Thompson Twins / Quick Step & Side Kick / neon yellow vinyl LP


The Thompson Twins‘ 1983 album Quick Step & Side Kick will be reissued on coloured vinyl next month.

With the band newly reduced to a trio, Quick Step & Side Kick (renamed Side Kicks in the US) was their breakthrough album, producing two top ten UK singles – Love On Your Side and We Are Detective. And although Lies was a relative flop in Britain, it performed well in the States peaking, at number 30 on the Hot 100 Billboard chart.

The new special edition is from the Weatherbox label and the Alex Sadkin produced long-player has been remastered for 180g vinyl with initial pressings on NEON YELLOW vinyl.

This LP will also come with a newly designed inner bag and is the first in a planned series of reissues by Weatherbox. In fact, they are promising a 2LP deluxe of this very album for 2016 which will include some of the many remixes and brand new sleeve notes by Tom Bailey.

For now, this vinyl reissue of Quick Step & Side Kick will be issued on 27 November 2015.



Side 1
1. Love on Your Side
2. Lies
3. If You Were Here
4. Judy Do
5. Tears

Side 2
1. Watching
2. We Are Detective
3. Kamikaze
4. Love Lies Bleeding
5. All Fall Out

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Well, I really looking forward to this one… Vinyl 180 did a excellent job with the Dead Can Dance vinyl remasters back in 2008/09, so I expect they’ll do a similar good job on this one.

Stanley Patel

You always see their albums in charity shops dirt cheap.


I’m with Straker and Ralph, another release from TT, 80’s also rans…


I for one am very excited. If my memory serves me correctly there is only one other TT coloured vinyl release and that was back in 1982. In The Name Of Love 7″ pink vinyl from Germany/Netherlands. I already have my preferred colours for Into The Gap (the blue used for Joe’s hair in the logo) and for Here’s To Future Days (red used for Tom’s hair). I wonder if there are plans for the last 3 albums to also be released?

Like a lot of us TT Fans I have a list of things I would love to see happen. Into The Gap Live on DVD, all the 7″ mixes remastered, video DVD and any HTFD pre Nile Rogers recordings released. I think we have had our lot from the Warner years as a lot of it has been released digitally.


I loved this album when it came out and still do. I am not really sure how I came to buy it, but it was the right sounds at the right time. I am not so sure I need either the new copy or the even newer one next year, as I still have my vinyl in very good condition and the recent CD box from a couple of years back. That said, I really don’t think yellow is the color I would have chosen.

Lenny K.

I am still waiting for a “Singles Collection” with all their original 7″ mixes in chronological order.


@Dennis – I hear your lament. Whilst there’s only ever been one real video compilation (Single Vision – release on VHS/BETA/LD), there never was a follow up one that encompassed all from Side Kicks all the way to Queer. You really have to hunt down the videos for albums that came after Here’s To Future Days (Ooo, what I wouldn’t give to hear a Nile Rodgers free version of that album!) – not only that, but there are varying versions of videos that were done of some videos between Side Kicks and Queer. The problem mainly lies with different labels the TT were involved with, so I think the prevents a real comprehensive collection. Anyways, I digress.

I’m a TT collector, so whatever gets released I’ll buy.


I don’ care, I’m getting both! :-)


Step & Side Kick has been reissued a couple of times on CD as remastered and expanded twice (1 CD edition in 2004, 2xCD edition in 2008), but there is a fan base out there that will happily buy this item. It’s no different than, say, when Record Store Day comes around twice a year. There’s stuff that gets re-released on vinyl (either colored or regular black) and I suppose you could say the same thing – who’s it aimed at? It’s aimed at the collector. Also, in noticing the release date for this item, it is getting released around the time of Black Friday here in the U.S., so perhaps this item is part of that event perhaps?


Unbelievable, another reissue + still no company can collect all promo videos and release them as dvd…


I really hope there will be a deluxe box for Into the Gap

Rob Puricelli

As nice as this is, isn’t it a bit of an “own-goal” for Weatherbox to announce this and then say they’re releasing it again as a 2LP deluxe edition next year?

I’ve quite liked their Ultravox releases such as Vienna, Monument and Quartet.

As much as this would be a “nice-to-have”, I may well just wait to see what the double album offers.

Rob Wilcock

They must have a loyal fan base. I had the cassette version and then the double CD set so I guess you would class me as a fan.


When I think of all the amazing music that remains out of print and only available to dedicated crate-diggers and then I see the Thompson Twins getting yet another unasked for re-release, I could weep. Who’s this aimed at? Who wouldn’t already have this on one format or another that already wants it?


Right on, Straker. The Deluxe CD Set from a few years covers much more material than they could press on a double Vinyl LP. There are definitely more important acts and tracks only available on B-sides and so on.

Julian Hancock

The irony is that the crate-diggers will be wading through a whole load of TT albums on offer for a quid or less. Not a comment on the quality of the band or album, just an observation.