Todd Rundgren / Coloured vinyl reissues

Music On Vinyl kick off a Todd Rundgren vinyl reissue campaign with limited coloured vinyl editions of his 1970 solo debut Runt and 1972’s acclaimed Somthing/Anything?

Both are limited editions of only 1000 units with Runt pressed on gold-coloured vinyl while Something/Anything? is a 2LP pressing on a purple/red mix.

‘We Gotta Get You A Woman’ from Runt and ‘I Saw The Light’ from Something/Anything? were both US top 20 hits, while ‘Hello It’s Me’ peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100.

Both reissues are pressed on 180g vinyl and come with printed inserts. These are released on 16 August and these limited editions can be pre-ordered from the SDE shop, with a specially priced bundle of both available. Further releases are planned for 2019.

Runt limited edition coloured vinyl

Side A

1. Broke Down And Busted
2. Believe In Me
3. We Gotta Get You A Woman
4. Who’s That Man?
5. Once Burned
6. Devil’s Bite

Side B

1. I’m In The Clique
2. There Are No Words
3. Baby, Let’s Swing The Last Thing You Said Don’t Tie My Hands
4. Birthday Carol

Something/Anything? limited edition coloured vinyl

Side A

1. I Saw The Light
2. It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
3. Wolfman Jack
4. Cold Morning Light
5. It Takes Two To Tango (This Is For The Girls)
6. Sweeter Memories

Side B

1. Intro
2. Breathless
3. The Night The Carousel Burned Down
4. Saving Grace
5. Marlene
6. Song Of The Viking
7. I Went To The Mirror

Side C

1. Black Maria
2. One More Day (No Word)
3. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
4. Torch Song
5. Little Red Lights

Side D

1. Overture: Money / Messin’ With The Kid
2. Dust In The Wind
3. Piss Aaron
4. Hello It’s Me
5. Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me
6. You Left Me Sore
7. Slut

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Strange they’d reissue Something/Anything on coloured vinyl so soon after the recent RSD red/blue release. I’d have preferred they did Todd or A Wizard A True Star. Then again, they just might…

mitchell w feldstein

not sure how these are “sourced” but for my money todd’s first 5 albums are as good as it gets. i wonder why they skipped “ballad of todd rundgren” which may be the best of the lot. i guess there were no hits. i have the two being re released so don’t need to get these . but man this is a masterclass in songwriting. hooks and all. enjoy.


Sorry to hijack Todd’s comments… I was introduced to ‘I Saw The Light’ by The New Seekers’ excellent version from their 1972 ‘Circles’ album. Great vocal by Lyn Paul
Link below – PLAY IT LOUD!!


Jarmo Keranen

Will they release Todd’s 1975 record Initiation as original was? It is one of the longest vinyls. It contains music almost 68 minutes. In original pressing there was warning that if your record players needle is worn or damaged, it destroys vinyl at first playing time!


You are right Jarmo & it goes on to say that if the LP does not play loud enough re-record onto cassette. I did this using a Nakamichi 1000 II 3 head deck and it is a little louder. Also, the first press cassette has a note that there are 3 minutes of silence @ the end of side 1. The total time of the first press 8 track is actually shorter than the LP or cassette (clocking in @ 66.98 minutes). Gosh, don’t you wish Todd would explain the history of all of this to us? Here is hoping that Todd is watching the SDE site and awaiting his pithy observations


OK fine so I will probably pick this up to add to the pile as I already have:
1st pressing 10 song version
1st pressing 10 song version w/ hype sticker
2nd pressing 12 song version
3rd pressing 11 song hybrid version (Side A is from the 10 song & B is 12 song version)
4th pressing with misprint (‘”…writtne by”)
The white label Ampex promo
The Bearsville yellow label version
The Bearsville brown label version
Both 1st pressing promo singles
Plus other versions (sealed, in shrink, etc.)

Very cool note: the new gold one has “We Gotta Get You A Woman” on the label vs first press where it reads “We Got To Get You A Woman” & hype sticker with “Gotta”

Your killing my wallet Paul. Please don’t tell my wife that I need a 10th version of the LP


J, you made me laugh :-) I know exactly what you mean.

I think to myself, “Okay, now I have the absolute best collection of music by this artist, so I can confidently move on to my next favourite recording artist for gems of limited edition items. Then something like this very tempting Todd Rundgren coloured vinyl is announced! Oh, no dreaded temptation again!

Like you, I’m at that stage of the game where I’m sneaking vinyl and CDs into the house and hiding them from my family members. If they discover new music hidden in the back of the closet, behind the desk in the den, etc., then I say nonchalantly “Oh, I’ve had that for many months now — I just forgot to file it away”. Of course, then I get that raised eyebrow look of “who do you think you’re fooling”?

Love these Todd Rundgren albums, so now is the time to start finding a NEW hiding place in the house :-)


I tried listen to Something/Anything way back in the day as I love the track I saw the light (first introduced to it via the Yukihiro Takahashi version). Couldn’t get into it…

Tried again when Rundgren worked with XTC on Skylarking as I love that album. Still couldn’t get into it…

Maybe time for another try…


Paul, just a suggestion but how about an option for those of us who don’t have a record player to be able to opt out of vinyl alerts?

george glazener

Well, Todd’s OK, but I’m still waiting for the BIG announcement for this fall. Something to do w/ 4 guys strolling across a zebra crossing, or something to that effect….?


These albums are both masterpieces of pop music. Too often that word gets thrown around easily, but these just are.

If I was still into vinyl, I’d be on these damn fast.

Jeff G.

S/A has been reissued to death, including on colored vinyl (I bit on the blue and red version they released for Black Friday RSD last fall), but Runt on colored vinyl might be worth it.

I still have the version of Runt that Gary is talking about. It is a treasure to me, and ive always kept it hidden away, so i will always have it. A charming collection of songs from a teenage Todd. Hits my heart. Which ever Runt version you can get is wonderful. I reccomend it highly. Several of the songs still make my eyes misty.
Something Anything is a masterpiece too. I still love it and listen to it frequently. Todd Rundgren has a depth of feeling few people posess. He is a wonderful lyricist, musician, and producer. A rare talent in so many ways.
As soon as these works come out on vinal i will get them again. My original vinal of Something Anything has been played til its white. I have all of these on cd now, but i cannot wait for the vinals.
If you’ve never checked Todd out solo or with Nazz or Utopia, you are missing a unique talent. Todd and both bands are far and above everyone else in the musical field in my opinion. I hope these new vinals inspire many more people to turn on to his long and brilliant career! I’ve been crazy about Todd Rundgren and his bands since i was 14 years old and I just celebrated my 61st birthday. Everyone should hear these works! Margaret Gale

Gary Thompson

It would’ve been nice if they’d made Runt a double by also including the early version that was accidentally released with different tracks/mixes, but hey ho.