Thompson Twins / Quick Step and Side Kick: 2LP reissue with bonus tracks


When Vinyl180 announced their coloured vinyl reissue of the Thompson Twins classic 1983 album Quick Step & Side Kick last year, they at least had the decency to let fans know that they would also being putting out a 2LP black vinyl reissue of the same title in 2016. Details of that edition have now been released…

Like the one-disc coloured vinyl set, the 2LP version is being promoted as ‘remastered’ although we thought it sounded very similar to the original (not a bad thing). The key attraction with the double-disc edition is the inclusion of all of the bonus remixes originally included on the UK cassette version of the album. The mixes in question are as follows (brackets indicate which song is being remixed):

  • • Love Lies Fierce (Love Lies Bleeding)
  • • Long Beach Culture,
  • • No Talkin’ – Dub (Lies),
  • • Rap Boy Rap (Love On Your Side),
  • • Frozen In Time (Kamikaze)
  • • Fallen Out (All Fall Out)

All these would have been issued on vinyl on various 12-inch singles back in the day of course, but this is the first time they’ve been collected on one vinyl record. If you want them on CD then you have to see out Edsel’s 2008 reissue of Quick Step and Side Kick (Love Lies Fierce also made it onto the SDE-curated Remixes and Rarities).

This new double vinyl also includes new sleeve notes by Tom Bailey and is limited to just 500 copies. It will be released on 1 April 2016


Layout 1


LP 1

Love On Your Side
If You Were Here
Judy Do
We Are Detective
Love Lies Bleeding
All Fall Out

LP 2

Love Lies Fierce (Love Lies Bleeding)
Long Beach Culture,
No Talkin’ – Dub (Lies),
Rap Boy Rap (Love On Your Side),
Frozen In Time (Kamikaze)
Fallen Out (All Fall Out)

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Anthony C

I’m looking forward to this one turning up in the post, but it is a rather pointless release and won’t change my life.



Would love this, but broke, as usual :(
Aussie HTFD double lp was issued in both a gatefold and single sleeve. Into The Gap 2xlp in a single sleeve. I’ve not ever seen an Aussie QS&SK 2lp before.


You can source it direct. Vinyl 180 have it for £17.49 plus £8.00 shipping to ‘rest of the world (exc. Europe)’ – for those wishing to quick step & side kick Amazon’s dodgy ethics.



I would love to have a dvd of their music video ‘s ,


dominic e

And Into The Gap Live on DVD too would be pretty ace. It was the very first thing I videoed off TV when we got our first VCR back in the 80s. For some reason our local record shop wanted £25 for a proper copy back then and I couldn’t afford that on £3 a week paper round money!

elliott buckingham

any news about coloured reissues of gap or future days


Count me in as another who would love the underrated Close To The Bone to get some reissue action.

Todd R.

It’s a great have – but I already have these tracks so many times…. I too would love an expanded CLOSE TO THE BONE and even BIG TRASH (some of the mixes of “Bombers In The Sky” were pretty good)…… Then again, I’m just happy Mr. Bailey is out there doing it again. :)


definitely am interested. don’t mind about the vinyl colour, just want the cover to be as good as the original release, and not like the one from last year.
and Francis, totally agree. Close to the bone would be great re-issued. severely underrated.

Anthony C

A very cool release for an awesome pop band, but a rather pointless release.

They could be doing so much more with this band.


@Dave – There’s a 2xLP for Quick Step from Australia? I’ve not seen it listed on Discogs or even on Ebay. I know there’s a 2xLP for Into the Gap and Here’s to Future Days.


Fallen Out was on vinyl.
The original Australian issue of Quick Step and Side Kick has both records.

Mike the Fish

Good work, Dave. I was aware of Into The Gap being a double in Oz, but not Quick Step.


Its actually the New Zealand Arista release L 37973 in 1983 that comes with an exclusive bonus MINI album 0f the six extended dance mixes


I wish they would issue a Deluxe Edition or Expanded Edition of their album “Close To The Bone” rather than just another reissue of this album.


I for one was hoping for vinyl to be coloured.

Mike the Fish

I don’t think Fallen Out has been on vinyl before…

Mike the Fish

I probably would have bought that at the £20 mark. Too rich for me. Nice item though. Only yesterday, had a customer reminisce about seeing TT live.


Shame that this won’t be a colored vinyl pressing like the one released last year. I know some people were hoping that one of the records in this set would be orange so that all three records would have matched the color scheme of the Thompson Twins logo. I’ll be buying nevertheless!