Top 10: Deluxe Editions of the 1990s

For your pleasure, a look back to some special CD releases from the 1990s. Yes, we have dug out of the SuperDeluxeEdition archive some interesting 2CD sets. Deluxe editions before we even called them ‘deluxe editions’. Some were very limited, others less so, but all were issued in addition to a standard single CD version. How many have you got?

George Michael / Older & Upper deluxe edition
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George Michael / Older & Upper 2CD (1997)

George Michael‘s third solo album Older was a phenomenal seller in the UK. Six singles were released from the record and all of them reached the UK top three (two number ones, three number twos and a sole number three). This special edition came with a six track bonus disc called Upper which contained a couple of remixes, two radio edits and the new studio recordings issued with the Spinning The Wheel single, namely Safe and You Know That I Want To. The bonus disc also contains ‘interative elements’ which means pixelated videos to Jesus To A Child, Fastlove, and Spinning The Wheel that require ‘Quicktime 2.5’. The bonus disc comes in a simple card sleeve, which slots into a special slip-case with the standard album.

Echo & The Bunnymen / Evergreen deluxe edition
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Echo & The Bunnymen  / Evergreen 2CD (1997)

The 1997 Echo & The Bunnymen ‘comeback’ album featured UK top ten hit Nothing Lasts Forever. This 2CD special edition featured ten Peel Session tracks culled from 1979 (Villiers Terrace, Read It In Books), 1980, 1982, 1983 (Seven Seas, Ocean Rain) and 1997.

PJ Harvery / To Bring You My Love & The B-sides CD
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PJ Harvey / To Bring You My Love & The B-sides CD (1995)

Island Records snuck out this limited run of PJ Harvey‘s superb ’95 album To Bring You My Love with a bonus disc of nine B-sides from the (CD) singles.

Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach / Painted From Memory deluxe edition
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Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach / Painted From Memory 2CD (1999)

The 1998 album from Costello and Bacharach came as a 2CD edition which included five ‘previously unreleased’ live tracks. All these bonus songs are from the album but only This House Is Empty Now is performed with Bacharach (on Late Night With Conan O’Brien), the rest are with Attractions keyboardist Steve Nieve.

Supergrass / In It For The Money 2CD (1996)
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Supergrass / In It For The Money 2CD (1996)

The only indication that this Capitol issued version of Supergrass‘s 1996 album In It For The Money is any different from the normal release is the ‘2CD’ on the jewel case – there is no reference to it at all on any of the artwork. When discovered, the bonus disc reveals a nine track collection of debut album I Should Coco B-sides (including the excellent Caught By The Fuzz acoustic) but the disc also finds a place for Nothing More’s Gonna Get In My Way which featured on the Richard III, the lead single in the UK for In It For The Money.

Fine Young Cannibals / The Finest - The Rare and the Remixed
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Fine Young Cannibals / The Finest + The Rare and the Remixed 2CD  (1996)

A generous selection of bonus tracks and remixes featured on an extra disc with the Fine Young Cannibals 1996 hits collection Finest. Six out of the eight recently ended up on the recent reissue of The Raw & The Cooked but not She Drives Me Crazy (Phunk Phenomenon mix) and The Flame (Armand Van Helden’s Ghostpunk mix).

Wet Wet Wet / High On The Happy Side deluxe
Supergrass / In It For The Money 2CD (1996)

Wet Wet Wet / High On The Happy Side 2CD (1992)

The old-style double ‘fat box’ CD might give away that this is the oldest ‘deluxe’ edition in this selection. Wet Wet Wet‘s 1992 album High On The Happy Side featured UK number one Goodnight Girl and was issued as this limited edition double disc edition, featuring cover versions such as Carole King’s You’ve Got A Friend, The Temptations’ Get Ready, and Elvis Costello’s Town Crier. The bonus disc was credited to ‘Maggie Pie & The Imposters’ and even had its own title, Cloak & Dagger. Unusally, there was a double-vinyl version too, echoing this CD release.

Suede / Coming Up deluxe edition
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Suede / Coming Up 2CD (1996/7)

There were two versions of Suede’s Coming Up album with a bonus disc –  a US version and a European release. Both feature the following tracks played live: She, By The Sea, Europe Is Our Playground, Saturday Night, Killing Of A Flash Boy and Lazy. The European issue has no reference to the tracks at all, other than a sticker which reads “featuring bonus 6-track live EP” (the disc itself just has ‘live’ on it). The US variant is much better with the back of the tray card giving a lot of detail around the bonus tracks. Unlike the European disc, this limited edition from North America also features ‘multimedia selections’ including three videos and some footage of the band larking around in the studio recording the album.

Alison Moyet / Singles + Live
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Alison Moyet / Singles & Live 2CD (1996)

Moyet’s Singles collection was issued with a bonus disc of 11 live tracks. Unlike some of the sets here which sneak a bonus disc in as cheaply as possible with no alteration to the main packaging, the live disc herein actually has its own separate booklet (called ‘Programme’), with some attractive artwork and photos.

INXS / The Greatest Hits 2CD
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INXS / The Greatest Hits + All Juiced Up 2CD (1994)

Another hits collection issued as a limited edition 2CD set, this time from INXS. Again, only the reverse of the tray card has any indication of this easy-to-miss special edition. The selection isn’t brilliant, but amongst the nine bonus cuts are Taste It (Youth Accapella Mix), Devil Inside (12″ Mix) and Suicide Blonde (Milk Mix). The bonus disc has the moniker All Juiced Up.

What limited edition 2CD sets of well known albums from the 1990s do you have? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Steve Scott

In The Name Of The Wee Man is the closest Biffy have gotten to the Infinity Land days since the modern trio was released.


A couple klunkers for yers

PWEI – Two Fingers My Friends w/Bonuts disc of remixes
Compulsion’s first (and only) CD had a bonus disc of extras…
The Blunder Yobs, errrr Wonder Stuff had a canuckian version of Never Loved Elvis what came with a bonutz disc of “the greatest hits and more more more”

Less well known was a dancing purple midget who went by the name of “Prince” he released two 3CD sets, Crystal Ball (which came as a three, four or five disc set) and Emancipation (with a possible fourth disc of “Secret Chapter” shenanigans…

Here in Canadia, extra discs was a pretty normal thing. Soundgarden’s Somms being a personal fave. Though many Brit bands did is to drumb up business and interest.


Old but great topic. I can’t see that anyone mentioned Saint Etienne’s So Tough which originally came with a second bonus disc (later released in its won right as You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone)

Larry Davis

A similar thing happened with Tempe, Arizona cult band Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (formerly the Refreshments)…their 1999 debut album “Honky Tonk Union” originally had a killer fun bonus live disc called “Real To Reel” which they expanded by 4 tracks and released on its own…

digisade hardware

I am in fact thankful to the owner of this web page who has
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(Apologies for the many typos! It’s late and I’m a bit drunk)

How about pretty much all of Mylène Farmer’s Collector Boxes?

Larry Davis

Collector boxes?? I’m starting to collect her stuff cuz she is brilliant…how about those Russian 2CD unofficial hits collections??


I can’t believe it, someone beat me to it, Saint Etienne’s Too Young To Die is one of my all-time favorite releases, not only because it was my first ever STE release but because the content is just pure bliss. And the packaging was also pretty cute.

Annie Lennox’ Diva was a nice package but too bad it was just an interview on disc 2.

Have to jump in on the raves for PSB’s Very/Relentless. Wow.

I have added a lot of the mentioned releases to my want list, thanks!

I need to add a couple of cool releases I had no idea they existed and picked them up at a cool used record store:

Paula Abdul “Spellbound” in oversized face-poweder box with mirror and puffy pillow, in a black suede back, housed in black carboard box
R.E.M. “Out Of Time” in sleep portfolio package with ribbons to seal it
Cher “Love Hurts” in wooden box, and one of the coolest singles:

Eurythmics “The King And Queen Of America” in also wooden box but with great oversized graphics burned on the front.

Not a fan but I also saw a Nirvana plastic sleeve cd with “water inside the sleeve”.

Madonna’s “The Immaculate Collection” that was released inside the also cool “The Royal Box” housed in silk-covered digipak, and 3 years later, promo-only, Bedtime Stories in baby blue satin digipak.
Is the infamous leather “Erotica” release really a bootleg? It looks awful.

Amazing issues entirely, you recently gained a new company logo brand new reader. What may well a person would suggest relating to your release that you simply designed a 7 days during the past? Any kind of guaranteed?


I think this is from the 90s: the Go-Betweens compilation Bellavista Terrace with the bonus Live on SNAP radio sessions. The SNAP disc is still my favorite Go-Betweens CD.

Per, sweden

I have a limited two-disc edition of Dangerous with Michael Jackson from Australia.
The second disc contains remixes of singles from Dangerous, and new remixes of Rock With You and Don’t Stop.
Possibly one of the first double cd:s in a slim case.

paul b

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I would count in:
The Beautiful South – Carry On Up Tge Charts (1994 Compilation, deluxe edition with Bonus disc with B-Sides)
The Beautiful South – Painting It Red (2000, deluxe edition over two CDs with Bonus Tracks)
Dire Straits – On The Night (1991, limited Edition ‘with space for the MXCD ‘Encore”)
The Sugarcubes – it’s it (1992 Compilation, deluxe edition with Bonus disc with Mixes)

Hans Lelivelt

Lets not forget Radioheads ‘the bends’ which came out as a double cd in Belgium and the Netherlands. second disc is a 5 track live recording.


> Arbor Bona Arbor Mala, was a real treat as well
Yeah, that’s a good one, I really liked that as well!


> Icehouse’s Big Wheel […]
> Except the bonus disc in that case was actually a Mac diskette. :-)

Oh man, Billy Idol had done the same with a limited edition of his (much underrated) “Cyberpunk” album.


Finally getting around to reading this article and comments. Lovely stuff all. The live Kristin Hersh set that comes with that Throwing Muses disc mentioned earlier is terrific. Just saw her play recently.

One that I have that hasn’t been mentioned is the 3CD version of Eurythmics’ Live 1983-1989. The acoustic tracks on the third disc are sublime. And even though the material is from earlier, it was released in the 90s, so it counts. :-)

The bonus disc that came with the Shamen’s Axis Mutatis, titled Arbor Bona Arbor Mala, was a real treat as well. A bit spacier, dubbier, great stuff.

Finally, remix albums with… well, even more remixes: Pop Will Eat Itself’s Two Fingers My Friends, The Sugarcubes’ It’s-It and the Japanese issue of Renegade Soundwave’s In Dub.

(Hello, Lazlo! I think it’s probably 15-20 years since we communicated. I contributed a few things to your discographies back in the day.)


The more I look into this the more I find some albums worth mentioning:

-Gus Gus: Polydistortion album from 1997 had a bonus cd;
-The Wolfgang Press: Funky Little Demons album from 1995 had a bonus cd.


I forgot to add another favourite of mine, which i bought immediately when released:
-Prince – The Hits / The B-Sides (1993). A great 3cd fat box with the 3rd disc full of rare singles b-sides. Some of them are classics on their own!!


Regarding The Chameleons – Strange Times :
the 6 bonus tracks on the USA/Canada release are on the main cd and not on an extra cd.


Here are a few proto-deluxe editions i own (and love!!):

-It Bites – Eat Me In St. Louis (UK, 1989). A fat jewel box with an additional 3” cd including 3 songs not available on the standard edition.
-Pet Shop Boys – Very/Relentless. Already extensively discussed…
-Crowded House – Recurring Dream (1993). The live cd2 is outstanding.
-Crowded House – Woodface. I believe this was part of the EMI100 series, issued in 1997; it comes with a bonus cd of 5 demo versions.
-Crowded House – Together Alone (1993). The Netherlands release includes a bonus cd with 6 tracks recorded live at the Town and Country Club, London, November 9, 1991.
-The Chameleons – Strange Times (EU, 1986). The european cd edition (first released in 1993) came with a 6-songs bonus cd taken from related 12” b-sides. This edition replicated the original USA 2LP limited vinyl edition.

A couple of vinyl-only deluxe editions:
-Fiction Factory ‎– Throw The Warped Wheel Out (1984). The UK limited edition had a bonus 12” single with 1 single b-side and 1 unreleased song.
-Ultravox – The Collection (1984). The UK limited edition had a bonus LP called ”The 12″ Collection” with 6 extended remixes.

And one i regret not having bought when i could:
-Danny Wilson – Sweet Danny Wilson/Three-In-A-Bed Romp

Lazlo Nibble

Oh and how could I have forgotten the limited-edition version of Icehouse’s Big Wheel? Except the bonus disc in that case was actually a Mac diskette. :-)

Lazlo Nibble

The US limited-edition Nightlife was in fact a 2CD set. We got a two-disc version of Disco 2 as well though the bonus content was a little thin.

The two-disc Ima was actually the standard release in the US. BT goes way WAY overboard with all the international variants on his releases. It’s kind of a pain in the ass actually.

Eric Vernooij

I loved the “Australian Tour Edition” of Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope even though I always skip the Armand van Helden remix because, well, it sucks.


Looking through my CDs, I have a few of the abovementioned, but I can also see a couple of Sheryl Crow ‘tour edition’ 2 discers, Ben Harper – The Will To Live with bonus live EP, Best of James with live 2nd disc, Eels – Beautiful Freak 2 disc and Leftfield -Rhythm & Stealth with bonus remix disc. Also Ultrasound -Everything Picture 2 disc version from 1999 and a bunch of not quite theres from 2000, namely Texas -Greatest Hits 2 disc, QOTSA -Rated R 2 disc and David Sylvian -Everything And Nothing 3 disc version.


Found three more in my collection:

Kula Shaker’s first album “K”: first edition comes with a bonus cd ep; only two songs on it though.

The other two have no extra music, only the packaging was special:

Pet Shop Boys: Night Life (digipack with a PVC slip case).
Sylvian/Fripp: Damage (32 page colour booklet and 24 carat gold cd.

Sean Mac

The US got a 2CD edition of Nightlife, with the b-sides and selected remixes. This was especially good because Morales’ mix of IDKWYWBICGIA was left off the US single, in favor of Peter Rauhofer’s remix. I had a good laugh imagining “The Ghost of Myself” was a diss at teen pop, Britney Spears in particular.


The Velvet Underground – Peel Slowly and See boxset. An awesome realease of all VU’s studio albums as mixed by Lou Reed (I think). Also features a ton of bonus material and demo recordings. Lovely stuff.


In 1997, Pixies released “Death to the Pixies” compilation, the deluxe edition included a live album within a hardback book-like case and a slipcase…a beautiful thing!!!

Darren Rigby

Don’t forget Saint Etienne’s “Too Young To Die” which came with a CD of remixes which eventually became the first disc in their follow up remix collection “Casino Classics”.

Happy Mondays “Loads + Loads More” limited 2CD version was mighty fine as well.

Possibly the finest deluxe version was Dubstar’s “Disgraceful” and “Disgraceful Remixed” album.


Another vote for PSB ‘Very/Relentless’ here. It’s my favourite. Sorry Paul, I must be a fan of ‘unsubtle’ and ‘clunky’!!

Can I also nominate Crowded House’s “Recurring Dream-Very Best Of’ with 19 track compiled Live album (including some killer album tracks not just the hits)… Sting’s “Ten Summoners Tales” 2CD set including ‘Five Live!’. I also have the Mike + The Mechanics “Word Of Mouth” 2CD set, which does include an interview disc (transcribed in the booklet), but its quite good with interviews with all members and a track-by-track rundown from Rutherford.


The first thing that came to mind whilst reading this was “Where’s Very/Relentless?” But, I see you’ve atonned for this later Paul.

The second that came to mind, and upon checking it isn’t strictly in the right years, as it was released in 2000, but Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds – ULLAdubUlla – The Remix Album” is a rare piece of strangeness, featuring as it does some interesting contemporary remixes by the likes of Dario G, Todd Terry, Ultra Nate etc. and one or two earlier ones – and thankfully not a sign of Ben Liebrand.

Also the re-release of Soft Cell’s mini-remix album Non Stop Erotic Dancing, digitally remastered with all the extended remixes of the singles from the non-stop era. I’ve always had a soft spot for the extended “Torch”, with the near whispered dialogue “I wanted to grab you and kiss you, but I thought you’d hit me…” – “Too right baby!”

Finally, probably the rarest of my additions, although released as a seperate entity from the album “Debut”, Bjork’s seminal “The best remixes from the album – Debut for all the people who don’t buy white-labels” – including the superb Underworld mix of “Human Behaviour”.


Jon J’s reminded me of another Annie Lennox deluxe; the 2CD Medusa with a second disc of live recordings and the single re-recording of Something So Right with Paul Simon himself guesting.


Here is a few more
Billy Joel – River Of Dreams (2 cd)
Billy Joel – Greatest Hits Vol. 1&2 (fat box 3 cd)

Jon J

Not a UK release, but the US Special Edition of Diva by Annie Lennox was a really nice-looking set. Two picture CDs, one featuring the album and the other an interview, foldout digipak sleeve and a die-cut front cover where they’d recreated the feather boa Annie wore in the photo with real feathers!:


Great article. The Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger was the first I ever saw. A few I can think of off the top of my head…

On the PJ Harvey topic, Is This Desire? also had a ltd 2cd run with 5 b-sides on the 2nd disc. Also, the b-sides disc with TBYML mentioned in the article also had a ltd (2000 I think?) standalone issue with a GREAT cover.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds best of had a 2cd with part of a live show at Royal Albert Hall that has since had it’s own expanded/remixed issue [though missing weeping song from the old ltd vers >:( ]

Therapy? – So Much For The Ten Year Plan 2cd
Skeleton Key – Fantastic Spikes bonus remix disc
Mercury Rev – Yerself is Steam 2cd w/bonus ep
Ministry – Just Another Fix (Psalm 69 w/bonus live disc)
Faith No More – Angel Dust and Album of the Year had 2cd versions
Tori Amos – Under the Pink w/ bonus b-sides disc
Handsome – S/T with bonus single
Blur – S/T 2cd w/live disc
Dirty Three – Ocean Songs 2cd (2nd disc ended up as part of the Ufkoko ep)
Not 2 cd but Danzig III with VHS and unique artwork.
The various versions of Orbital’s In Sides with at least 2 different bonus discs.
Not 2 discs but Morrissey’s Viva Hate 10th anniversary with 8 bonus tracks was a surprise at the time. The now ubiquitous deluxe anniversary edition. Other than Derek and the Dominoes and Jethro Tull, I can’t think of other “anniversary editions” that came out then, though I’m sure there were probably a couple others at least.

I’m from the US and, at the time, it seems most of these were coming out of Europe/UK/Australasia it wasn’t such a common thing here so seeing them at a shop, they had to be bought, regardless of cost which was often high for imports.


Jules Shear “The Great Puzzle” with the bonus acoustic cd of his earlier stuff. Great set.


Beyond the one mentioned in the article and comments above, I can add these:

The Art Of Noise: The Seduction Of Claude Debussy + Metaforce (USA 2xCD)
The Art Of Noise: The Seduction Of Claude Debussy + ‘Sources & Methods’ (USA promo 2xCD)
BT: Ima (USA 2xCD)
The Cult: Pure Cult + Live Cult Part One (2xCD)
Depeche Mode: Violator + Enjoy The Silence (Japan 2xCD)
DJ Rap: Learning Curve + Beats Like This (German 2xCD)
Duran Duran: Liberty (Japan 2xCD)
Duran Duran: Thank You (2xCD)
Gus Gus: Polydistortion + Remix (2xCD)
Inspiral Carpets: Devil Hopping + The Live BBC Sessions (2xCD)
Tom Jones: The Lead And How To Swing It ‘1995 Australian tour souvenir edition’ (2xCD)
Die Krupps: Die Krupps II (The Final Option) + The Demo Versions (German 2xCD)
Leftfield: Leftism + Bonus-Remix-Disc (Australian 2xCD)
Lionrock: An Instinct For Detection (USA 2xCD)
New Order: (The Rest Of) New Order + Blue Monday Mixes Album (2xCD)
Renegade Soundwave: In Dub (Japan 2xCD)
Secret Knowledge: So Hard (2xCD)
The Sugarcubes: It’s – It (2xCD)
Tina Turner: Wildest Dreams – Special Tour Edition (2xCD)
Underworld: Second Toughest In The Infants (German 2xCD)
Underworld: Beaucoup Fish – Limited Edition (Australian 2xCD)
Yello: Hands On Yello – The Updates (2xCD)


Virgin were great with putting out “fat box” 2CD versions of new releases at the start of the 90s….China Crisis’ Collection, Wendy & Lisa “Eroica” (the bonus CD was a 3″ disc of piano instrumentals, ha!), the aforementioned Danny Wilson set (I wish I’d nabbed one), Hue & Cry’s “Bitter Suite/Remote” (found a lovely, still-stickered copy of that years later), and so on…..

Possibly because I have a thing for the old fat boxes, the Wet Wet Wet one is especially nice…I liked the added touch of crediting the disc to an incognito band, and the sleeve design lends itself well to the packaging.


I own Costello & Bacharach’s “Painted From Memory” and Bunnymen’s “Evergreen”. The first one is, in my opinion, one of the Top 10 albums from the 90’s. Unforgettable melodies…


Enjoyed the article very much. Here’s a few of my favorite psuedo-deluxe editions. 1) The Cure ‘Greatest Hits’ along with a second disc of ‘Acoustic Hits’, released in 2001. The ‘Acoustic Hits’ disc is excellent, recorded in one day! 2) Paul McCartney’s 1993 ‘Off the Ground the complete works’ – the first disc is the album proper and the second collects all the b-sides – a nice collection. 3) The Rolling Stones ‘Flashpoint and Collectables’ (1991) which teams ‘Flashpoint’ with a number of b-sides and mixes from various stages of the band’s history. 4) David Bowie’s ‘Black Tie, White Noise’ two disc set (1993)which marries the regular album with a cd of mixes and b-sides. An highly underrated album. Love to share these cool things with others who feel the same.


Three double cd packages from Motown, probably don’t really count here, but they showed that Motown was finally getting to grips with its back catalogue:

Mary Wells – Looking Back

Martha and the Vandellas – Live Wire!

Marvelettes – Deliver The Singles


Someone really should release the *complete* Bunnymen Peel Sessions. The Evergreen release detailed above is the closest we’ve got to it. Unbelievable when you look at some of the other bands (of a lesser magnitude, fan base etc.) who have been afforded this.

Agree with Brother Lee Love on the PJ Harvey ltd release of ‘Dry’ – would love to get my hands on that.


I love this post. I can’t believe that I have 5 of the top 10.
George Michael
Alison Moyet
Fine young cannibals

My favourite is the George Michael cd but the Pet shop boys very/relentless is the best ever. A whole new album with amazing packaging including one of their best albums.

Bruno MacDonald

Another fine trip down Memory Lane, Mr Sinclair.

My first was Throwing Muses’ Red Heaven in, I think, 1993. I’d never encountered a flip-tray before and the record store cashier had to explain where the limited edition live CD that accompanied it was lurking.


I have the Pet Shop Boys VERY RELENTLESS. I miss it from this top 10, it’s far the most special deluxe edition from the 90s.
I also have PSB’s Bilingual deluxe.

Steve Thorpe

The Icicle Works ‘Best Of’ from 1992 which Beggars Banquet released, as a very limited 2 disc set called ‘Best Kept Secrets’ which featured b-sides / rare tracks / live recordings from across their brief career. Really excellent compilation to have in the collection.


Also, Paul McCartney had the Japanese tour edition of Flowers of the Dirt released in 1990 in a nice double-CD case, which I believe is still the only physical release so far of the studio version of P.S. Love Me Do.


Ron Hatchell

Excellent one. I used to have this. Lots of great bonus studio tracks. This was from an album I didn’t really appreciate until I heard the live versions from the “Tripping the Live Fantastic” album.

The Squire

Surely the first Deluxe Edition was the 3 CD release of Derek and the Dominos Layla back in 1990. A great album and a great purchase.


Depeche Mode’s The Singles 86->98 had an interesting Ltd version with 4 extra tracks in a plastic envelope shrinkwrapped to the main 2-cd collection. One of the tracks was the 15 minute “Enjoy the Silence: Quad Final Mix.”

I had that Supergrass ltd cd, it’s my favorite album of theirs. :)

Stevie Dal

Haven’t had time for a good think Paul but here’s a good one ; The danny Wilson Best Of that came with a disc of b Sides , some top quality stuff on there !
Also , re an early answer on this thread , i have the debut PJ Harvey album on vinyl , with the bonus Lp , brilliant !


I forgot to mention The Cranberries: “No Need To Argue” included a live bonus cd.


Totally forgot that one as well… great album and the bonus disc was really appreciated with 4 excellent recordings from Fleadh 1994

Mark Phillips

Surely the Complete Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks on Verve should get a mention.

Not only was there top remastered sound quality, but the whole package was gloriously over the top, from the cloth covered box, to the recreation of every feature of the original vinyl sets.

I particularly liked where they had minaturised a 12″ box down to CD size, and presented it complete with minature poster, and a teeny-weeny recreation of the hardback book that accompanied that set! Complete with a paper book jacket covering it.

Bonkers, but beautiful.

That’s still my number one reissue, with the wonderful Complete Motown Singles sets at number 2.