Thompson Twins / Set / 2LP red vinyl


The Record Store Day two-LP coloured vinyl edition of the Thompson Twins‘ second album Set, can now be ordered online, if you know where to look…

This double vinyl edition contains a newly remastered version of the original Steve Lillywhite produced album on the first record and four remixes on the second vinyl LP, including two versions of In The Name Of Love.

This was originally exclusive to Record Store Day, but is now available to order from JPC.de at the very good price of £26 (or €33). The German retailer will likely have a fairly limited allocation, so expect this to go out of stock relatively quickly…




Side 1
1. In The Name Of Love
2. Living In Europe
3. Bouncing
4. Tok Tok
5. Good Gosh
6. The Rowe

Side 2
1. Runaway
2. Another Fantasy
3. Fool’s Gold
4. Crazy Dog
5. Blind

Side 3
1. In The Name Of Love (12inch Dance Mix)
2. Runaway (Extended Mix)

Side 4
1. Bouncing (Extended Mix)
2. In The Name Of Love (Big Value Version – Synthesized Version)


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Jan Burnett

I think the embargo is for the label rather than retailer, so that the retailer can sell it through. Supporting the shops, ie Record Store Day.


The embargo ends as soon as RSD is over, so not sure why they’re doing that. If you look at independent record store websites across the US, the RSD leftover stock has been available from Sunday (and going fast depending on the item).


I was told by vinyl180 that they used the files that Sony provided them, so they couldn’t tell me if they were newly remastered or not. I did just read a new amazon review of the latest TT best of and it said they did use the same poor vinyl remasters of the Set tracks for that collection, so I’m not sure if this new LP is from masters but it doesn’t sound like it. Otherwise, I would snap it up myself but I don’t need bad vinyl remasters pressed onto new vinyl.


I did correspond with Vinyl180 recently and they said often times they are at the mercy of what the original label provides them. Sony uses files that have been previously transferred in most cases, unless the licensee specifically requests (and pays for) a brand new transfer. Since Edsel were cheap years ago and didn’t pay for the available Set masters to be baked and transferred, Sony have just been blindly using the poor vinyl transfers on comps, etc. Most vinyl reissues always user the word “remastered” but that doesn’t necessarily mean newly remastered for their release.

Rob Puricelli

Vinyl180 are currently asking anyone that is interested in buying this directly from them to email them and they will send out a link once the embargo drops on Saturday, apparently.