Tori Amos / Gold Dust

Tori Amos / Gold DustTori Amos releases a new album featuring orchestral reworkings of previously released songs on 1 October 2012. Gold Dust will be her thirteenth studio album and was recorded with the Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley.

The album will be released on Deutsche Grammophon, following last year’s classically influenced Night of Hunters.

The tracks on Gold Dust span her entire career, and include Silent All These Years, Precious Things and Winter from debut Little Earthquakes, as well as lesser known tracks such as Snow Cherries from France which featured on the 2003 hits compilation Tales of a Librarian. Surprisingly, there is even a selection from 2009’s Christmas album Midwinter Graces (Star of Wonder).

The album will also be released as a two disc deluxe edition with a bonus DVD. Although details are yet to be officially confirmed, the DVD is thought to include a music video for Flavor, a performance clip for Gold Dust, and behind the scenes footage about the record. Additionally, the limited edition package will include a 32 page hard cover booklet.

Gold Dust track listing:

  • 1. “Flavor” (from Abnormally Attracted to Sin (2009)) 4:08
  • 2. “Yes, Anastasia” (from Under the Pink (1994)) 4:17
  • 3. “Jackie’s Strength” (from From the Choirgirl Hotel (1998)) 4:32
  • 4. “Cloud on My Tongue” (from Under the Pink (1994)) 4:23
  • 5. “Precious Things” (from Little Earthquakes (1992)) 4:44
  • 6. “Gold Dust” (from Scarlet’s Walk (2002)) 5:45
  • 7. “Star of Wonder” (from Midwinter Graces (2009)) 3:46
  • 8. “Winter” (from Little Earthquakes (1992)) 5:45
  • 9. “Flying Dutchman” (from “China” (1992) single) 6:21
  • 10. “Programmable Soda” (from American Doll Posse (2007)) 1:27
  • 11. “Snow Cherries from France” (from Tales of a Librarian (2003)) 3:01
  • 12. “Marianne” (from Boys for Pele (1996)) 4:08
  • 13. “Silent All These Years” (from Little Earthquakes (1992)) 4:33
  • 14. “Girl Disappearing” (from American Doll Posse (2007))

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