The Who / The Brunswick Singles 1965-66 / limited vinyl box set


The Who are releasing a new seven-inch vinyl box set in April. The Brunswick Singles Box contains seven seven-inch singles and is the first of four limited edition box sets covering the four labels that band released music through. Reaction, Track and Polydor box sets are promised for 2015/16.

This box documents the start of The Who’s career and all the records are pressed on heavyweight vinyl with paper sleeves (reproducing the period graphics front and back) and are housed in a rigid ‘lid-and-tray’ outer box and a colour booklet featuring liner notes for each release.

This includes early classics such as I Can’t Explain, Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, My Generation as well as unreleased single – Circles (backed with Instant Party Mixture).

There is actually a bonus seven-inch (making it an eight-disc set) which features the band’s first single, as the High Numbers – Zoot Suit b/w I’m The Face.

There is more vinyl to come from The Who in this 50th Anniversary year, with all the albums being reissued in March and The Who Hits 50 compilation also being put out of double vinyl following the CD release before Christmas. The Brunswick Singles 1965-66 vinyl box is released on 6 April 2015.



Volume 1: The Brunswick Singles 1965-1966.

1. ‘I Can’t Explain’ 2.04 b/w ‘Bald Headed Woman’ 2.08

Brunswick 05926. Released 15 January 1965

2. ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’ 2.40 b/w Daddy Rolling Stone 2.46

Brunswick 05935. Released 21 May 1965

3. ‘My Generation’ 3.15  b/w ‘Shout and Shimmy’ 3.15

Brunswick 05944. Released 25 October 1965

4. Circles 3.10 b/w Instant Party Mixture 3.26

(Bruns 05951) Unreleased at the time

5. ‘A Legal Matter’2.47 b/w ‘Instant Party’ AKA CIRCLES 3.10

Brunswick 05956. Released 7 March 1966

6. ‘The Kids Are Alright’ 3.03 b/w ‘The Ox’ 3.47

Brunswick 05965. Released 12 August 1966

7. ‘La-La-La Lies’ 2.13 b/w ‘The Good’s Gone’ 4.01

Brunswick 05968. Released 11 November 1966

8. Bonus disc

‘Zoot Suit’ 1.59 b/w ‘I’m The Face’ 2.33

(Fontana) Fontana TF 480. Released 3 July 1964 Released as The High Numbers

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To answer your question – mono. All mixes used as per original UK releases according to a Who-natic pal of mine.

The set looks great, slim hard card box, thin paper replica sleeves, push out centres and all importantly, they sound fab. “Abbey Road 1\2 Speed Master” scratched into the runout.

Got the box for £36 delivered thanks to this site so cheers ears.


mono or stereo?
I hope stereo, as the tracks on
My Generation Deluxe Edition were like that

but mono would be more logical as the originals were mono


Speaking of company paper sleeves, as there were none for Reaction and Track, they could look a little boring. I’d be happy if they created new ones even if only carrying the disc artwork over to the sleeve. Sacrilege I know but better than plain white.
As for the centers I would guess solid as most reissues are now done this way.

Phil Cohen

I’ve got “My Generation”, “Can’t Explain” & “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” original Brunswick singles, though the “My Generation” single is in only fair condition,doesn’t have its original sleeve, and has has its center piece removed. I wonder if the new singles will have removable centers, or merely a printed illustration of a removable center?

Lee Taylor

35% cheaper from Amazon U.S., for a change.


It’s £40 from Universal Music’s site


The whole point of a set like this is to replicate the originals which in this case means using those great 60’s company sleeves (which I’ve always preferred to picture sleeves). Including the Fontana single and the unissued 45 is icing on the cake. Ordered!


Apologies, Phil, you’re right, it’s fab!


Deal Alert!

Just spotted this: Tommy 2cd deluxe edition on Amazon UK for £5.99


Worth a punt if you haven’t already got it.


I have that Singles Collection 7″ box set from the 2000’s. Used different countries artwork for the singles rather than rather dull label bags.