TO ARTISTS & INDIE LABELS: Sell your deluxe music releases via SDE


SuperDeluxeEdition will soon be launching a companion online shop where our music-loving readers will be able to browse and purchase from from a specially curated selection of music box sets and deluxe editions.

If you run an independent record label or are an artist that produces limited edition music releases with special high quality packaging and you wish to offer your products direct to consumers, we’d like to invite you to sell your deluxe editions via our new shop.

Perhaps you already offer your products via a your own web shop but are looking to reach a wider audience that extends beyond the boundaries of your own fan-base to ensure that you aren’t left with expensive overstocks.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com is a much-loved online community used by rock/pop music enthusiasts globally to stay informed about what’s happening in the world of deluxe reissues, box sets and special vinyl releases. The audience is growing rapidly and the blog receives tens of thousands of visitors each week. The forthcoming online store would be a shop window in which to place your products, enabling you to bring your releases to the attention of the audience who want to buy them.

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to learn more, please contact SDE Editor Paul Sinclair by clicking here. Thank you.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Really a great idea, and something to support independent artists is always good!


I’m looking forward to seeing what this is like……….!

All the very best of luck, Paul.


Yep – you’re best to only work with exclusives, otherwise Amazon will undercut you. They sell at near cost or below cost anyway . . factor in the free shipping and they’re often making a loss on certain things, but make up for it with pricing of other items and quantity.
At the end of the day oh brave man can you afford to offer free shipping and prices less than The Monster?
Good luck!

steve g

Great idea – but will prices ever be as competitive as Amazon? I’m all for supporting artists and their web sites but take the Crimson Road to Red box, there was a world of difference between Amazon’s price (AND shipping costs) and that of Burning Shed.

The only instance where this may work is where sites (Hittin’ the Note for example, who sell the Allman Brothers live box sets) sell exclusively and do not sell via Amazon. Even then I would hope SDE can get a special discount.

If you’re looking to start the ABB 2013 live box set is on Hittin the Note at $675!!! + $100 shipping to Oz……if you can get a discount on that Paul, I’m in….

Maybe also the online Dead store that does the exclusive boxes would also benefit us SDE subscribers – and yes, Sylvian is another good example….

gary c

Great idea SDE.
I have been trying my hardest to use different websites when ordering stuff. My hard and fast rule is that if a band or artist has their own online store ie David Sylvian, then I would go there to order what I can and try and support them directly. It’s a shame that some artists haven’t sorted that part of their business out by now.
Still wrapped up in tour/album/tour….who does that work for nowadays?

Steve Marine

YAY! This is awesome!


Keep in mind that there are US and NON-US customers.
Shipping charges etc are too crazy for words when you ship from the US to Europe so a direct selling point in Europe would be SUPER!


good idea!