Three new 1980s twelve-inch compilations hit the market


A trio of 3CD sets compiling 12-inch remixes from the 1980s will be released in the next few weeks offering a vast quantity of once rare ‘extended mixes’ for very little cash.

12-Inch Dance: 80s Pop is Rhino’s follow-up to last year‘s well received Indie set. At first glance it looks a little more predictable – Spandau‘s Gold, Duran Duran‘s The Reflex, Simple MindsDon’t You Forget About Me – although there’s at least few interesting selections such as the New York Vocal version of The Smiths‘s This Charming Man and Tina Turner‘s We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome). Incidentally, the inclusion of the latter proves that there was no good reason not to feature it with the Private Dancer reissue – they just inexplicably chose not to.

It’s worth pointing out that Amazon UK‘s ‘autorip’ feature delivers an exclusive continuous ‘mixed’ version of the 2015 Indie set – the same could happen with this new 80s Pop release.

Demon Music’s Crimson imprint has a pair of 3CD sets with similar content. Like the 80s Pop set, Twelve-inch Eighties: You Spin Me Round isn’t going to win points or plaudits for rarities, but it’s a cracking selection of extended mainstream pop tunes nonetheless. It may not boast any Pet Shop Boys tracks, but disc one does include Eighth Wonder‘s Tennant-Lowe penned I’m Not Scared and the duo’s production of Liza Minnelli’s Losing My Mind. It’s funny actually, because I recall Blank & Jones saying that Rhino wouldn’t licence any Pet Shop Boys material for ‘various artists’ compilations with ’80s’ on the front – presumably to protect the ‘brand’ – but they’ll happily do that for their own sets!

The other Crimson release – Twelve-inch Eighties: People Hold On – has more of a club/soul/R ‘n’ B slant, and includes remixes of tracks by Coldcut, S’Express, Joyce Sims, Alexander O’Neal, Miami Sound Machine and Terence Trent D’Arby. Think of the biggest hits by those artists and you can work out the track listing!

These sets are very cheap with the Crimson releases costing around £3 per disc, and the 80s Pop set requiring even less of your hard earned. It’s just over £6 on Amazon at the moment.

If you collect these kind of remix sets it may be a case of “move along, nothing to see here”, otherwise set the nostalgia dial to ’11’ and enjoy!

12-inch Dance: 80s Pop, and the two Twelve Inch Eighties compilations are all released on 25 March 2016.







Disc: 1
1. Gold (12” Mix) – Spandau Ballet
2. The Reflex (Dance Mix) – Duran Duran
3. Torch (Extended Version) – Soft Cell
4. Shout (Extended Version) – Tears For Fears
5. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (12” Version) – Ultravox
6. This Charming Man (New York Vocal) – The Smiths
7. The Killing Moon (All Night Version) – Echo And The Bunnymen
8. Ghost Town (Extended Version) – The Specials
9. Summertime (Extended 12” Mix) – Fun Boy Three
10. Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Extended Version) – Bananarama

Disc: 2
1. Don’t You (Forget About Me) [12” Version] – Simple Minds
2. The Sun Always Shines On T.V. [Extended Version] – A-Ha
3. Like to Get to Know You Well [International Mix] – Howard Jones
4. Life’s What You Make It (Extended Mix) – Talk Talk
5. Come To My Aid (Survival Mix) [2008 Remastered Version] – Simply Red
6. You Are My World (12″ Remix) – The Communards
7. Self Control (Extended Version) – Laura Branigan
8. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Extended Remix) – Yes
9. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) [Extended Version] – Tina Turner
10. Glory Of Love (Extended Version) – Peter Cetera

Disc: 3
1. It’s A Sin (Disco Mix) [2001 Remastered Version] – Pet Shop Boys
2. True Faith (Shep Pettibone Remix) – New Order
3. Getting Away With It (Extended Mix) – Electronic
4. She Drives Me Crazy (The David Z Remix) – Fine Young Cannibals
5. Deep And Wide And Tall (Breakdown Mix) – Aztec Camera
6. On The Beach (Special Extended Remix) – Chris Rea
7. Little Lies (Extended Version) – Fleetwood Mac
8. Respectable (Club Mix) – Mel & Kim
9. Nothing Has Been Proved (Dance Mix) – Dusty Springfield
10. You’re History (Maximised Version) – Shakespear’s Sister


Disc: 1
1. You Spin Me Round (12″ Murder Mix) – Dead Or Alive
2. I’m Not Scared (Disco Mix) – Eighth Wonder
3. Losing My Mind (Extended) – Liza Minnelli
4. Never Gonna Give You Up (12″ Cake Mix) – Rick Astley
5. I Feel The Earth Move (Club Mix) – Martika
6. Criticize (12″ Remix) – Alexander O’Neal
7. The Finest (12″ Extended) – S.O.S. Band
8. Dinner With Gershwin (12″ Extended Version) – Donna Summer
9. 1, 2, 3, (Extended Version) – Gloria Estefan
10. Can’t Wait Another Minute (12″ Mix) – Five Star

Disc: 2
1. Safety Dance (12″ Version) – Men Without Hats
2. Quiet Life (12″) – Japan
3. Love Plus One (12″ Version) – Haircut 100
4. Doctor Doctor (Long Version) – Thompson Twins
5. 99 Red Balloons (12″ Club Mix) – Nena
6. Don’t Talk To Me About Love (Extended) – Altered Images
7. Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Extended Version) – Cyndi Lauper
8. Break My Stride (Remix/Club Version) – Matthew Wilder
9. Live It Up (12″ Remix) – Mental As Anything
10. Down Under (Extended) – Men At Work

Disc: 3
1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Heavenly Version) – Belinda Carlisle
2. Manic Monday (Extended Remix) – The Bangles
3. Holding Out For A Hero (Club Mix) – Bonnie Tyler
4. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (Extended Club Mix) – Daryl Hall & John Oates
5. Celebrate Youth (Dance Mix) – Rick Springfield
6. Come Back & Stay (12″ Mix) – Paul Young
7. Take That Situation (Rhythm Mix) – Nick Heyward
8. My Favourite Waste Of Time (12″ Jumbo Remix) – Owen Paul
9. When Will I Be Famous (12″ Infamous Mix) – Bros.
10. My Camera Never Lies (12″) – Bucks Fizz


Disc: 1
1. People Hold On (12″ Disco Version) – Coldcut Ft. Lisa Stansfield
2. Theme From S’Express (12″ Version) – S’Express
3. Beat Dis (Extended Dis) – Bomb The Bass
4. Love Can’t Turn Around (12″ Extended Version) – Farley “Jackmaster” Funk
5. Promised Land (Club Mix) – Joe Smooth
6. Rock It (12″) – Herbie Hancock
7. I Wonder If I Take You Home (Extended) – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
8. Alice I Want You Just For Me! (12″) – Full Force
9. Got To Get (Extended) – Rob N Raz Ft. Leila K
10. Body Work – Hot Streak

Disc: 2
1. Just Be Good To Me (12″ Extended) – S.O.S. Band
2. The Lovers (12″ Extended Version) – Alexander O’Neal
3. Come Into My Life (12″ Mix) – Joyce Sims
4. I Really Didn’t Mean It (12″) – Luther Vandross
5. Love Is In Control (12″ Dance Remix) – Donna Summer
6. Jump To It (Original 12″ Mix) – Aretha Franklin
7. Shake It Up Tonight (12″) – Cheryl Lynn
8. Something’s Jumpin’ In Your Shirt (Walk The Body Mix) – Lisa Marie with Malcolm McLaren and The Bootzilla Orchestra
9. Love House (12″ Black Pyramid Mix) – Samantha Fox
10. I’ll House You (Gee St. Reconstruction Mix) – Jungle Brothers

Disc: 3
1. Dr Beat (Long Version) – Miami Sound Machine
2. Automatic (12″ Special Remix) – The Pointer Sisters
3. Saturday Love (12″ Version) – Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal
4. Roots Suite – Odyssey
5. Lovely Day (88 Remix 12″ Version) – Bill Withers
6. Dance Little Sister (TTD’s Remix) – Terence Trent D’Arby
7. Living In America (Extended R&B Dance Mix) – James Brown
8. System Addict (M&M Remix) – Five Star
9. Lover Boy (12″ Extended Mix) – Billy Ocean
10. Just An Illusion (Extended) – Imagination





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elliott buckingham

the crimson sets are the winner over the rhino set with the volume being the same throughout and using the original masters where possible. the rhino set sounds like they have just ripped tracks from anywhere regardless off the huge variences in volume between the tracks

elliott buckingham

disappointed…. shout is the everywhere usa remix not the uk mix.
dancing with tears is the 10 minute mix again and not the better American remix
howard jones tracks lifted straight from the 12″ album without trying to disguise the end of the previous track fade out. poor poor poor

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It is a pity that so many remixes get trundled out with nearly every compilation. I also have many 12″ singles that have never seen a release on CD. Have started to rip them myself but still not happy with the quality. There is a blog by DJ Paul called “burning The Ground” where he rips 12″ singles in 24bit flac and they sound superb. Cheers from OZ


Thanks for the BTG suggestion – I checked it out, looks awesome! I used to go to ‘retroremixes’ – only MP3s, but sometimes it’s that or nothing.

Julian H

Am I the only one wondering about the length of “Shout (Extended Remix)”?

Alone With Strangers

There is no “12 Inch Version” of ‘Dancing with Tears In My Eyes’. There is the ‘Special Re-mix’ that appeared on the 12 inch release almost globally & the ‘Extended Mix’ released in Canada.

I suspect it is the bog-standard ‘Special Re-mix’ that will be on this compilation which would be a shame.

Otherwise I really can’t see a need to buy these – a download megamix isn’t worth £6.

elliott buckingham

I have about 200 80s 12″ singles on vinyl and all biggish hits and th majority I have never come across on cd. I brought the 1st 3 deacon blue dbl cd sets just for the 12″ singles that were included

Carlton Fisher

I just discovered the joy if 12″ compilations and recently began collecting. This sound like good sets for me, though I can see where they would annoy some people, since there are duplicates here even for me, and I just began seeking out these sets.

I’m excited for the extended We Don’t Need Another Hero. Does anyone know of a set out there that has any of the extended mixes for Tina’s “What You Get is What You See” or “One of the Living”?


What’s the betting that Don’t Talk To Me About Love (Extended) is the edited version again that has appeared on about 50 compilations. No thought has gone into these compilations at all just laziness using the same mixes that have appeared hundreds of time on other compilations.

eoin hall

According to itunes it the 6:58 edited version.We still have to wait for the full version.


Perhaps the original is lost or damaged, or Talk Talk doesn’t want to license it. There are a lot of reasons for it.

Read the above description of all the reasons it might not come out.


I was talking about Altered Images not Talk Talk. Speaking of Talk Talk are we ever going to get the Life’s What You Make It (Dub Version) from the US 12 inch (V-19203) instead of that same old boring mix that’s on every compilation.


From a discussion about this on the newwave foruma:

There are many reasons for track omissions and repeated content, and it’s all down to finances.

There are instances where labels no longer have paperwork pertaining to material, so it’s a potential royalties nightmare, so they blanket refuse to grant a license. They don’t know if people have been paid or there may be unanswered questions regarding the recordings or samples or songwriters, which prevent them from selling them. I certainly know of one album which is so tied up in messy legalities, that it will almost certainly never be released. Sad, but true.

Other times, they can’t physically find the recordings in their archaic filing systems, be they misplaced, damaged or not returned when loaned out. Sometimes, a bit like lost Dr Who episodes (!), they’re missing until found by accident and returned. They don’t have the time or money to dedicate to spending hours/days finding that one song you want, so they knock you back.

Also, contracts, artist agreements, inherited catalogues (when one label buys out another, or acquires it in a takeover, etc.) and legal red tape mean a song, or an artist, is out of bounds and more trouble than it’s worth for a label to try and license, so they just turn down a license request. The money they get from licensing the odd track here and there isn’t worth a load of legal expense or man hours trying to resolve.

And then there’s the simple fact that sometimes, labels couldn’t care less about a rare remix of minor hit from the 80s. Why should they care about a rival label’s forthcoming compilation? It’s not their concern, there’s little incentive to be co-operative, so it’s not a priority for them. They have their own products to research, compile and promote. Any license request is pretty much a favour, so the easier it is for them to get it to you, the more likely you’ll get a license granted.

So that’s just a few scenarios. Yes, you will get Dead Or Alive’s Murder Mix a lot lately because it was recently found, restored and is now readily available to license. The S/A/W compilation GOLD, from 2005, for example used a vinyl rip of this mix because PWL had not be found the tape in time. After that release, it was located and catalogued. Now, it’s quite common place, but 10 years back? Nope. Once something is “back in service”, then it will actively circulate around the compilation circuit. It’s easy to get, it’s already transferred from master tapes and requires little effort to include.

Most compilers start with a wish list, much like you or I, and licenses are applied for and many are knocked back (with no reason provided usually), or months/years pass by with no reply from the copyright owner and you have to settle for your second or third choice because you have a deadline for a project and if you don’t do it, the label will just put it out without your input and it’ll be even more generic. Don’t forget, labels need to make money month to month, to pay wages and justify their existence, so a constant stream of product is required, and it has to sell reasonably well, so it has to appeal to a broad audience. 80s compilations are good evergreen sellers, so labels like to pop them out every so often, but it’s small fry to them in the grand scheme of things.

So anyway, after all those “excuses”, yes, sometimes, the person behind the product doesn’t really care and rips vinyl and is a bit lazy and not an expert on the genre and so on and so forth. There are hundreds of license requests being made that I know of, and many of them are just sat in approval hell. No news, no progress, no go. There are a few really dedicated and hard working people trying to re-issue and remaster so many great albums, mixes and unreleased material but they aren’t paid well and have very little influence over external administration which decides what they can and cannot have access to.


@negative1, thank you for the above ;) now I have a better idea. Still I hope they can do a bit more & I think we don’t mind to pay a little bit more if they can get us of what we want from the master tapes.


Re. Japan 12″ discussion above – quite agree about the likely improvement in sound due to cutting at 45rpm but just find it so annoying when a 12″ mix simply, well, isn’t! Remember buying the 12″ of ‘Save A Prayer’ and being so annoyed it was just the album version – especially as I was 12/13 at the time and affording any new 12″s was a struggle!


Oh wow, I would get the Rhino’s 12 inch dance 80’s pop for Peter Cetera’s Gloria Of Love Extended Version 4:56! I hope they don’t put the album/soundtrack 4:20 version label it as Extended Version instead of the real vinyl only Extended Version 4:56! But of course the original master from the vault instead of any bad quality vinyl rip.



It does annoy me that with ten years worth of extensive and diverse 12″ and multiple remixes they still churn out the same old stuff time and time again. They also do it on the standard best of the 80’s releases. Do the people who put these together know anything about the eighties or just copy previous editions??


There are a few blogs that do the 12 vinyl rip routine very well, what i would love to see is a comp featuring the often missing 2nd or 3rd mix from the 12″ or even a “they were number 1” featuring the 12inch along with the other remixes there were plenty of uk number 1`s from the 80`s i would love to see and hear the remixes again ie – cliff richard and the young ones living doll, the firm startrekkin, paul simon, steve silk hurley and so on…..

Jeremy Bromley

Funnily enough I picked up Star Trekkin’ 12″ for 20p from our local charidy shop for just that reason :) Still can’t find The Chicken Song 12″ though ….


I assume Talk Talk’s “Life’s What You Make It” is the Tim Friese-Greene mix from the 2nd UK 12″. Has the 1st mix by Dennis Weinreich ever been released digitally?


I’ve digitised my 12″, but don’t think it’s quite as good, being rather over-long. I think there’s a third mix, too, maybe called the Early Mix, but I’m going off a hazy memory here.

Julian H

The Asides Besides CD has this comment:

“There was also an extended mix by Dennis Weinreich on a separate 12″, that has been omitted to stop the listener from being driven crazy [!]. This version here is a superior one, trust us.”

Neale lewis

It’s a shame that the 12″/80’series ended. There is a market for these type of cd’s. These imposters always have the same old artists and songs something slightly off centre would be refreshing.

Rob Wilcock

SimonP – the Steve Nye remixes of European Son and I Second That Emotion were on the cassette edition of Assemblage, the CD features the John Punter versions.


Blimey, that takes me back! Used to have the cassette many moons ago, but no more.


Most of these gave already been released on the 12″/80’s series. Having said that, It’s nice to finally see Owner of a Lonely Heart make it. It would be great if the compilations were actually released on vinyl. Trouble is it would be a 4 LP set.

Paul English

Brian – why?

These songs sound best on their original 12″ incarnations (and there’s plenty second hand copies of all those 12″s knocking around).

The next best thing is having them on CD – which these sets cater for.

Cramming the tracks onto LPs compromises the sound quality and doesn’t really make sense.

It reminds me of the Now Dance compilations. The first two were vinyl and cassette only. They didn’t sound good because they had 30 – 32 minutes of music per side. The release of the third one (Now Dance ’89) on CD made perfect sense – especially when DJing.

Simon F

The best of these is the People Hold On collection especially disc one. But having already got the majority of those tracks on the original 12″ singles (oh yes!) I’m passing. Far too much rubbish on the other two sets to even begin to bother with.


Has the Steve Nye 12″ of European Son ever been on CD? That’s one I’d like to hear…


Alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen.
Old wine in new hoses.
100 times bought…….


I see no “rare” material on these collections. Sorry. Not interesting for me.
But I still hope, that sombody will release Malcolm McLaren’s great “Waltz Darling” CD
finally on a Deluxe Edition with all the great 12” mixes and “all night long” 12” bonus track
and the uk only 12” ‘opulence’ version of “deep in vogue”…


It’s all the same stuff again but doubtless great for newbies. I’d really love to see something like “Big Love (Extended Mix)” by Fleetwood Mac and others…

Rob Wilcock

Yes, “Quiet Life” 12 ” was the slbum version but the 12″ vinyl skeeve claimed the sound was better as the groves could be wider. What about the Disco Mix of ‘Life In Tokyo” that would be good…


Ditto regarding “Rockit”, but which also still used to be worth getting on 12″ for the reason Rob explained.


Just being pedantic but there’s never been a 12″ mix of Japan’s ‘Quiet Life’ – any time that was claimed the album version was all you were getting!

Rob Wilcock

These are in three leaf card slip cases? They are easily torn, really hard to get the discs in and out.


Most of these 12inch versions I have on other collections so will be giving them all a misss despite a few odd tracks that would have been nice to have on CD. Most of the tracks are the “same old, same old” and not much that has never been released on CD.

elliott buckingham

ordered for the tracks not available on other 12″ collections


Is there some international UN-ratified law stating that every 80’s compilation must include Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”?

Don’t get me wrong, I love BC. Really I do. But COME ON!!!!! She’s had OTHER singles…..she’s even got a whole box of ’em!


Again the same old 12 inches on sets like these. A shame since there are so much more amazing 12 inchers available. A rights issue i guess. Ben Liebrand’s “Grand 12 Inches 14” is also underway and will be released in about 2 weeks. Already seen the tracklisting and again not that much rarities but still nice to collect if you have the other 13 volumes.


Anyone know if these will feature vinyl rips or will they all be sourced from the respective master tapes?


Don’t know why, but I really love McLaren’s “Something’s Jumping in my Shirt”.


Do too. Used to love the album. Actullay was thinking as recently as last week that ‘Fans’ & ‘Waltz Darling’ could do with the deluxe treatment.


Duck Rock too


OMG…. you are so right!!!!

Jeremy Bromley

Interesting, if predictable selection. Going through the list:

12-Inch Dance: 80s Pop – Very similar to the 12″ 80s compilations of old, though cheaper. I’m going to go through the track listing when I get home, as I’m sure that I have pretty much everything listed on there already. So, as you say Paul, nothing to see here. The “Continuous mixes” are okay for a party, but are not much more than filler really.

Twelve Inch 80s: You Spin Me Round – Similar again, nothing really new. Though notables include 99 Red Balloons Club Mix, and Don’t Talk To Me About Love (Extended). Most people would probably say they aren’t worth it, but I like it. :)

Twelve Inch 80s: People Hold On – I’ve already pre-ordered this one, as it brings up some interesting ones I don’t think I’ve seen before (I’m probably wrong though), notably TTD’s Dance Little Sister, James Brown’s Living in America and 5*s System Addict.


Spotted these on Amazon last week and there wasn’t anything on any of them to make me want to purchase.