The Waterboys / “Fisherman’s Box”: details of 6CD and 7CD+LP sets


The Waterboys‘ are marking the 25th Anniversary of their Fisherman’s Blues album, with the forthcoming Fisherman’s Box. This epic box set will be available as a compact six-CD clamshell package, and a deluxe 7CD set with a vinyl LP.

Both sets comprise the complete Fisherman’s Blues sessions 23rd January 1986 to 2nd June 1988 (121 tracks in total) with the latter adding a bonus 17-track CD from artists that influenced the making of the record. The deluxe 12″ x 12″ box also features three exclusive art prints, large 32-page booklet featuring many previously unseen photos, as well as the original album remastered and pressed on 180gm heavyweight vinyl.

Fisherman’s Box is released on 14 October 2013 on Parlophone.

7CDs + LPs Deluxe box

6CD Clamshell box set

Fisherman’s Box Set track listing:
CD 1

  • 1. Stranger To Me
  • 2. Girl Of The North Country
  • 3. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
  • 4. Fisherman’s Blues (Piano Version)
  • 5. Fisherman’s Blues
  • 6. Meet Me At The Station
  • 7. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
  • 8. Born To Be Together
  • 9. The Wayward Wind
  • 10. World Party (1st Version)
  • 11. World Party / A Golden Age
  • 12. Sleek White Schooner
  • 13. Drunken Head Ghost Of Rimbaud Blues
  • 14. Sweet Thing
  • 15. Sweet Thing (Conclusion)
  • 16. Saints And Angels

CD 2

  • 1. We Will Not Be Lovers
  • 2. One Step Closer
  • 3. My Beautiful Baby
  • 4. She Could Have Had Me Step By Step
  • 5. When The Ship Comes In
  • 6. The Ladder
  • 7. Will You Ever Be My Friend?
  • 8. Too Close To Heaven (Rolling Piano)
  • 9. Higherbound (Prototype)
  • 10. Happy Birthday Bp Fallon
  • 11. The Prettiest Girl In Church
  • 12. You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War
  • 13. Dee Jay Way
  • 14. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home
  • 15. Thistlethwaite’s Declaration
  • 16. Strange Boat (First Play)
  • 17. Lost Highway
  • 18. Higherbound Blues
  • 19. Let Us Be Drinking And Kissing The Women
  • 20. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  • 21. Tenderfootin’
  • 22. Too Close To Heaven
  • 23. Space Out There, Trevor

CD 3

  • 1. Steve And Anto’s Overture
  • 2. Ain’t Leavin, I’m Gone
  • 3. When Will We Be Married? (1st Version)
  • 4. When I First Said I Loved Only You, Maggie
  • 5. Love Is Letting Go
  • 6. On My Way To Heaven (1st Version)
  • 7. You In The Sky (1st Version)
  • 8. The Secret Place Of The Most High
  • 9. Too Hot For Cleanhead
  • 10. Wickham’s Proclamation
  • 11. Blues For Your Baby
  • 12. Lonesome Old Wind
  • 13. If Jimi Was Here
  • 14. Soon As I Get Home
  • 15. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

CD 4

  • 1. Billy The Kid
  • 2. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
  • 3. Come Live With Me
  • 4. I Miss The Road
  • 5. Higher In Time (Two Pianos)
  • 6. Too Hot For Cleanhead (Fast Version)
  • 7. Higher In Time (Scottish)
  • 8. Higherbound (3rd Tune)
  • 9. A Golden Age
  • 10. You In The Sky
  • 11. I Will Meet You In Heaven Again
  • 12. Nobody ‘Cept You
  • 13. (He Hasn’t Been The Same Since) Jimmy Shand
  • 14. Rattle My Bones And Shiver My Soul
  • 15. The Scotsman’s Delight
  • 16. Killing My Heart
  • 17. Industrial Mr Brown
  • 18. Custer’s Blues
  • 19. Shall We Gather By The River
  • 20. Higher In Time Symphony

CD 5

  • 1. Higherbound (3rd Version)
  • 2. The Grief Of Pan
  • 3. World Party
  • 4. Working On A Building
  • 5. If I Can’t Have You
  • 6. Killing My Heart (2nd Version)
  • 7. Trunk Call
  • 8. Headphone Mix Song
  • 9. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
  • 10. When Will We Be Married? (2nd Version)
  • 11. Bp’s Bathtub Boogie
  • 12. We Will Not Be Lovers (Sax Solo)
  • 13. Heading Down The Highway
  • 14. Strange Boat
  • 15. Fisherman’s Blues (2nd Version)
  • 16. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank? (Bridgeman Version)
  • 17. On My Way To Heaven
  • 18. Let Me Feel Holy Again
  • 19. A Home In The Meadow
  • 20. Strange Boat (3rd Version) / The Good Ship Sirius
  • 21. The Stolen Child (Prototype)

CD 6

  • 1. On My Way To Tara
  • 2. Twa Recruitin’ Sergeants
  • 3. Incident At Puck Fair
  • 4. And A Bang On The Ear
  • 5. Mr Customs Man
  • 6. Strange Boat (Acoustic)
  • 7. Spring Comes To Spiddal
  • 8. In Search Of A Rose (Band)
  • 9. The Stolen Child (Piano Demo)
  • 10. When Will We Be Married?
  • 11. In Search Of A Rose (Duo)
  • 12. The Good Ship Sirius (Set Of Jigs)
  • 13. This Land Is Your Land
  • 14. Jimmy Hickey’s Waltz
  • 15. Live Aid And After
  • 16. Carolan’s Welcome
  • 17. When Ye Go Away
  • 18. When Ye Go Away (Frankie’s Fiddle)
  • 19. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
  • 20. The Stolen Child (Vocal Demo)
  • 21. Dunford’s Fancy
  • 22. The Stolen Child
  • 23. Pictish National Anthem (Comati)
  • 24. Bo Diddley Was A Caveman
  • 25. The Last Jam
  • 26. Buckets Of Rain


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Michael McGuire

Wondering if the great Vinnie Kilduff is on this ? If he is it should be Magic!

[…] Fisherman’s Box Deluxe Edition is out now. Full track listing here. […]


Allegedly, the original lp tracks on the new 6cd box are:
Disc 1 – tracks 5, 14
Disc 2 – track 1
Disc 5 – tracks 3, 14
Disc 6 – tracks – 4, 10, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22
(but one notable difference is the short Woody Guthrie song “hidden track” from the original cd is in complete form on this 6 cd set)

[…] Fisherman’s Box is released on 14 October 2013 on Parlophone.  Full track listings and further details on this set can be found here. […]

[…] The Deluxe Edition will include a 32-page book, and three art prints.  You can acquire a little more info including the massive track-list from the Super Deluxe Edition website. […]


I really can’t wait–bought my import for 20.31 GBP on amazon on Thursday for the 6cd version.

One minor disappointment is that it won’t have the live too close to heaven which for me is Scott’s best ever moment.

I bought too close to heaven as an import only to later learn the us fishermans blues part two had that live version…I’d love to have it, thank goodness for YouTube

But man I’ve been checking amazon.com and amazon.co.uk daily for mos for this preorder.

Mike Scott is my favorite living musician ever…hoping to get a chance to see him next month.

I really can’t wait.

Also incidentally I checked out World party’s 5 cd Arkeology (bought it digitally from amazon where it has to be mispriced (it’s not segregated as a 5 disc set on the mp3), bought for 11.49 usd and have to say its fantastic too (Wallinger was in the Waterboys through this is the sea).


So this makes the 2cd version redundant right?
What about the too close to heaven album where he re recorded or fiddled with a number of outtakes, will we we be getting the original unedited versions on here?


Jo, you only have to look at the name of the blog….superdeluxeedition…it’s tailor made for releases like this – the almost-mythical sessions that eventually gave us a heavily-trimmed down album in 1988. True, a set such as Fisherman’s Box is aimed at the “nerd-ish” end of the market, and I wonder how often any of us could sit through the whole of it, but there is definitely a captive audience for this. A lot of people have waited 25 years to hear the backstory to a very convoluted album.


If I can say, Jo – it’s insight into the creative process. I can appreciate a painting, but I’m also interested in the techniques and influences that helped create it. Musically, I may well find a version of a known song I enjoy more than the official release, or that make me think about the original in a different way. I love music, but I don’t think I’m a nerd.


only for waterboy nerds. like all other boxes what is the additive of demo’s,other versions, sessions etc to the original album?


Not sure I’d call the 7th CD with the deluxe set a ‘bonus’! It’s not exactly free, and it sounds utterly redundant. The track listing of the extended FB includes several covers of Beatles songs (including Sgt. Pepper); but I’m guessing the bonus CD doesn’t include any Beatles tracks! Still, hugely looking forward to buying the big box when it arrives.

stephen gilmour

Was torn between the two – but not a fan of small clamshell packages – prefer the bigget format – also get better sized booklet that old farts like me can read. Also still thinking of reinvesting in a record player – as getting so many vinyls now in deluxe editions…

PLUS there is the 7th CD which is intriguing me – any chance of a track list on that one Paul?


The only strange thing here is that the original album (by that I mean in the correct running order) isn’t in here. I guess you have to buy that separately?


Suitably amazed at the price, was beginning to worry. Feelquite happy approaching the missus about this one (unlike The Band Live boxset!!!).


Same as the other guys, unbelievable price on this. I was on the fence, but for that it’s a no brainer. Mind you, the 7CD version with the vinyl doubles the price….. Not heard this one in years to be honest – but for £24 I’ll give it a revisit.

Alan Fenwick

Amazon list this as 7CDS and 12 LP’s, surely an error?


Yes, that’s a good price. I’ve pre-ordered on that basis too.

Mark Wilson

I was expecting this to be very expensive but it’s only £24.31 at Amazon for the 6 cd clam box. Ordered already.