The Who / Live at Shea Stadium exclusive personalised bundles


The Who‘s recently announced Live at Shea Stadium 1982 blu-ray is due for release later this month and fans can take advantage of an exclusive bundle available only via the official Who store.

The bundle includes the ‘SD’ blu-ray of Live at Shea Stadium (which boasts DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound and LPCM stereo sound), a stylish Who T-shirt with ’82’ design on the back (different sizes available), a personalised Live at Shea Stadium poster with your name on it and a replica of the 1982 tour programme.

The blu-rays are all region free and Live at Shea Stadium is due for release on 29/30 June 2015.

Exclusive bundle

Individual blu-ray / DVD release


SD Blu-ray



Track listing

1) Substitute
2) I Can’t Explain
3) Dangerous
4) Sister Disco
5) The Quiet One
6) It’s Hard
7) Eminence Front
8) Behind Blue Eyes
9) Baba O’Riley
10) I’m One
11) The Punk And The Godfather
12) Drowned
13) Tattoo
14) Cry If You Want
15) Who Are You
16) Pinball Wizard
17) See Me Feel Me
18) Love Reign O’er Me
19) Long Live Rock
20) Won’t Get Fooled Again
21) Young Man Blues
22) Naked Eye
23) I Saw Her Standing There
24) Summertime Blues
25) Twist And Shout

Bonus Features
Bonus tracks from the first night at Shea Stadium:

(1) My Generation (2) A Man Is A Man (3) 5.15

Format: Region 0
Screen Format: 16:9 PB
Sound Formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, LPCM Stereo
Running Time: 140 mins approx.
Certificate: E
Subtitles: None

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Mr Tim

Ships from US so add 11 quid for postage and risk of customs etc…. shame as i was about to fire the trigger on this for £40.


Given they are supplying a BluRay with DTS-HD and LCPM Stereo then any audio (or video) variant you could possibly want can be ripped from the simple product they are selling you straightforwardly, so other than the tactile pleasure of playing a vinyl version you are getting all those complimentary formats for free. Unless there is genuine non-audio content worthy of the name then I’d much rather “deluxe editions” put everything on a BluRay and were sold at a sensible price. The XTC reissues are the perfect example of brilliant value for money; Nonsuch having about 5 albums worth of extras included on a single disc (plus a free CD for the car) for not much more than a tenner.

Fat Old Bloke

For me the Who ended when Keith Moon died.


It ended for him too.


This has happened for at least a decade or longer where concert films will get released without their complimentING audio formats. I guess things like will just have to be bootlegged, huh? How sad I guess “the fans” don’t consider it The Who after a particular time period or specific line-up? Which makes you wonder, so even bother at all with this? I guess there is “planned obselence” going on here and that a re-issue is intended down the road that includes the c.d.s, vinyl, digital download?

Herb k

There was a cd issued way back called the who’s last which was recorded at Shea stadium in 1982.not sure if a vinyl version was offered.