Therapy? Deluxe Editions


Therapy? the alt-metal band from Northern Ireland see two of their best known albums reissued in March 2014.

The Mercury Music Prize nominated Troublegum from 1994 and Infernal Love, the follow-up from 1995, are both issued as multi-disc deluxe editions. The two albums spawned a number of UK top 30 singles in what was the band’s most commercially successful period.

Troublegum is a three-CD set with two bonus discs taking in 34 extra tracks including B-sides, remixes, live performances and demos. Infernal Love‘s 18-track bonus disc is largely made up of B-sides.

Both deluxe editions are released on 31 March 2014.


Infernal Love

Track listing



Disc 1

  • 01 Knives 1:55
  • 02 Screamager 2:41
  • 03 Hellbelly 3:22
  • 04 Stop It You’re Killing Me 3:50
  • 05 Nowhere 2:26
  • 06 Die Laughing 2:47
  • 07 Unbeliever 3:28
  • 08 Trigger Inside 3:56
  • 09 Lunacy Booth 4:00
  • 10 Isolation 3:17
  • 11 Turn 3:50
  • 12 Femtex 3:14
  • 13 Unrequited 3:02
  • 14 Brainsaw (Incl. Hidden Track “You Are My Sunshine”)

Disc 2

  • 01 Pantopon Rose 2:17
  • 02 Breaking The Law 3:27
  • 03 C C Rider 2:30
  • 04 Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) 7:46
  • 05 Nowhere (Therapeutic Distortion Mix) 5:50
  • 06 Lunacy Booth (String Version) 4:58
  • 07 Isolation (Consolidated Mix) 4:31
  • 08 Isolation (Consolidated Synth Mix) 4:41
  • 09 Stop It You’re Killing Me (Live At The Town & Country, Leeds/ 1994) 3:40
  • 10 Trigger Inside (Live At The Town & Country, Leeds/ 1994) 4:05
  • 11 Evil Elvis (The Lost Demo) 2:24
  • 12 Die Laughing (David Holmes Mix 1) 6:00
  • 13 Die Laughing (David Holmes Mix 2) 6:00
  • 14 Nice ‘N’ Sleazy 2:51
  • 15 Reuters 4:06
  • 16 Tatty Seaside Town 2:35

Disc 3

  • 01 Trigger Inside (Psycho Amigo Instrumental) 5:08
  • 02 Trigger Inside (Psycho Amigo Mix) 5:08
  • 03 Knives (Kiddie Version) 1:56
  • 04 Auto Surgery 2:19
  • 05 Totally Random Man 2:21
  • play 06 Accelerator 2:16
  • 07 Speedball 2:31
  • 08 Bloody Blues 1:12
  • 09 Neck Freak (New Version) 4:57
  • play 10 Opal Mantra 2:27
  • 11 Opal Mantra (Live At The Forum, London/ 1993) 2:22
  • 12 Innocent X (Live At Columbus Uni, New York/ 1993) 3:36
  • 13 Potato Junkie (Live At CBGB’s, New York/ 1993) 3:46
  • 14 Nausea (Live At CBGB’s, New York/ 1993) 3:29
  • 15 Totally Random Man (Demo Version) 2:36
  • 16 Turn (Demo Version) 3:15
  • 17 Knives (Demo Version) 2:03
  • 18 Unbeliever (Demo Version) 3:54


Infernal Love

Disc 1

  • 01. Epilepsy
  • 02. Stories
  • 03. A Moment Of Clarity
  • 04. Jude The Obscene
  • 05. Bowels Of Love
  • 06. Misery
  • 07. Bad Mother
  • 08. Me Vs You
  • 09. Loose
  • 10. Diane
  • 11. 30 Seconds

Disc 2

  • 01. Misery (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
  • 02. Die Laughing (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
  • 03. Screamager (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
  • 04. Jude The Obscene (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
  • 05. Loose (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
  • 06. 30 Seconds (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
  • 07. Our Love Must Die (B-Side Loose)
  • 08. Nice Guys (B-Side Loose)
  • 09. Loose (Photek Remix) (B-Side Loose)
  • 10. Die Laughing (Live) (B-Side Loose)
  • 11. Nowhere (Live) (B-Side Loose)
  • 12. Unbeliever (Live) (B-Side Loose)
  • 13. Knives (Live) (B-Side Misery)
  • 14. Stories (Live) (B-Side Misery)
  • 15. Innocent X (Remix) (Volume Single)
  • 16. Disgracelands (Acoustic) (B-Side Bad Mother)
  • 17. Diane (Acoustic) (B-Side Bad Mother)
  • 18. Opal Mantra (Acoustic) (B-Side Bad Mother)


Infernal Love

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Alan Lee

As I have only recently discovered your great site Paul, and the fact that Therapy have a new album ‘Cleave’ coming out in a couple of weeks, I thought I’d give my review on these reissues from 2014.

Both Troublegum and Infernal Love were remastered by Nurse producer Harvey Birrell, and both of these remasters actually appeared several months earlier in the bands’ self-released ‘Gemil’ box-set. Maybe it was coincidence but quite possibly Universal Records became interested in re-issuing these albums when they became aware of the box-set itself.

Troublegum – nice collection which covers all the b-sides which came out back in ’94, and also includes all the tracks from their 3 EP’s in ’93 (Shortsharpshock, Face the Strange and Opal Mantra). The band had 6 Top 40 singles in that period, and all of them were released across multiple formats which allowed for various b-sides, live tracks and remixes – some of which have never been released on CD before. The only previously non-released tracks on this set are instrumental demos of ‘Turn’ and ‘Unbeliever’, and early demos for ‘Totally Random Man’ and ‘Knives’.

Negative points would be the sequencing of the tracks – they’ve all been placed in order as they were released, so remixes are interspersed with studio tracks and live takes etc. It leads to a jarring listening without any flow. The band themselves were involved in these re-issues but seemingly dropped the ball here. The studio tracks (and some of the live tracks, admittedly) would have made a superb standalone album (CD2 in this set) had they sequenced it properly and relegated all the mixes and oddities to CD3. It also includes a “Kiddie version” of album track ‘Knives’ which is little more than a censored version for the US market and totally superfluous to the set.

Infernal Love – released a year later in ’95 and another 3 Top 40 singles, and the vast majority of the b-sides from those are on this set. Conspicuous by its absence, however, is the cello version of ‘Stories’ which appeared on the UK b-side of that very single. Strange when you consider that 2 live tracks which only featured on a US single (‘Misery’) made the cut. Stranger still when you consider that a remix of an old track from ’91 (‘Innocent X’), which was released around this time on a compilation album on a different label, also made the cut! This set is worth grabbing though, simply for the 3 acoustic tracks which were only ever released on a Belgium only single (‘Bad Mother’).

Negative points would be the aforementioned omission of the cello version of ‘Stories’, and the addition of the remix of ‘Innocent X’ which simply shouldn’t be here. However, my biggest gripe with this set is what they’ve done with the album itself. The original album tracks flowed seamlessly into one another like a radio broadcast (think QOTSA’s ‘Songs For the Deaf’ which was actually released 7 years later in 2002). This remastered version inexplicably has placed gaps of silence between each track! This is unforgivable as it ruins the flow of the album. I can’t pretend to know a whole lot about the mastering process but I know this should have been avoided.

Basically – get these re-issues cheap, if you can, for the b-sides only. For the albums themselves, stick to the originals – they always sounded great anyway!

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Phil Wilson

Awesome collections, loved troublegum when it was released, really looking forward to these coming out, got them preordered