This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Post last updated on 6/11/17 at 9.45

Marc Bolan/T. Rex: Unchained: Home Recordings & Studio outtakes 8CDs – £39.34

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary six-disc super deluxe edition box set

ITALY Deal: The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper super deluxe – €86.42 or £76.50


The Smiths / The Queen is Dead / 5LP vinyl box set

ITALY Deal: The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead / 5LP vinyl box – €58 or £52

GERMANY Deal: Rolling Stones / Totally Stripped 5-disc deluxe – €21.94 or £19.50

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Philip Cohen

Amazon’s U.S.A. & UK sites are presently having a sale price on the George Harrison vinyl box. In The U.S.A., the offer is from Amazon.com itself. On the Amazon.co.uk site , it’s from Amazon.com appearing as a third party “marketplace” seller. Things are set up so that U.S.A. customers must order from the U.S.A. site. The price climbed slightly a few hours after I ordered, but it’s still at a quite reasonable $302.


Funny, a month ago I ordered McCartney’s Flowers Archive Collection from an amazon.de third party (moviemars) for a bargain price. The order was cancelled due to “an incorrectly listed price”. Thanks to this SDE’s deal alert I was able to order it now for even less. Thanks, Paul (Sinclair that is, Macca too) and amazon.it !


Beatles Sgt Peppers box is 70 EUR (no tax) but 23 EUR to ship to USA so ends up being 93 EUR or $112 USD. Not used to high shipping costs from Amazon for box sets but understandable given the size/weight of this box.

Marc K.

No-one seems to care, but Sting Studio Collection Volume II still is offered at a crazy low price at Amazon.co.uk…..


Marc K.

Thanks, price gone up in a heartbeat…..SDE must be driving Amazon crazy :-)

Chris Squires

The Sting thing is just so odd isn’t it. Whatever you do you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. I have part I, it is incomplete. Part II as I understand it has a placeholder for the albums of part I. So what do I do, have a whopping great box with 5 slices of vinyl in it, or do I transfer my other albums to the new box, which is now complete but labelled incorrectly as Part II when it is now “Complete”. Then I have a spare box saying “Complete” but it is now empty.
Malcolm Tucker put it best. It is an “Omnishambles”.

Marc K.

: ‘Volume II’ is only displayed on the removable cardboard cover. The box itself states ‘The Complete Studio Collection’, with all records pictured on the backside.


Pink Floyd that is, of course.


jpc.de currently has all the individual boxes from The Early Years on offer for prices between 24 and 28 EUR (21 and 25 GBP). Also available at them are still the SDEs of DSOTM and WYWH for 75 EUR (66 GBP) each.


Off topic, but don’t know where else to post: This Friday sees the release of “Snow-Live” by Spock’s Beard, a band which will be liked by people who recently discovered Steven Wilson’s own music. Album will be available in various formats, amongst them an SDE ft. 2CDs, 2DVDs AND 2BRs and a slimmer (and significantly cheaper) version only containing the 2CDs and the 2DVDs. Currently available on various Amazon-sites.

Gis Bun

Should of informed Paul or added it to http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/out-this-week-on-10-november-2017/
Wish they had a 2CD/2BR combo.


Thanks, try to do so the following time.


Already have this on order, the 2CD/2DVD will have to do for me, as Gis says a CD/Bluray combo would have been nice, but with the KC box also out this week it’s another wallet emptying Friday after 2 heavy Zimmerman boxes last Friday and Richie Thompson’s Rockpalast 3CD/2DVD, aithough nice and cheap at £17.


Yes, all the currently (re)released Rockpalast stuff is great value for money imho.

Marc K.

Kate Bush – Before the Dawn 4 LP box, only 40 euro’s at Bol.com
Free delivery in The Netherlands



Missed “Flowers”, but bagged “Totally Stripped” for 29.04 USD


A bunch of vinyls currently avaible at 10€ on amazon France (Nick Cave, Weezer, Nirvana, etc…)

Chris Squires

FITD was an excellent spot as they only had 4 at that price (when I saw it), managed to bag one so thank you Paul. It certainly didn’t hang around long. It really is around the price it should have been in the first place. £59.99 and on offer at £40 after the event. But I guess that has all been covered ad nauseum.


Flowers in the dirt missed. Sgt. Pepper’s ordered.

Thank you for advice.


Damn, now at 158 euros

Joel Rabinowitz

Missed it!


Bloody hell, Sgt. Pepper available (ordered), Macca no longer available (heck). But I trust our lovely SDE Paul to find the next great offer.

John C

Amazon Italy also have sgt peppers super deluxe for 87 euros


Wow!- Just ordered Flowers in the Dirt… lets see what happens! Thanks Paul


Been waiting for Macca a while. Trigger finally pulled. Thanks Paul!