Joan As Police Woman Live

Joan As Police Woman Live

300-only coloured vinyl live album with name-in-the-artwork opportunity

SDE favourite, Joan As Police Woman, will release a full live album of her 2018 Damned Devotion tour and fans quick off the mark can secure only one of 300 2LP coloured vinyl pressings which affords you the opportunity to get your name in the artwork!

This was a truly wonderful tour, which SDE reviewed at the time, and the track listing for the new live album – simply called Joan As Police Woman Live – features Damned Devotion in virtually its entirety, along with some select classics (including a re-arranged ‘Eternal Flame’) and Joan’s cover of Prince‘s ‘Kiss’.

The ‘proper’ release date is January next year (where CD and regular vinyl will be available) but this limited edition of 300 units will be shipping in early December. The double album is pressed on transparent yellow vinyl and as well as getting your first and last name in the artwork/credits, this comes with a signed postcard and a download.

This special limited edition of Joan As Police Woman Live is only available via Bandcamp and there’s no fee today for an extra incentive!

Pre-order the 2LP limited edition of Joan As Police Woman Live at Bandcamp

Joan As Police Woman at the Royal Festival Hall in 2018. SDE says hello after the show.

A1. Wonderful – Live (3.41)
A2. Warning Bell – Live (3.17)
A3. Tell Me – Live (3.26)
A4. Eternal Flame – Live (4.19)
A5. Damned Devotion – Live (3.26)

B1. Start of My Heart – Live (4.22)
B2. What Was It Like – Live (4.16)
B3. Valid Jagger – Live (4.13)
B4. Rely On – Live (3.59)

C1. I Defy – Live (3.20)
C2. Steed – Live (5:56)
C3. Talk About It Later – Live (3:48)
C4. Silly Me – Live (4.00)

D1. Run for Love – Live (5:56)
D2. The Silence – Live (5:10)
D3. The Magic – Live (4.56)
D4. Kiss – Live (6.02)

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Finally received my yellow vinyl double LP yesterday. And what a beautiful record it is – highly recommended!
Looks like there’s more than 300 of them, they’re available at Joan’s bandcamp, albeit probably without the supporters’ names sheet (on which my name’s very close to Paul’s!)

Tom M

There is a signed limited (250) CD version of this album available now. Signed to the person ordering.


Just a note on the Bandcamp fees, on the first Friday* of each month in 2020 it’s the artist’s fee that is waived, so they get all of the price you pay (apart from any taxes applied) without Bandcamp taking a percentage. The cost to the buyer is unaffected.

* “Friday” is based on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) – so in the UK (BST) this runs from 8am Friday to 8am Saturday.


I’m in for supporting artists but a limited edition of 300 and a price of £75 won’t get the artist very far…

I’ve been a fan of Joan for more than 20 years and I would have bought that 15 or 20 years ago in order to support her when she wasn’t famous and you had a hard time finding her albums (or bands albums) in stores. Now it’s different. I don’t think she’s really struggling (and if she was struggling, it would make more sense to lower the price and produce more copies , 2000 for exemple) and it’s just a marketing stunt. I have no problem with that, I’m just not interested having my name on the release. I would be more interested by a limited edition on clear vinyl with a signed art print for exemple. Or an exclusive box set with bonus tracks and a book, memorabilia of her tour.

Anyway, I hope to see her again on stage soon hopefully…

Shawn C

Interested, but $100 plus $30 shipping is too rich for my blood.


Blur did a similar thing in a mega live book etc from Hyde Park when they reformed. I have my name in that but it wasn’t f**king 75 quid!


Thanks Paul, Ordered. Seen and met Joan twice when she has visited Portsmouth at the Wedgewood Rooms, the last one was with Benjamin Lazar Davis which was incredible. When I first saw the price it was a bit of a shock but to get your name in the artwork is pretty cool and to be honest if I was to see Joan play live I would easily spend £75 on ticket and Merch so this is a direct way to helping her in these tough times for artists.


Ordered – love Joan. Thanks Paul

Paul Taylor

I did the same with Erasure’s World Be Live album via Pledge Music (remember them??) a couple of years ago. It was a lavishly package triple coloured vinyl and my two chihuahuas got their name in the ‘Erasure would like to thank…..’ liner ! :-D


I’m a fan but will await standard vinyl release as a bit pricey for me but for super fans a must and a great heads up Paul

Paul M

Good to know about the CD release – I couldn’t tell if there would be one from the mail out I got this morning.

Harry Dillon

I’m all for supporting artists and I do frequently, but £75 is just too much.

Idlewild did the name in the credits thing for Post Electric Blues and it was about £12.

I get that artists are in difficult times but that equally applies to the fans and followers too.


£75 ! I was lucky enough to get my name in an Elvis Presley liner for just the price of the CD….. definitely not in for this ….. although it is a great opportunity for a mega fan :)

Norman Reid

Yes fully agree with you Paul. Small price to pay help an artist!! Got it ordered.


Whilst I’ll eagerly wait for the CD in January, the ‘name in the credits’ thing is pretty cool and it’s a buzz to see your name on one of your favourite artists releases. (I have my name in the credits of 4 Marillion releases)