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The Who / Quadrophenia / Director's Cut / Super Deluxe Edition / News
Update 7/9/11 – see below for video of the Director’s Cut Box Set.

The full track-listing for the forthcoming 5-disc Director’s Cut / Super Deluxe Edition reissue of The Who’s Quadrophenia have been released.

From Pete Townshend: “The time has come for me and my team to honour ‘Quadrophenia’ with a carefully presented package that features examples of the impact surround sound (quadrophonic) would have on the music, to remaster the vinyl mixes, and to collect and restore my demos. I am also going to try to shed some light on the way ‘Quadrophenia’ came about, and how it was inspired by events in my life in 1970 and 1971 when I scribbled or typed the very first notes and lyrics for some of the songs that made it onto the final record.’

This set is due on 14 November 2011. Details and track listing as follows:

CD 1 & 2

the original double album (2011 remaster)

CD 3 & 4

25 demo tracks from Pete Townshend’s studio archive, including songs that didn’t make the finished album.

DVD (disc 5)

The Quadrophenia 5.1 EP – exclusive eight track DVD re-mixed for surround sound.


Deluxe 100-page, hard-back book featuring a brand new 13,000 word essay by Pete Townshend. Also features Pete’s in depth, track-by-track guide to the demos and revealing studio diary.The book also includes many previously unseen personal notes, photographs, handwritten lyrics and memorabilia from the period, all recently uncovered in Pete’s archive.

The package also replicates the striking black and white imagery from the original vinyl LP photography and adds never-seen colour out-takes of the famous cover shot.

In addition you get:

A replica 7″ vinyl single featuring hit single ‘5.15’ b/w ‘Water’ in a picture sleeve.

Set of six facsimile memorabilia ‘inserts’ housed in a card envelope.

Limited edition, housed in a hard-back deluxe slip-case.

This will also be released on double vinyl, a ‘mini-deluxe digi-pak edition’ and download.

Full tracklisting below:

Disc One:

  • 1. I Am The Sea
  • 2. The Real Me
  • 3. Quadrophenia
  • 4. Cut My Hair
  • 5. The Punk And The Godfather
  • 6. I’m One
  • 7. The Dirty Jobs
  • 8. Helpless Dancer
  • 9. Is It In My Head?
  • 10. I’ve Had Enough


Disc Two:

  • 1. 5:15
  • 2. Sea And Sand
  • 3. Drowned
  • 4. Bell Boy
  • 5. Doctor Jimmy
  • 6. The Rock
  • 7. Love Reign O’er Me


Disc three – the demos

  • 1. The Real Me (demo)
  • 2. Quadrophenia – Four Overtures (demo)
  • 3. Cut My Hair (demo)
  • 4. Fill No. 1 – Get Out and Stay Out (demo)
  • 5. Quadrophenic – Four Faces (demo)
  • 6. We Close Tonight (demo)
  • 7. You Came Back (demo)
  • 8. Get Inside (demo)
  • 9. Joker James (demo)
  • 10. Punk (demo)
  • 11. I’m One (demo)
  • 12. Dirty Jobs (demo)
  • 13. Helpless Dancer (demo)


Disc four – the demos

  • 1. Is It In My Head (demo)
  • 2. Any More (demo)
  • 3. I’ve Had Enough (demo)
  • 4. Fill No. 2 (demo)
  • 5. Wizardry (demo)
  • 6. Sea & Sand (demo)
  • 7. Drowned (demo)
  • 8. Is It Me (demo)
  • 9. Bell Boy (demo)
  • 10. Dr Jimmy (demo)
  • 11. Finale-The Rock (demo)
  • 12. Love Reign O’er Me (demo)


Disc five – DVD – 5.1 surround-sound mix

  • 1. I Am The Sea
  • 2. The Real Me
  • 3. Quadrophenia
  • 4. I’ve Had Enough
  • 5. 5.15
  • 6. Dr Jimmy
  • 7. The Rock
  • 8. Love Reign O’er Me


7″ single

  • Side one: 5.15
  • Side two: Water

Pre-order Quadrophenia Super Deluxe Edition by clicking here.

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This package is really nice, the book is awesome and the inserts are very cool indeed. My only gripes are that they didn’t remaster the original mix for this issue, didn’t remix the WHOLE LP for 5.1 or include the single versions of the tracks. But really, they are pretty small gripes compared to what’s actually in here. There’s a lot to savor and read, in a prefect world this box would also be perfect, but in this world, right now it’s great.

Martin Maxman

You know, I know the economy in America is not good, but I pray that it isn’t the excuse as to why these “Super Deluxe Edition” releases from Universal Music, UME, Geffen are getting so generic!

Well from what I’ve gathered, it’s sounds like the mastering on the 1996 Remix of “Quadrophenia” was very good this time for the US reissue than the 1996 MCA US Remaster, which I heard “Wolfang” from “thewho.info” considered “too loud; harsh”.
I heard audio of the Quadrophenia demoes and those sound very good, maybe better than the 2011 masters of the 1996 remix of “Quad..”

Still not to get to whiney, but this Super Deluxe version of “Quadrophenia” is a real letdown…

#1 I understand that Jon Astley considers the masters of the original mix of “Quadrophenia” unacceptable, but he really couldn’t use audio of “Quadrophenia” from the Japanese Sony Vinyl Reissue or even the German/Japan Polydor Remasters!?! Are they not “acceptable enough” than the inferior and pushed around 1996 Remix!?

Why couldn’t Pete, Jon or even anyone from Polydor/Geffen/UMe release any “selections” from the original mix of Quadrophenia? Like the original mixes of “The Dirty Jobs” or “Drowned”!? Why did Pete had to change “5:15”? I know it was small, but why?

I also feel the 3 disc “Deluxe” version of “Quadrophenia” is a let down ’cause it understandably has like 15-20 selections of Quad demoes and the ’96 remix of Quad.

I still wish Pete or someone from UMe or Jon Astley released selections of the Quadrophenia tour from ’73 if they won’t release all of the soundboard recordings, the single mix of “Love Reign O’er Me” from the US and “The Real Me” without the crossfade.
I also hated it that Pete veteoed the studio Who version with Keith of “Four Faces”, I heard the remaster of Quadrophenia, the soundtrack to the ’79 film was terrible, so why not master “Four Faces” and bring it back in print!?

I understand Quad isn’t THE best Who album, but it should have included more material, parts of the Quad concerts, the original ’73 mix of Quadrophenia and one alternate mix of a Quadrophenia song, especially considering the bad mastering on “Four Faces”, “Love Reign O’er Me – the US Single Mix with Organ Intro” and even a band rehearsal of “Drowned” that has appeared on bootlegs in quaint quality.

Just my two cents on the issues, I love Pete’s ideas, but I wish he included more if he was gonna go the “super deluxe” route, whether the album itself or bonus material. At least this had more and had better mastering than the “Some Girls” Super Deluxe Release and it isn’t as generic and silly, but I hope a Who’s Next or Tommy Super Deluxe set ends up better done and takes advantage of it’s title.

Mark C.

I hate to sound like the typical obsessive and over the top Who fan, but this much money for what’s being offered? Seriously? A 2011 rehash of the 1996 remixes is the deal breaker here. I’ll pass and continue to play my Classic Records double LP…….THAT has the original studio masters from 1973. I don’t need this.

Martin Maxman

Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty excited that this is happening and am looking forward to new masterings of Quadrophenia, but I have a few things I’m very bugged about…

#1 I noticed the list of demoes/outtakes for Discs 3 & 4 looks pretty short, how come Pete isn’t including the long version of “Join Together”, or Waspman, or a better mastered version of “Four Faces” or even selections from the Quadrophenia Tour (I know there were problems playing the tapes, but c’mon!)

#2 Jon Astley remastering the original album, I mean I understand Jon Astley has hearing problems and has done several good things for the Who Remasters from the 90s, but he has also done some pretty bad work with them as well (Live at Leeds Deluxe 2001 Set, anyone?)

I’ll stay positive, focus on the new work on the album and the demoes, but I wish Pete would have added more to the set, it’s a Super Deluxe Edition Set, not a Deluxe 2/3 Disc Set (No Pun Intended.)

Kudos to Pete and Bob Pridden for spending all of this time on the set, though!

Slarty bartfast

Sorry But as much as I love the Who, and Quad being my Top two favorite Albums, i can’t justify paying over $100 for any one album. I didn’t have the $150 last year to buy Lennon box, and that was the entire solo collection of of 8 albums + equally cool swag and presentation. Now if they priced all these single albums to say a reasonable $50 – $70, then i might consider it. I remember paying $75 for Pete’s Lifehouse at a Who concert, that was worth every penny but economically reasonable also as it wasnt available in any stores at the time.

Paul Minkkinen

Will no doubt buy this as it’s one of my all time favourites. What I don’t understand is why not the whole album in 5.1 ? Some live versions of these tracks would also have been welcomed.

On the positive side 2 discs of demo’s / outtakes is welcome, as is the wonderful booklet. Bring it on !


Demos and an incomplete 5.1 mix? I’ll pass on this one…

Not very good value compared to the hi-rez and bonus laden Pink Floyd and Aqualung sets…


between the vinyl, CD Set, Video, DVD, Special Edition DVD, Soundtrack CD and Special Edition Soundtrack CD i “was” kind of hoping that this would be as, let’s be honest, underwhelming as the Tommy Deluxe 2 CD set was. Oh dear, looks like i am going to have to purchase this!

my only gripe is that the 7″ would have been the most awesome 7″ in history if it had 5.15 and The Real Me on it!