This Week’s Reissue and Box Set Deals

UK: The Who Live at The Fillmore East 1968 3LP vinyl – £20

Three LPs of The Who live in 1968 for £20. What’s not to like!

UK: The Who / Live at Hull 1970 CD – £6.99

FRANCE: U2 / The Joshua Tree 30th anniversary 4CD box – €48

Although this is the CD set, it’s an enormous heavy, large format box with big book, wallet of photos and of course the four CDs of remaster, live, remixes and B-sides. Great value.

UK: Madness / Can’t Touch Us Now 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl – £11

GERMANY: R.E.M. / Out of Time 3CD+blu-ray audio super deluxe – €27

Includes remaster, 5.1 surround mixes, demos and live audio


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Electric Sydney

Hi Paul, I think Amazon.de is having a 3 for €15 sale?


The price for U2’s The Joshua Tree 30th Super Deluxe has risen again on Amazon.fr.
For those in the Netherlands, the boxset is €57 on Bol.com. With free delivery that’s just a few euro more than the original price on Amazon.fr (and cheaper than what it is now)

Chris Squires

There is currently 16.47pm (23rd August) one copy of From Moscow to Mars by Erasure on the Amazon US site for $135 which comes in at £138 delivered to the UK.

Although higher than launch it is a lot better than most copies are going for. If it’s your thing and a decent enough price. You’re welcome. Be Quick


Chris Squires

and gone. Hope it was “one of us”…

Ian Whiteford

Thanks again Paul. Snapped up Live at Hull.

Joel Rabinowitz

How do I report something? I picked up the Bill Wyman and the rhythm kings 4 lp box set with a signed Bill Wyman photo for 18 pounds
Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings
Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

Sean L

Hi Joel

Which country did you buy this from?

Stuart S

Seen this for £21.25 on UK site last week but still resisted. Around £34 just now.

Mark stuart

Pity the live at hull cd, like Leeds, has the wrong running order,with Tommy on the second disc. What’s the problem with having Tommy split over both discs? They did it with live at Isle of White. I find that a bit annoying, taking out disc 1 before it’s finished, at the point tommy starts, put in disc 2,out again, back in with disc 1 and carry on where I left off.

Peter Stanton

Has the Who gone, or is it me?

Peter Stanton

Thanks Paul.

I look at your site many times a day, but sod’s law is that you miss the one you want!

Still not a bad price.


Martin Power

Great heads up thanks much appreciated

Joel Rabinowitz

Now 15.99

Martin Power

Already have The Who set but a great price for all fans and discerning music lovers

Nice to see the U2 set back up – Grabbed that last time and well worth it


Had The Who on my wishlist and when it dropped to £20.50 last month i snapped it up…..a bargain.


Some good deals on jpc.de at the moment:

Queen / Forever (4LP + 1 12″-box) and
Queen / A Night At The Odeon (mixed format-box) both for EUR 55 (GBP 50) each
The Who / My Generation (ltd. 5cd SDE) for EUR 40 (GBP 36)
Chris Rea / Blue Guitars (11cd + 1dvd-earBook) for EUR 35 (GBP 31,50)
Chris Rea / The Return Of The Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes (3cd + 2 10″-earBook) for EUR 10 (GBP 9)


Klaus –

Thank you for the heads up on the My Generation box! I’ve been waiting for a good price on that one.

Paul Wren

An amazing price and an essential purchase for any discerning rock fan. I’ve already got it but others need to jump all over this.

Tim Abbott

You beauty – thank you Paul! I’d almost resigned myself to paying double that for the Who LP. That’s almost as good as the Live At Leeds price!


Amazon uk also doing The Who, Live At Hull for £6.99…..in my opinion better than Live At Leeds.