9 The Way It Is
10 The End Has No End
11 I Can’t Win

First Impressions of Earth silver vinyl

1 You only live once
2 Juicebox
3 Heart in a cage
4 Razorblade
5 On the other side
6 Vision of division
7 Ask me anything
8 Electricityscape
9 Killing lies
10 Fear of sleep
11 15 minutes
12 Ize of the world
13 Evening sun
14 Red light

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I love the strokes for one.


I’m a jaded old fart. Grew up in the 70s, liking prog rock, disco and punk in equal measure.

The Strokes were like a breath of fresh air. Loved that first album. Subsequent LPs left me cold.

Saw them on their first tour at the Manchester Apollo, front row, circle. They came on after 10pm, played the whole album, then repeated a song for the encore. They had nothing else.

Might buy the album on vinyl. Might not.

Ian Gair

This Yorkshire Ian echoes your comments, as I saw them at Doncaster Dome, after a quick 1.30hr on stage, said thanks & hope to see you again [well I knew I would not bother]
Might buy the debut album on vinyl. Might not


You lucky devil


Used to Love the Strokes – Until they Ripped Off Tom Petty – American Girl…..


All three colored vinyls seem to be available (from february 7th) at amazon.fr at 17,99€ each


Link? I cant find it :(

Larry Davis

Am I the only one here who hates the Strokes?? The most overrated band to come out of the early 2000s NYC LES scene…so many other bands at that time were way better and more worthy of the glory foisted on the Strokes…some being the Everyothers (formerly the Cheese), Star Spangles, Lava Baby, Fictura, Phono, Jeff Saphin, Mach Five, the whole downtown powerpop scene with Richard X Heyman, George Usher, the Rooks, the Grip Weeds, sooooo many other killer bands at that time, and the UK press were fixated on the frikking Strokes?!?!! Gimme a break!! I even saw them play this headlining slot in Randall’s Island, NYC, during Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival in 1994, and they were sandwiched between the NY Dolls & Stooges…and they sucked so badly…and Julian acted like a drunk buffoon idiot…he deflated the energy created by the Dolls and Iggy had to work extra hard to get it back after the Strokes pissed everyone off…btw, that cover, best thing about the album, the UK/Euro cover only…US cover was terrible…the music sucked mostly, a couple songs like “Last Night”, just OK…other bands deserved more than the Strokes did…


I think you must be getting them mixed up, The Strokes formed in 1998. Three of the band would have been aged 13-14 years old in 1994.

The UK Press certainly focused on them, and there were a lot of great bands coming from that scene. That doesn’t devalue The Strokes though. The Lizzy Goodman book ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’ about New York music in the early 2000s is well worth a read for the story of both the bigger and lesser known bands of the time.

I’d be tempted to pick these editions up.

Larry Davis

I meant 2004…that festival, which was killer…except for the Strokes…

Larry Davis

I saw that book, browsed through it, entertaining read but she didn’t see the same bands I did… although I did see the ones she talked about, in the end, SHE missed out!!!


To answer your question; probably not but who cares?
Thanks to Paul & SDE for continuing to highlight such items for those who are interested.


I like this forum for the shared enthusiasm in collecting. There are enough forums to express any personal dislike, I see no need to do so here, regardless of whether I like The Strokes or not.


I’ve always thought they were 5 people who liked the idea of being in a rock but have absolutely had no clue about how to execute it. They always looked bored to tears and would rather be buying expensive art or pulling super models every time I’ve seen them live.

Steve D

Proper songs. Unlike all that other cack you mention.

Axel Ramos

Darn White Vinyl sold out :(


Would love a boxset of their RCA years. Outtakes from their last two albums, underrated in my opinion, would make for interesting listening.

Bob McCartney

That cover is eerily reminiscent of Smell the Glove


Thanks, Paul.
It’s always a pleasure to check your website every day.


This will be released after Brexit takes effect. Will UK residents be affected by Brexit when buying from German retailers?


If I was Mr Marketing Man I would have Is This It on green, blue and yellow vinyl as a nod to the American version of the album, but not tell anyone. The fans would know. :)


The picture of a hip with a gloved hand was deemed too much for 21st century Americans to handle

gary oliver

… or just dig out your old copy of tom petty’s american girl

Joseph Bartram

The strokes have a new album out this year so wait for that.


Excellent, thanks for the heads up! All three ordered at only £56 ish to the UK inc. postage.

However my new year’s resolution of not buying more than one vinyl a month didn’t last long…

Timm Davison

Thanks Paul! Ordered Is This It, something I’ve been wanting on vinyl for some time now.


These will also be released in Norway on February 21st, according to the leading vinyl retailer Big Dipper in Oslo.