Thompson Twins / Remixes & Rarities: track listing revealed


Following the success of last year’s Paul Young collection, Cherry Red Records will release a Thompson Twins Remixes & Rarities compilation later this year.

The two-CD set brings together extended remixes of all the classic singles including Sisters Of Mercy, In The Name Of Love, and Love On Your Side, alongside some choice rarities such as the single/AOR version of The Gap, early B-side In The Beginning and Fools In Paradise (King For A Day instrumental).

Like the Paul Young set, this release has been compiled by SuperDeluxeEdition Editor Paul Sinclair, with the support and involvement of the Thompson Twins’ frontman Tom Bailey. Tom will provide a personal track-by-track commentary in the accompanying booklet.

Everything is being remastered from the original tapes – this includes digging into the US archive for the AOR version of The Gap – so this set should sound immense.

This will in fact be the third in the Cherry Red Remixes & Rarities series, since a Bucks Fizz release is coming later this month. The Thompson Twins collection will be released in September 2014.

Tom Bailey is touring this summer, playing all the old hits, so check out his facebook page for more info.

Thompson Twins / Remixes & Rarities track listing:

CD 1

  • 1. Love On Your Side (Rap Boy Rap) 7:25
  • 2. Lies (Bigger & Better) 6:35
  • 3. Lay Yours Hands (US Remix) 5:51*
  • 4. In The Name Of Love (12” Dance Extension) 5:39
  • 5. You Take Me Up (Machines Take Me Over) 7:33
  • 6. Watching (You Watching Me) 5:53
  • 7. In The Beginning (7” B-side) 3:14*
  • 8. We Are Detective (More Clues) 5.50
  • 9. King For A Day (US Mix) 7:20
  • 10. Doctor! Doctor! (Extended Version) 7:20
  • 11. Long Goodbye (Extended Mix) 7:56
  • 12. The Gap (Single/AOR version) 3: 53*
  • 13. Big Business 4:13 *

CD 2

  • 1. Sister Of Mercy (12” Version) 9:26
  • 2. Roll Over (Again) 6:50
  • 3. Love Lies Fierce 6:58
  • 4. Lay Your Hands On Me (1985 Extended Edit) 5:12
  • 5. The Gap (Extended Version / Club Remix) 8:34
  • 6. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Smackattack!) 6:10
  • 7. Nothing In Common (Club Mix) 7:38
  • 8. Hold Me Now (Extended Version) 9:54
  • 9. Revolution (Extended Mix) 6:25
  • 10. Rollunder 4:40*
  • 11. Fools In Paradise 4:45*

Previously unreleased on CD

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Very disappointed with this CD – only for the fact that there is no information as to which releases these tracks originally came from and also which ones were on the expanded albums (and from the comments above) which are in better quality than the expanded cds.
Apart from that tho’…

Todd R.

1) Saw Tom play in Cleveland – Fantastic.
2) picked up a signed copy of R&R at the show, love it, love the Liner Notes interview Paul (WHAT! Tom Bailey hung out at the DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES Sessions?!!!!)
3) Love it.
Thank you.


FINALLY i will have a copy of Rollover (Again)!!! My very favorite song on that album. Im an avid Thompson Twins fan and that is the ONLY 12″ i’m missing form my collection. If i remember correctly, all copies of the Rollover single were recalled on the same day they were released and Tom ordered them all destroyed. I never knew why though. Do you know?
And as to the “You Take Me Up” question, there are actually two different 12″ mixes…..there Machines Take Me Over and a U.S. Remix that came in a white sleeve. Thanks again for this release!! TT fan forever!

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No (Long) Beach Culture = No Sale! Sorry. :-(


Lol that’s just dumb. It’s out elsewhere on CD isn’t it? I see Tom Bailey in 18 hours! Can’t wait

Mark G

The above is what everybody would want!
it would sell Loads of copies….

Mark G

Great News to have a new Comp Cd Released.
But a Complete 7″ Singles and B sides Set,
From Squares & Triangles to Play with me (Jane)
Now That’s What i call a Thompson Twins Collection.

Plus a DVD Videos Collection to go with it!
and Into the gap LIVE ON DVD.


I’d love to see Into the gap live on DVD, it was the first thing I ever taped off the TV when we got a VCR back in the 80s.

Olly Cobbett

This is great news at a great time for fans. Thanks to everyone involved.

Tim C.

The biggest problem with all these compilations is keeping straight which particular version is on which CD. I know several of us die-hards have been keeping track of this, but even still one forgets. Once and for all, lets get a MASTER BOX COLLECTION with every possible version.

Dancer S.

AOR = Album-Oriented Rock

Todd R.

Wow. And I thought I was a TT Fan. Just reading down all these comments is exhausting/amazing! Very much looking forward to this as a supplement to the Edsel reissues (love them/hate them – at least there was an attempt to compile all this stuff!). I just spoke with Mr. Bailey for a radio special on the Retro Futura Tour and now have a huge appreciation for all these remixes/versions – so looking forward to this release. Way to go Paul!.

PS – I too, am in for the WHAM! effort – long overdue!


Is the omission of “Out Of The Gap” considered a glaring omission?

Peter Finnegan

Hi while there’s no denying some unreleased material from the vaults is good to get I’m happy that we are getting the original version of In The Beginning and I also think the sound will be good too. Its also great to see Tom will be doing track by track commentary for the booklet. I will certainly by this and support it. And it if does well and opens the door for future compilations with rarer stuff then that is a good thing.

It was reported in a music paper in 89 that Tom and Alannah where doing a 3 track radio session from Big Trash for Greater London Radio. I never got the chance to hear this and given the fact that the radio session stuff released on the vinyl The First Session from A Product Of sounded quite different to their album versions I imagine this Big Trash session would s too. I reckon this radio session would be the Holy Grail of all Thompson Twins stuff and if the BBC still had it in their archives and we could get that onto cd then that would be amazing.. I have contacted the BBC to ask about this Big Trash Radio session. Even to say if they could only broadcast it with all the renewed interest there is surrounding the music just now but have never gotten a reply.

Stephen K

Hi Paul, I have a question, and one that doesn’t necessarily need to be addressed in the liner notes that you are already sending off to print, but perhaps you could address it here!

I would dearly like to know the release dates of the singles (including Lay Your Hands ’84 and Lay Your Hands ’85). Information about this is very scant and incomplete on the various TT discographies and Wikipedia.

Thanks for your endeavors!


AOR = Adult Oriented Rock!




Meant to comment on this ages ago. 1. My biggest hope is that all tracks are of supreme quality and that there are no mistakes. 2. Although we have had many of these tracks before if i can take them as perfect quality 2014 masters i still appreciate this release and every track within. Especially all together in one place. 3. Why does Sony take 8 months to clear this? Why are they so precious to them and what do they gain by not allowing this release. 4. What exactly is the AOR version of The Gap? Does AOR stand for something as i can’t think right now. 5. Well done Paul i hope you are still here reading these replies as a TT fan of 30 years + i shall definitely purchase this on CD and any future decent release for TT on CD. The fact that there are 6 tracks previosly unavailable on CD is awesome. Can’t wait fot this well done yet again

[…] like it may be similar to the recent Cherry Red Remixes & Rarities collections (Paul Young, Thompson Twins etc.) although with the distinct advantage of containing a DVD in addition to the audio discs. […]


I trust you will take care of these Paul :) The UK TEE and TWIN 12 inchers are fantastic sounding, especially TEE125 Runaway, speaking of Runaway ;)


Now just throw in the 7:07 version of Hold Me now and you got a deal! ;)


As a looong time TT fan, but not a completely expert on the immense variations of mixes and remixes they had, it would be nice to know what of this mixes were really NOT included on the latest Edsel re-issues, as many versions here, reading the comments, seems to be different even when the names are the same…or just the opposite; maybe some mixes here have a different name but are the same as others on the Edsell re-issues?
Can somebody put some light on this please? It would be great for many of us to decide the real value of this release! Cheers!

Dave Richards

Great job Paul (and Tom) really happy to see more TT stuff out. No “Passion Planet”? :-)
Seriously, glad to see the Thompson Twins getting some serious reissue stuff beyond the albums. ABC next? (please!)

Martin Kilroy

Hi there,

Great idea in principle – I echo the other reviews about duplication with stuff missing. Does the master of Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream ((U4A) + (U3A) = Remix) still exist as that’s one that I’ve been waiting for?

Wax Monster X

Thumbs up! Here’s a big fave that’s gone astray:
Make Believe (Let’s Pretend) (Extended Version)
Any hope?


Paul i’m hoping the 12″ master of Sister Of Mercy is far superior to the Edsel version which was messed up upon release as well as on the replacement disc.

Mike F

Thanks Paul. Hoping for good sound!


Really excited about this release. Even though I have most of the mixes on CD, CD single or vinyl, I am very happy TT are getting some love and attention. Great to have remastered versions of Nothing In Common and Long Goodbye. Loved the Paul Young release. I second the Dead or Alive request (or Eurythmics, ABC, Boy George-solo).

Sam Lowry

Is track 1.3 the one on the rare-ish 12” Twins 226? Length
seems to be the same and it never appeared on any CD. If it is, this is a sure purchase for me. Only thing in my vinyl collection that was not released on CD. It is a US Remix of the first version. The more common US Remix 12″ is of the second Nile Rodgers version.

Sean P

Having spent countless $$$ throughout my life in pursuit of the odd TT track here and there I am delighted to see the complete extended mix of The Gap finally see a release in remastered form. I can finally retire my Greatest Mixes version! Definitely buying this one.

Mike F

I’m quite happy for it not to be chronological. I actually find that quite boring!


Is it possible to put the mixes chronologically?

Why do they have to be out of order. At lease put the UK mixes
that way. You can interject the US ones into it.

It’s a small, but important detail.


I’m not an expert on TT. But I did buy most of their stuff: remixes compilations (EU/JP) & their expanded reissues. So I believe I have most or almost all their stuff. But I will still buy this (if Paul S put his name on something it must be something good :D)! Many thanks for your hard work! I hope you can listen to some of the fans, especially those missing/mislabelled/unreleased remixes!


Paul, excellent! I’m not a TT fan, but I will buy this release just to support your hard work and dedication producing these kind of CD compilations. I have a great idea for a next project: a compilation of 7″ and 12″ mixes by Mari Wilson she released between 1980-1985. Totally absent on CD. It’s really about time to give her catalogue a decent rebirth! The master tapes are collecting dust at London Records/Universal.

Mike F

And Paul…

For the third time (!!!) is You Take Me Up (Machines…) a genuine standalone mix, or is it faded from the segued 12″ version?

Mike F

Mind you, the multiple compilations have (presumably accidentally) thrown out some interesting mix variations.


What us fans have to remember is that after more than 20+ years of poor treatment in terms of compilations, with so many similar, messy, often substandard budget things just tossed out there with no TT involvement, this is a huge step in the right direction. And hopefully the start of some real TT catalogue love and respect.

Tim H

Love the passion this subject/website generates…3 disc would be great if there’s so much material…if the passion on display shows nothing else, it’s that TT fans will happily pay for a good package! Thanks again Paul and how great to have Tom respond directly to his fan base?!

Billy Graham

If this is from the master tapes get the remixes from qsask and ittg drop the edit of lyhom and 12″ itnol
Great news woud be brill for 3cds

Mike F


Ian Harris

Can I make one plea? Replace the bog standard In The Name Of Love 12″ with either the US Remix or the US Remix Edit? These were issued on Dutch singles (both 7″ and 12″) in 1982 and have never been in CD.


Looks great to me.


Even though I have probably 95% of these on various UK/US vinyl and the superb sounding 88 Arista CD, I will support this, thanks Paul for your work :)


I would LOVE to see someone do a proper reissue of the ‘Set’ album from the original master tapes. I’m sure all may recall at the time the outcry of dissatisfied fans to hear the CD and most bonus tracks were poorly sourced from vinyl, despite the fact that the original master tape boxes were pictured in the artwork. My interest in TT is limited to the pre Gap albums, though reading that this new collection is entirely drawn from master tapes is enough to make me seriously consider purchasing it.

Mike F

I’d love to hear those someday.


Here’s a strange question that maybe Tom Bailey may know. Some HTTFD tracks had been recorded with Alex Sadkin before Nile Rodgers took over as producer and eventually produced the whole album . Were the Sadkin versions ever released or are they still in the vaults somewhere. Am I right ?


Yes! I was going to ask the same question. I remember watching an MTV US special (rebroadcast from some UK show) around the release of Lay Your Hands On Me. It had the original versions of LYHOM, Rollover (is this what ended up as the “withdrawn” single? Cuz the producer is Sadkin which is what I always assumed. Also in that special, I remember them playing Here’s To Future Days over credits, and possibly one more song in the show (can’t remember). Am I the only one who has seen this? :) Why have not these pre-Nile-Rodgers-(IMHO)-messed-up-versions available (other than LYHOM)?

Mike F

Paul, would it be prudent to drop the LYHOM edit, and swap for a Get That Love mix?


@ Michael

This isn’t really the right blog/www place for you to express your personal opinion that an artist and / or their output was not very good. This is a place for music lovers who are mature and open enough to accept others tastes, regardless of your own.

However, there are other more immature places on the internet for you to slag off music you don’t like if you care to seek them out ;)


Things to be happy about:

1) The running time of disc 1 is maxed out. Disc 2 has at least 77 minutes of music. There’s no wasted space here!

2) Some of the ‘Into the Gap’ remixes have been featured before, but in varying quality. If they weren’t on this release, fans would be saying, “I’m still waiting for this remix to get released in decent quality!”

3) There are rarities. I see two tracks from a withdrawn single, and some other tracks that are accurately described as ‘previously unreleased on CD’.

4) Remastered from the original recording. This is huge, given that most labels these day don’t even seem to know what they have or where they have it. There are enough examples of previous compilations where some unreleased alternate mix popped up that you really won’t know what you have until you do a proper a/b comparison with the original single. Maybe some collector can be given a pre-production version of the compilation to ‘proof’.

5) This does appear to have all the original Arista 12″ a-sides from the standard 12″s (up through ‘Future Days’). So, there’s some consistency (not sure about the Lay Your Hands mix). Other mixes could always show up later? Here’s hoping!

6) Tom is touring!

Where did the “Lay Your Hands On Me (1985 Extended Edit) 5:12” first appear? And wouldn’t the full length version fit?


I believe the LYHOM (1985 Extended Edit) is actually the version that first appeared on the Greatest Remixes compilation in 1988.

Gary C

Nice addition to the series.
The Paul Young version had some very good things going for it, and the sound quality was better than what had previously been released.

Does anyone remember the first attempt at an expanded version of Quick Step on CD? Well we’ve come a long way with the TT catalogue since then. Some of the released material has been great, some not so (Set/Product) but it is good that there is still interest in releasing material, and getting the sound better too.
Add to that the news we now have Tom performing the material again and it can only be good news for all TT fans.


It’s just an overdue collection of 12″ mixes and b-sides, which is nice and dandy. Bur rarities collection it is NOT, so why bother naming it like that?!


ummm..do people actually buy this stuff..it was rubbish in the ’80’s surely…