Tori Amos / Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink deluxe editions

Little Earthquakes was released in 1992

 Tori Amos‘ first two solo albums, Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink will be reissued as two-CD deluxe editions in April.

Little Earthquakes was released in 1992 and remains the singer-songwriter’s benchmark album for many fans. It spawned a large number of singles including debut Me And A Gun (swiftly re-promoted as Silent All These Years), China, Winter and Crucify. After record label East West had run out of singles they went back and issued Silent All These Years for a second time.

Many of the UK CD singles were issued with a limited edition counterpart sometimes creating six (or more) non-album tracks including the celebrated covers that appeared on CD 2 of Winter (Smells Like Teen Spirit, Angie and Thank You).

The bonus disc on this Little Earthquakes deluxe doesn’t offer any surprises – it just squeezes on as many of the B-sides/extra tracks as possible. All of the Amos-penned non-album tracks are included although the two different versions of Crucify from the CD single (single remix and alternate version) are missing, and most disappointingly the Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones covers aren’t here, just Nirvana.


Despite the critical acclaim for her debut, Tori only managed to sneak into the UK top 20 once with one single from that album, Crucify. That changed at the beginning of 1994 when Amos powered straight into the UK top 10 with Cornflake Girl, the lead single from Under The Pink. Pretty Good Year repeated that success a few months later and two further singles God and Past The Mission were eventually issued.

Again, most of the B-sides and non-album tracks appear on the bonus disc of this new deluxe edition but more covers are missing. This time A Case of You (Joni Mitchell), If 6 Was 9 (Jimi Hendrix) and Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday). These were all included on the rare limited edition UK CD single of Cornflake Girl.

On a more positive note,  both albums are being made available on 180g vinyl in addition to the two-CD deluxe editions.

No word at this stage on remastering. There were issues with finding masters for Tori’s A Piano set from 2006, which led to the use of some alternate mixes of Little Earthquakes album tracks (Leather, Precious Things, and Mother to name three). If these new deluxe sets revert to the original track listings then those alternates will be unique to that box.

Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink are both reissued on 21 April 2015.

Little Earthquakes 2CD Deluxe

Under The Pink 2CD Deluxe

Little Earthquakes vinyl reissue

Under The Pink vinyl reissue

Track listing

Little Earthquakes

Disc: 1

1. Crucify
2. Girl
3. Silent All These Years
4. Precious Things
5. Winter
6. Happy Phantom
7. China
8. Leather
9. Mother
10. Tear In Your Hand
11. Me And A Gun
12. Little Earthquakes

Disc: 2

1. Upside Down (from Silent All These Years single)
2. Thoughts (from Silent All These Years single)
3. Ode To The Banana King (Part One) (from Silent All These Years single)
4. Song For Eric (from Silent All These Years single)
5. The Pool (from Winter single)
6. Take To The Sky (from Winter single)
7. Sweet Dreams (from Winter single)
8. Mary (from Crucify single)
9. Sugar (from China single)
10. Flying Dutchman (from China single)
11. Humpty Dumpty (from China single)
12. Smells Like Teen Spirit (from Winter single)
13. Little Earthquakes (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)
14. Crucify (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)
15. Precious Things (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)
16. Mother (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)
17. Happy Phantom (Live) (from Silent 18.All These Years single)
18. Here In My Head (from Crucify single)

Under The Pink

Disc: 1

1. Pretty Good Year
2. God
3. Bells For Her
4. Past The Mission
5. Baker Baker
6. The Wrong Band
7. The Waitress
8. Cornflake Girl
9. Icicle
10. Cloud On My Tongue
11. Space Dog
12. Yes, Anastasia

Disc: 2

1. Sister Janet [from Cornflake Girl single]
2. Honey [from Cornflake Girl single]
3. Daisy Dead Petals [from Cornflake Girl single]
4. Over It [from Cornflake Girl single]
5. Black Swan [from Pretty Good Year single]
6. Home On the Range (with Cherokee Addition) [from Pretty Good Year single]
7. All The Girls Hate Her [from Cornflake Girl single]
8. God (The CJ Bollard Remix) [from God 12″]
9. Here In My Head [live] [from Past the Mission single]
10. Upside Down [live] [from Past the Mission single]
11. Past The Mission [live] [from Past the Mission single]
12. Icicle [live] [from Past the Mission single]
13. Flying Dutchman [live] [from Past the Mission single]
14. Winter [live] [from Past the Mission single]
15. The Waitress [live] [from Past the Mission single]

Little Earthquakes 2CD Deluxe

Under The Pink 2CD Deluxe

Little Earthquakes vinyl reissue

Under The Pink vinyl reissue

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I have “discovered” Tori only recently and have some questions to Paul or any other Tori fan:
1. Has it become clear after the release of the DeLuxe versions whether these are remastered versions of the original album mixes. Or are alternate mixes used as on Tales Of A Librarian and the A Piano box set because the original tapes appear to have been deteriorated.
2. On first listen Tori is/was often compared to Kate Bush. Is it a coincidence though that Tori used a similar image for her debut album as Kate used for her’s (US cover The Kick Inside) ? “Living in a Box”

Dave W.

I just noticed a little “skip” in God, at 0:30. Can’t find this mentioned anywhere else, wondering if it is just my copy?

Justin Campbell

Well I never realised the CD single of Crucify had an alternate version of Crucify as well as the remix! I always assumed the track listing of lp version was accurate. Thanks for pointing it out Paul, i’m only 24 years late!

Wayne Klein

Any word on replacement discs for the fiest disc in this set with the audio problems?


It seems defective copies are still being sold. I bought Under the Pink last week, and there still are issues with The Wrong Band and The Waitress.

Leslie Hanagan

The live version of ‘Upside Down’ is the one from the 1998 ‘Bliss’ CD single and not the 1994 live version.
When the box set came out didn’t Tori complain about a lot of the original tapes being in poor condition and safety copies or alternate mixes had to be used? So which tapes were used for these releases?
I understand that the problems also occur on the download versions.
What is so baffling about the concept of quality control!


Jon Astley has been mastering her albums for almost 15 years.
For the vinyl release, the half speed master has been cut at Abbey Road Studios.


Both albums appear to be remastered by Jon Astley.
Apparently, some fans are pointing on Tori’s FB page, that the new “Under the Pink” cd has two defective tracks. These are The Wrong Band (has an audio glitch, from 00:37 until the end of the track) and This Waitress (seems that the vocals are out of phase).
This is also on the HR download….
Some people say that can be on the (new?) master, since the last vinyl had those glitches as well…
What’s wrong with reissues lately? Is it so hard to check if everything’s o.k. before it gets out?

Francis Wolf

D B what is the vinyl like? Gatefold?


Bought the vinyls, really happy with the packaging, sound is great!


Checked the track listing, I’m totally not interested in these 2 coming releasing although they’re my favorite albums by Tori.


Adding live cuts on bonus cds is a definite lack of imagination and laziness from the part of the label. Live tracks have a very limited life span, you listen to them once and never bother again, what a missed opportunity not to have add demo versions and unreleased tracks from the period. Knowing how prolific Tori was then (and still is) I’m sure her archives are overflowing! Still, I’ll definitely buy the vinyl as they were things of the past when the cps were released so it’s a good opportunity now.


Promos and some incredible UK TV spots.



Missed op!


these pending releases made A Piano a real gem… Tori better not be involved in this project. totally pointless!


As far as not including all the available b-sides. This is a totally missed opportunity. These types of sets are geared towards the fans. Those that are on the fence of buying a Tori Amos cd are not likely to shell out $20 or so to try out the album. They could easily find a used copy of the original album on Amazon for under a dollar or so. For the fans they should do everything they can to entice them to buy this. I was a big Tori fan but lost track of her career a few years ago. Under The Pink remains my favorite of hers. I was able to meet her and get my Under The Pink cd autographed on that tour at the Tampa Theater. I have the import 2 cd version that came out back then , that had the existing b-sides. Too bad they couldn’t do that again.

Stephen K.

I could say, “At last we cover an age where all bonus content has already been released on CD single” (ignoring most of the previous 90’s music deluxe editions). However, as pointed out with the God remixes, there are still some vinyl-only mixes which shall remain vinyl-only. So, there was a chance to make this a necessary purchase, but they gave up on it.

That said, with all of the complaints I have concerning material (or lack thereof) on 80’s deluxe editions, these Tori CD’s remind me that I happily bought the Radiohead 2CD deluxe editions. Yes! The 2CD and not the 2CD/1DVD versions! And they weren’t complete with regards to remixes. What can I say? How do I explain this action?

Well, I didn’t own the 1st three Radiohead albums on CD, nor any of the CD-singles. And, while I could have crafted my own compilations that would have suited my needs better, these seemed just fine considering my level of interest in the band, which is: I like the albums but don’t need to track down every b-side. So now I know the aim of record companies in addressing the general public, of which I am apparently a member: a bit of extra carrot to entice the fence-sitters who hadn’t already bought the albums.

(And the reason I didn’t get the 2CD/1DVD versions is because I had their music videos DVD already, and I didn’t need to see the odd TV live performances they did that filled out the rest of the DVD’s.)


Missed opportunity, missed purchase ! Sorry Tori.


Nothing previously unreleased? Demos? A concert? What a missed opportunity!


I’ve been awaiting these for so long. A disappointing selection of extras.
I always hoped ‘Little Earthquakes’ would get a SuperDeluxe box set. There’s enough stuff for one…and it deserves one, too.

Something like this would have been so, so cool: http://www.realgonerocks.com/2015/02/deluxe-edition-dreamland-tori-amos-little-earthquakes/


…aren’t many of these bonus tracks already on her A PIANO box set???


Hi, not all of them are on the Piano box set, and there are discrepancies as for the singles some of them are taken from between the deluxe and the piano lists. Here the list:

Little Earthquakes

1. Upside Down (from Silent All These Years single) Piano
5. The Pool (from Winter single) Piano
6. Take To The Sky (from Winter single) Piano
7. Sweet Dreams (from Winter single) Piano
8. Mary (from Crucify single) Piano – 2003 version
9. Sugar (from China single) Piano
10. Flying Dutchman (from China single) Piano – Alt mix
18. Here In My Head (from Crucify single) Piano

Under the pink

1. Sister Janet [from Cornflake Girl single] Piano
2. Honey [from Cornflake Girl single] Piano – pretty good year
3. Daisy Dead Petals [from Cornflake Girl single] Piano – pretty good
5. Black Swan [from Pretty Good Year single] Piano
6. Home On the Range (with Cherokee Addition) [from Pretty Good Year single] Piano – single God

So for people like me who don’t have the original singles these deluxe edition can be good. Of course they could have done better, but I might just buy the ones I don’t have. There’s also the issue of knowing whether they are the alternates mixes or the original ones. Cheers, Pierre


Paul – which company is releasing these?

I want to email them my home address, so come April, I’m first in the queue for the inevitable repressed-because-of-mistakes-with-the-first-issue Disc 2…


Same with Crime of the century… Missed opportunity…. It’s 2015…. Simply a cd with some bsides and live recordings won’t do….. 5.1, bluray, video footage from that period…. Then we’re talking..


I think it works if you are maybe newer to getting into her or aren’t a big collector (I fall into the second category) but even then, I have pretty much zero interest in live tracks as a casual buyer and would have preferred more b-sides and single/unique remixes or demos. She has more than enough live material for those who care, and on deluxe editions it just comes across as filler.

Steve Marine

This would be more exciting if there were some rare, unreleased tracks included. But for someone like me who already owns all of the singles that contain the tracks on the bonus discs, this is quite disappointing.


Nice to see them remastered….. BUT what a wasted opportunity for 2 landmark albums. :-(

There are more interesting things that could be on both LE… Ring My Bell, Happy Worker, the single remix of Crucify (never remastered) is absent.

The longform Little Earthquakes VHS is also out of print and never been issued on DVD/blu-ray so why could this not be bundled with Little Earthquakes 2-CD.

Under The Pink…… there are soundtrack contributions Butterfly and Losing My Religion missing too. Tori has gone on record saying they have filmed concerts from the first 4 tours too… so some archive fotoage of a gig from the Under The Pink too on a DVD alongside the 4 promo videos would have been amazing.

Tor’s first 4 albums are absolute classics and their deluxe re-imaginings should have been very inspired. These track lists are pretty dull it must be said.


I think many of the BSides weren’t included to keep costs down more than likely. I am thrilled to finally have MARY. I prefer the older version to the “Tales” version. Also if these bonus tracks are remastered then Mary and most of the other tracks should sound really good. I know some of the older singles esp the UK Imports had IMO poor sound quality as many did during the 90’s. so I will have to splurge. Also the fact that I would bet the actual albums have been fully remastered probably from when The Piano set was released, so it will be nice to finally her the album tracks that weren’t included on the Piano set remastered.


Still have all my old CD singles from the 90’s so I’ll be passing on these. They might have gotten my money if they had included DVD or BluRay with videos and live performances or a 5.1 mix.


I would have dropped those live tracks and included ALL the B-sides, as well as the exclusive songs used for soundtracks/compilations. There is still space left (since only the original albums are on CD1), so it’s clearly not a space issue. Seems like a missed opportunity – sadly I don’t think these will become a priority buy for me…

Douglas Pike

Totally agree. I can do without the live tracks and it would have been great to get all the studio B-sides on one disc. Once again I suspect the record company didn’t consult fans about what they’d like to see on such a reissue.


Under The Pink got a recent remaster for a Music On Vinyl release which is great quality. Wonder if this new edition will also go for the pink vinyl too?

A shame the B-sides are incomplete (there are a ton of other non-album tracks from soundtracks and compilations too from these two albums including a covers of Famous Blue Raincoat, Landslide, Losing My Religion and a duet of Down By The Seaside with Robert Plant), and also not being included on the vinyl editions. But on the other hand having spent most of the 90s picking up those limited edition releases, it’s nice to still have something exclusive. Agree with Marcel that the remixes of God are strong, especially the lengthy Dharma Kaya mix.

Now that Altlantic are offering anniversary editions of these albums, would it be too much to hope for an official reissue of Y Kant Tori Read?


Such a missed opportunity. Especially in the case of ‘Under the pink’, where there are some remixes of ‘God’ that were never released on CD. I guess this one won’t break my wallet.


Some of us already own a ‘deluxe’ version of ‘Under the Pink’. An Australian Tour Edition was released in the 90s and had pretty much most of the bonus disc here (minus live tracks) and some of those on the LE bonus disc too.

I just don’t understand why these deluxe editions are so uninspired and do not include DVDs. We’re not even guaranteed decent remastering here either. I can’t believe Tori has been involved in this at all – she wouldn’t approve these and let the fans down in such a huge way.

Crap crap crap!