This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Last Updated 4pm on Thurs 14 December

UK: Jesus and Mary Chain / Live at Barrowlands box set – £30

FRANCE: Metallica / Kill ‘Em All super deluxe – €99 £170 or £88

FRANCE: Metallica / Ride The Lightning super deluxe – €99 £170 or £88

FRANCE: Daft Punk / Alive 2007 – 1997 – 2007  4LP vinyl box – £40 or €45

FRANCE: The Velvet Underground / Peel Slowly and See  5CD box – £23 or €20

UK: Eddi Reader / The Blanc Y Negro Years  5CD – £16.99 £22

ITALY: Jethro Tull / Aqualung 2CD+2DVD ‘adapted edition’  – £17 or €19

FRANCE Def Leppard / Hysteria 7-disc super deluxe edition – £52 or €59

SPAIN: The Divine Miss Dinah Washington 5LP vinyl box – €26 €89  or £23

UK: The Farm / Complete Studio Recordings 7CD box – £12.99

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The three I checked…no discounts available.

Larry Davis

Oh yeah, the famous STRAND Bookstore (Broadway and 12th St) has CDs and vinyl in the basement, and they used to have a decent 2 dollar spinning rack, but are now $5, and some decent promos…as well as used music books…like I still want, and don’t have, that Bob Stanley one, his take on pop music…

Larry Davis

Yeah Kauwgompie…who knows?? We may have bumped into each other in the past at these stores without knowing the other person…well, we know each other now!! Perhaps we can meet up and browse one of these days. Sounds was huge and I miss it…Kim’s was decent. There were some bookstores with decent CD sections that may still be around…one is on St Marks between 1st and Ave A. There was this one store almost next door to Sounds, it was narrow and long. There was another one, onetime owned by Norman’s, midblock, next door to this T-shirt/tattoo shop and a bar, and you went down a mini-flight of stairs…it was also narrow and good…there was also in the Village…Generation Records on Thompson St, and of course, Rebel Rebel on Bleeker and Record Runner on Jones St, and Discorama on W.8th St…I am friends with this woman Gloria at Discorama, she always hooked me up with stuff, I should call her, I have her card, to see how she is doing…

I love discovering and buying promos cheap…I used to buy new stuff at Tower, Virgin, then BestBuy, CircuitCity, Target, as well as Record Hunter (2 NYC locations and where I discovered imports with Sandra titles), BUT my discovery of used stores like that was in 1992, when I was on lunchbreak at this then-new job I had at an ad agency called Griffin Bacal Inc on 5th between 18th & 19th…I went out to explore the area to find a place to eat and stuff and came across Academy, and I was shocked to find new titles for as little as $3.99 that I saw new for like $17.99 at Tower!!! I was like, “what the fuck am I spending all that extra money for??” Changed my life instantly, haha!!

At Looney Tunes, they have these “mystery bags”…basically 8 CDs in a brown lunchbag with a big question mark on it for $4.99…you have no idea what you will be getting, but many times, they put new promos in there…like I did get the last Dave Gahan solo album in there, and the last New Order studio album as well!! What I do is feel em like produce, haha!! If they are soft & thinner, chances are there are new titles in there (digipacks/thin cardboard packages), if they are hard like a brick, usually older CDs and older versions…I love it and always buy at least 1 whenever I go there. They also have some cool quarter CDs or 5 for a buck, like I got the Wounded Bird reissue of the Soup Dragons’ “This Is Our Art” in that bin.

Whenever we make a plan to go to NJ (do you drive or take public transport??), I make an effort to bring along CDs I don’t want that other stores turn down, yes for credit. Yes, that XTC was a great find, $14.99 if I recall. I learned my lesson with selling to them…I would only sell titles that are almost worthless to other stores and take up too much room in my towers/racks, haha. Yes you are doing the right thing if it’s titles that are not top grade and have been reissued as SDE’s or just remastered/expanded a bit. As for brickwalling, to be honest, I prefer my discs to be louder…many older CDs (like from the 80s/early 90s) are too tinny and thin-sounding…but never notice brickwalling, like my ears to bleed…I never have that problem…I hate having to turn up the volume way loud just to get a normal sound. I only have 1 disc I know of that the production is way loud…this Japanese female duo Puffy AmiYumi, their 2006 album “Splurge”…there’s a song called “Security Blanket” which is recorded so loud, you kinda have to turn it down to enjoy, haha.

You want to get rid of that Simple Minds’ “Sparkle In The Rain” box?? It’s the SDE box, not the double CD?? I’ll buy it off of you if you wish, or trade, let me know, only if it’s the full box. Told ya about Vintage Vinyl…love that store…you can spend hours in there. Tell the front-people that Eliot (from Brooklyn)’s friend Larry sent you.

Yes, Newbury Comics IS a chain that originated in Boston (Love that city too, lots of cool stores), and they were just all over New England, and the LI location was their first venture into NY, outside New England, and it is a massive success…I love that place too…it looks too-small, at first, but when you really explore, it’s pretty damn good, they get all the new releases at good prices and they have some good sales sometimes…like on Record Store Day, all CDs were 40% off. Their vinyl selection is good and they have some exclusive limited coloured vinyl and RSD releases.

Next time I go back to Cinci…won’t be for a long time (14 hours away, haha)…I will go back to Shake It Records…that one time, I walked out of there with 40 CDs, good titles, for like $20!! Not too shabby, but I was in there for like 2 hours digging for the gems…


@ Larry…haha, we used to go to the same record stores, we must have been in the same store at some point cos I hung out at those record stores at St Marks Place all the time. Sounds (2 stores almost next to each other), Kim’s, etc. All on the same block. There were two other record stores whose name I never knew but they were there too. So 5 record stores on the same block. All gone now. Sounds had a ton of promo cd’s. If a new album was released I wanted to have, I didn’t go to Tower Records to pay $11.99 but waited a few days and then went to Sounds where I picked up the promo copy for $8.99. St Marks Place is totally gentrified now. Never go there anymore.

As a true music collector you know the Princeton Record Exchange. Great find that XTC 2CD!! I’m sorry they ripped you off like that. A thousand cd’s for $1275 is definitely not a lot. I sell off all my old non-remastered cd’s to them (after I buy the new deluxe version) and get store credit. They don’t pay me a lot but enough to keep doing it. BTW I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Last week I listened to the “Sparkle In The Rain” box set I have and my ears hurt. It was so horribly brickwalled, you basically cannot turn it up. I used to not really care about the sound that much but all the complaints about brickwalling got me paying more attention and it is atrocious. I don’t know how many brickwalled cd’s I have but must be a ton. I should probably hold on to the original master cd’s.

Woh, I checked out the Vintage Vinyl store in Fords, that is seriously close by and looks huge!! Thanks for that!!! I may go there later this week to check it out. I don’t know what I’m going to buy cos I have everything I want after all Paul’s Deal Alerts and the German 3 for 2.
When I get a chance I will check out those stores in LI. Newbury Comics is pretty famous. Is that a chain or just one store? I’m pretty sure I bought from them online.

Yes I have been to Rasputin in San Fran too. They moved. They used to be in the city center near Market Street but now they are very close to Amoeba. Not as good anymore after their move. Much smaller. I’ll check out Shake It Records when I ever get to Cinci. Not any time soon. Let me know if you go to Amsterdam. My hometown. Best ever.

Larry Davis

Hey, Kauwgompie…the only thing I know of Marillion is that they are a Britprog (my term, like Britpop, but prog and UK-based…just made it up, ha!!), and Fish has that Peter Gabriel type of artrock voice…I might give that “Misplaced Childhood” box a whirl…

I used to go to Academy more than I do now, since they raised their prices on new arrivals, which was a real turnoff…they do have a good selection of boxsets, dollar-plus CDs and Record Store Day releases tho…I LOVE Princeton Record Exchange…to buy only…one time in the late 90s, I sold a good portion of my collection to them, as I was short on cash…they travelled up to Brooklyn, where I was living at the time, and bought 1000 discs from me and paid me, like, $1275…granted, some titles were not so great, but most were top grade, so I felt seriously ripped off but my back was against the wall financially…it is a bit far, so a friend of mine and myself only go if we want to make it a Jersey day, or on the way to Philly or NJ for a gig…a just-as-good, HUGE store you MUST check out in Jersey is Vintage Vinyl, in Fords…it’s just as good and closer to NYC…great selection and good prices, and they have instores and mini-concerts there too. At Princeton, 2 great finds were the Dwight Yoakam box and the rare 3D shellcase version of the 2CD XTC collection “Fossil Fuel”. On Long Island, the best stores I know are Newbury Comics in Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, Looney Tunes in West Babylon (they also have a label called Brookvale Records which puts out some Record Store Day titles, like that Chuck Berry reissue and DMC solo album), Hi-Fidelity in Amityville and Infinity in Massapequa Park…and the stores in Brooklyn, like NYC’s Rough Trade (prices too high but great atmosphere and they have concerts/instores), Normans and, I think, Academy’s Brooklyn location…

I was recently on a roadtrip to the midwest, to Ohio, and while in Cincinnati, I found a store that blew me away…Shake It Records…I read Rolling Stone picked it as one of the top 25 record stores in the country…and they were not kidding…discovered it by total chance…

If ever I am in Europe…espesh Holland and Amsterdam, I will check out that store indeed…have not been to Continental Europe yet but intend on travelling more. The one time I was in San Fran, I DID go to Amoeba and that place blew my mind in the huge size of it…another similar place I had heard about is Rasputin…Manhattan is pretty dead, right?? I used to go down to St Marks Place ALL.THE.TIME!! Sounds, Kim’s, Norman’s, all gone!! Need to look up Paul’s article indeed…

Larry Davis

Also, Mr Cheapo’s…2 locations…1 in Mineola and 1 in Commack…


Paul, I unboxed Macca’s FITD SDE today and I used the download code that came with the box. I didn’t only download the download-only stuff but also disc 1, 2 and 3. Disc 2 actually comes with a download-only bonus track called ‘The Lovers That Never Were” (Geoff Emerick Mix) and clocks in at 4’05”. This track is not part of the regular download-only tracks. That caught me by surprise. Were you aware of that? I burnt all the download only stuff on 2 discs so I now have a FITD 6 disc set, haha. Together with your interview booklet I have a very comprehensive package now.
Sorry it’s off topic, didn’t know how else to reach you.

Larry Davis

Just checked out that Amazon French deal of 4 for 18 Euros, it’s great but the selection not so much…I was struggling to find some titles I really wanted and there really weren’t any…for $27US, I wish there was…almost chose that Burt Bacharach set, Teena Marie, Blonde Redhead (it was out of stock) and this French girl, but not top of my list, so I cancelled…


Sellers on Amazon are selling the Eddi Reader set for just over £12 which is an absolute steal

Alain le terrien

Same as Poptones about the Phil Collins studio collection at 4,50€ if you find anything else interresting in their collection. (4cd for 18, the box is part of the deal)


Maybe not so deluxe but classy deal anyway.

Cheers everyone


Bill Calder

for the Eddi Reader set. Highly recommended, quality voice with superb backing musician support.


3 days ago, on dec 12 at 20:14, I posted a few interesting deals I saw on Amazon Italy but my comment is still awaiting moderation ? I don’t know if it was missed, refused or simply not interesting enough.

Whatever reason that’s ok. I don’t mind if it’s not published, Maubeuge I broke the rules of this blog, I don’t know but it would be better if there was a status like refused or something like that. It’s annoying to see a status “Awaiting moderation” after 3 days. Just my two cents.

Mark Porter

The Killers back catalog is listed on vinyl for release on 15th December according to Amazon Germany. Pre-order is live there but not Amazon uk as yet .

Mark Porter

Just had a look at Amazon Germany and Kiss vinyl is £14-£18 each compared with £19-£36 for the same titles at the UK site.
Having got to checkout, it looks like a 3 for 2 has been applied too, saving over another £50.
So I paid £99 + few pennies for 9 albums.
Amazing deal.


Hard to keep up with deals, I’d say. With that in mind, for whoever is keen, there is one Alan Parsons Tales of Mystery & Imagination box set (Japanese pressing) left on amazon.ca for about $87 CAD. That is mega cheap, just saying. I grabbed one myself, and have never seen it anywhere under $200. I believe the US issue of the same box set is on there around $115.

Darren English

I know the releases are not due to February 2018, but no mention of the ten Felt reissues?
I appreciate they’re a cult band, but they punched above their weight when it comes to influencing other indie acts.
IMHO – Crumbling The Antisceptic Beauty along with Splendour Of Fear are two of the best 1980s albums made.


Agreed Darren, great albums. The new boxes look lovely.

Darren English

Remiss of me not to include the link to the Cherry Red site covering all the Felt reissues. They look great.

Larry Davis

Felt reissues??!!?? Really??? I’ve heard very little by that band/Lawrence, but what I HAVE heard was amazing, sublime stuff…I think I will go for those…and Kawgumpie (sorry for the spelling), when you preorder from Amazon, the price usually drops right before the release date, and if it’s limited, if you don’t preorder, and it sells out, u r outta luck…like that recent Debbie Gibson box…I got a signed one and the price dropped to 67 pounds/$92US…many times, I preorder and cancel right before release dates…as for waiting times, it usually takes 1-2 weeks, so it’s not too bad…I’m not far from NYC…I’m on the Island, an hour East…


Gotcha Larry, makes sense. Yes, if you want to get a signed box, you almost always have to pre-order. I got a few of those when the price was reasonable. I got the signed Paul Young Tomb Of Memories box that Paul worked on. And the signed Marillion Misplaced Childhood signed box. Price was unbeatable. Compare that to the Roxy Music Bryan Ferry signed box that is £150. No thanks.
Enjoy the island. Love that place in the summer.

Larry Davis

Hey Kauwgompie…I missed out on the signed Paul Young box, got a regular one, Marillion I’m not sure if I want it as I’m not THAT familiar with the band, aside from “Kayleigh”…same with that Shadows box, which a limited number were signed…as for that Roxy box, I saw the price and literally blew my coffee through my nose, haha…as for Long Island, it’s pretty cool, not all vacation spots, good place to grow up and live on…the Hamptons are like Hollywood East, and Fire Island is pretty popular and Long Beach rocks…Manhattan is an Island too, but most of the record stores are gone or moved to Brooklyn…the only cool Manhattan record store left I know of and enjoy is Academy on 18th between 5th and 6th…what else is left??


@Larry, I wasn’t familiar w Marillion either, other than their hits. When that box came out, I listened to the album on YouTube and was sold immediately. You may still be able to get a signed copy on their website. Fish had it on his and Marillion had it on theirs.
I also go to Academy. It’s not too far from where I work so I go there for lunch sometimes. The best record stores I know are The Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, NJ. I know it’s not close to LI but it’s worth the trip if you want to get out one day. I got the “Pipes of Peace” and “Tug Of War” Paul McCartney box sets there for $40 each. They have a reasonably sized box set collection and all in great condition and very well priced. And thousands of other cd’s and vinyl. The other great record store is Concerto in Amsterdam, NL. If you’re ever there, it’s outstanding. Steven van Zandt called it the best recordshop in the world. He’s not far off. I was just there last week when I visited my parents. I was in heaven. Kid in a candy store. Haha. I go to San Fran for business and they have a record store called Amoeba. That’s a great place too. Manhattan really doesn’t have this one great record store anymore. I used to go to St Marks place where they had 4 used cd stores on the same block. I bought all my stuff there for years. They are all gone now. If you check in this site’s history, Paul did a feature on record stores in NYC when he visited NYC several years ago. Academy was in there too. Im sure the articles of that visit are still tagged so you can find it. May be do a search for New York or so.


Paul, are you deliberately not posting deals from Amazon.com because you want to keep it “European” or because the prices on Amazon.com are already low? It’s your site obviously but thought you must have a decent amount of American readers. I assume they would be happy to get an occasional Amazon.com deal. I post Amazon.com deals in the comment section when I see them so other American based readers can take advantage but my comment yesterday is still “awaiting moderation”. Again, it’s your site and nothing but respect (I practically live through it), was just wondering about your rational. Cheers!

Chris Squires

Paul is also harsh on UK readers :-) but I think that is more to do with the fact that Amazon UK is very much the poor relation of the European Amazons. Germany and Italy have waaaay more decent deals in general, yes there are a couple on UK and a couple on US but unless it’s a stupid deal on a high price item it certainly isn’t worth going to the US for European readers with duty to be added rather than deducted.

France and Spain are also a bit weak although the Metallica bargains above kind of make me wish I could bear more than 2 seconds of them, Christ it took me years to get the Mrs. to stand ELO in small doses! Great price and great sets. Lucky people!


Yes that is certainly true. Most deals are typically from Europe and more people can take advantage of it. You guys have to pay additional taxes when you order from the USA whereas we get a tax-break when we order from Europe.
Sitting here with many yet unopened box sets on my desk from the Germany 3 for 2 deal. And an empty wallet.

Larry Davis

Hey Kauwgompie…where in the US are you?? I’m in NY…I have to watch myself with ordering online and I am an Amazon Prime member, but just the US cuz it’s useless with other Amazon sites cuz it would take more than 2 days to arrive from overseas…have to watch myself with ordering online, based on when they collect the money when dispatching…they collect it 2 days before the release date and I almost got screwed by that…I love it that the VAT gets taken off for us, so it’s an amazing savings…

eric Slangen

I think he’s Dutch according to his nickname.


Hey Larry, I’m in NYC too. I’m Dutch but live in NYC. Yes when you order from Europe it could take upto a month before it gets to you, sometimes even longer, but if it’s considerably cheaper, it’s worth it. I don’t mind the wait. It’s sort of a sport for me to buy it as cheap as possible, sometimes that means long shipping times. But I buy so much that it is worth it and sort of senseless not to do it. I try not to pre-order because the price is always higher when you do that. If you wait a couple of weeks or months, it pays off.

David M

And tax is added afterwards to most US (and Canadian) orders, so the price people in those countries will pay is higher (opposite to deals in Europe).

Peter Muscutt

The Daft Punk set is very nice actually – good quality outer box and photo book, coloured vinyl…and some stickers (what’s not to like!!) Glad it includes the ‘encore’ of the live show on a bonus 12″ which only the deluxe CD had. Two of my favourite live albums!

Iain Mac

Suffering triskaidekaphobia when you updated on Wed “12th”?


Swingin’ The Divine Miss Dinah Washington 5LP vinyl box for only €26 – Unbelievable!

Larry Davis

I will be buying that Ramones box soon…and I have a feeling it will stay that price, or even drop, because the “Rocket To Russia” one will keep overshadowing it. What will be even cooler is if they make a combo deal, of both boxes for like $60…I had to order a few things before it, like the 4 remaining recent Pet Shop Boys “Further Listening” reissues (had just bought the “Yes” triple), starting the 5 XTC CD/Blu-Ray reissues (bought 2, the new “The Black Sea” and 30th Anniversary “Skylarking”…3 more to go), the Madness “Full House” double, the new Bananarama 2CD collection, the 3CD “Hit Factory” SAW collection, the Farm 7CD set and recent Flock Of Seagulls “Wishing” 2CD collection…and besides “Yes”, I had also purchased the 5CD Donald Fagen “Cheap Xmas” box and new Neil Young…

WHEW!! Had to draw the line somewhere…


Paul, there are great offers on box sets on Amazon Italy :
* U2 – Joshua Tree SDE CD version : 69€
* Peter Gabriel – So 25th anniversary deluxe box set : 64€
* Simple Minds – New Goldberg Dreams SDE : 36€
* The Verve – A store in heaven : 33€
* Human League – A very british synthesizer group : 68€ (CD version) or 75€ (vinyl)
* James – Laid / Wah Wah Box Set : 34€

I have the Peter Gabriel box set and the price is fantastic. Great value.

Just go to the music section and Cofanetti in offerta to see all the 80 offers :

CJ Feeney

Also offering Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories 2LP for €14.99.


Thanks Paul! Hopefully there will be a deal alert for the MoP SDE soon!


Stunning deal on the metallica boxes, I paid 100 quid each and I thought I’d got an unbeatable bargain!


Paul, The Farm – Complete Studio Recordings is 12.99 UKP not EUR (approx 14.75 EUR)

Larry Davis

And to the US, the VAT removed, it was like 10 UKP…or like $19USD…for a 7CD set, a steal…I saw the negative feedback about missing tracks, read into it more, just missing remixes…I couldn’t give a hoot about that, I just care if 1 main remix is included per single released… Loads of them is just overkill…I just care about the main songs themselves, and the Farm’s 3 official albums have loads of top tunes, highly underrated band indeed…


Yes, I picked it up too. For $19 a no brainer. 7 discs no less. Thanks!!


…but these are un-numbered editions, aren’t they.


what is?


I assume he’s referring to the Metallica boxes but as far as I’m aware there was never an unnumbered release of these anyway. Both were editions of 25,000 all were numbered and there’s been no reissue.

Martin Waldron

Cheers Paul, Def Leppard Hysteria super deluxe edition ordered and some £30 saved.

BOILE Stéphane

Buy immediately!! Such a great deals at thiq price!! I bought the both and hope a same deals for Master of Puppets box set!!


Def Leppard’s Hysteria might be low on stock but it seems like the target audience has bought it already;-)


Awesome – thank you. I didn’t bother with Kill em All or RTL initially, but was so impressed with the MOP deluxe that I went and bought RTL immediately. I can’t ignore a deal like this – ordered!


you will be happy. the RTL box is great. Has a good live version of Call of Ktulu. KEA is a good little set too. at the right price, you should grab it. it has a good live show in it as well

Martin Power

Ride The Lightning is also available on SDE at Amazon France for same price