Tom Petty: Hypnotic Eye blu-ray


As previously reported, Tom Petty has a new album, Hypnotic Eye, out at the end of this month, and the pick of the formats for us is the blu-ray audio.

Petty’s website confirms that this high-resolution blu-ray audio disc contains stereo and Stereo and 5.1 Surround Mixes and includes the extra track Playing Dumb recorded during the album sessions. The blu-ray disc is region free and playable worldwide.

Availability is still a little hit and miss, but you can now pick this up via Amazon Germany, although Canada is still the best deal at less than £14 when converted from Canadian dollars. Update 27/7/14: Now widely available (see below).

Hypnotic Eye is out on 28 July 2014.

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Currently listed on Amazon.co.uk as an ‘import’ for £15. Does anybody know if the ‘Torpedoes’ blu-audio disc is region-free?

Ian Hill

Looks like this is finally available to pre-order at amazon.co.uk, although they have done their best to disguise it as a CD:


Steve Burke

If Ryan Ulyate happens to read this, I hope you and Tom will consider releasing another 5.1 Blu-ray of the older material. I’d love to pick up Full Moon Fever, Into the Great Wide Open, Southern Accents or Wallflowers…Damn The Torpedoes sounds so good and it’s a shame that’s the only back catalogue title to have received the 5.1 attention so far.

Will definitely buy the new album to show support of the format.

Paul Mac

I think the question should be “will Amazon Canada ever actually deliver it?” :)


Hi Paul, Will the Canadian Blu-ray play on UK machines?