The Who / Sensation: The Story of Tommy / Blu-ray and DVD


Eagle Vision will next month issue Sensation: The Story of Tommy a documentary on the making of The Who‘s Tommy album that runs just shy of two hours.

We had the opportunity to see this late last year. It’s a superb film with Pete Townshend on typically candid form as he talks extensively on camera about the background, creation and impact of Tommy. Of course, Roger Daltrey contributes similarly and is interviewed separately. There is plenty of archive footage and this Blu-ray / DVD release includes a bonus 33-minute feature from the Germany TV Show Beat Club.

There is an argument to say that this should have been included in the Tommy Super Deluxe Edition box set, but unfortunately it wasn’t. This release does act as a perfect companion to that set and is available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Sensation: The Story Of Tommy is out on 11 March 2014.



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Compared to the Quadrophenia Box Set, the Tommy set was sleight. They should have included this for sure!

John O'Connor

I agree – I always think that the Super Deluxe Edition’s would definitely benefit from DVD content. I can only assume different production companies and other legalities have prevented Universal from doing this. The Quadrophenia Super Deluxe (excellent essay by Pete) missed out – the BBC documentary would have been a welcome addition.

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Peter Chrisp

Matt, the best thing about the UK editions on bluray, which i order on a regular bases are “region free” out in Australia, uncertain if it will play in the US, just thinking have you actually bought anything form Amazon UK
on bd and had no problems playing the disc? I wonder if the Canadian version is compatible in the States?


I second the bemusement regarding the Quadrophenia doc. That is one of my all time favorite docs and I would love to have it on Blu Ray.


great stuff, but bemused why they still haven’t released the Quadrophenia documentary like this.


Pity it couldn’t be packaged with the 5.1 surround Bluray disc (similar to the Queen ‘A Night At The Opera’ DVD package from 2005). Now that would be truly great.

Mr Tim

Good stuff, i saw this on iplayer last year, and yes was not suprised but still a little disappointed that it it didnt feature in the Tommy box set. Especially as you point out it would have made an excellent and logical addition to that (still) well packaged set. Can highly recommend to anyone who hasnt seen this.


Disappointed that there doesn’t appear to be a blu-ray release in the US. Hopefully the UK version is region free.


Yeah I think it was probably edited and the longer version with extras will be on the DVD / Blu-ray, similar to how the Wish You Were Here documentary was shown then released.

It was of equal quality to the WYWH documentary and I can highly recommend it to anybody that didn’t catch it on TV.


Is it the same documentary that was on BBC4 recently?