T’Pau / Bridge Of Spies 25th anniversary edition in the planning

T'Pau / Bridge of Spies 25th Anniversary Edition in the planningA 25th Anniversary Edition of  T’Pau‘s 1987 debut Bridge Of Spies is in the planning, we can reveal.

Lead singer Carol Decker met with record executives in London today to discuss the reissue.

This morning, via twitter, she posted “Off into The Smoke for record co meeting about #Tpau25 the anniversary edition of Bridge Of Spies”

Later in the day came this update:  “Great record company meet about #tpau25 looking rosey folks Fingers x’d

We can probably expect at least a remastered 2CD deluxe reissue featuring B-sides and remixes, with the outside chance of something more than that (e.g. a 2CD+DVD set).

The album spent a week at number one in the charts in November 1987, and spawned five UK hit singles including the number one China In Your Hand. The reissue may come out in September, which would be exactly 25 years since the original release.

Other 25th Anniversary Editions released this year have included Paul Simon’s Graceland (out now), Swing Out Sister’s It’s Better To Travel (due 18 July) and Michael Jackson’s Bad (due 17 September).

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It’s high time this was finally out, despite the fact it’s actually their weakest album. Aside from ‘Sex Talk’ all the singles are great-though the album version of ‘China’ is hideous-the pared down, slicker single choice is far far better-encapsulates everything the song needed to be. It would have flopped big time if that horrible longer was released-and I would think many people skip it when they play the album. “The Promise” is their best, I’m awaiting that release if it ever comes out-not least because it’s first single’s b-side to date ‘All The Love’ is still is on no CD anywhere! Ridiculous and I hate T’Pau and Siren for that stupid decision. Both “Rage” and “The Promise” outdo the first album here with album tracks overall as strong as the singles, a faucet “Bridge Of Spies” lacks except for ‘Thank You For Goodbye’.

And it doesn’t change the fact Virgin and Warner STILL won’t remaster Sandra and Alphaville’s back catalogue-the 30th anniversary of her first album was August just gone, Alphaville’s the year before. But it’s high time at least one T’Pau album was redone. After all, those b-sides will jelp it out.

Alan Fenwick

It looks like this could finally be happening.

It’s on Amazon UK plus a few others and has a release date of the 6th November 2015



Yay, at last! Hope for some unreleased goodies or full live 1987 concert.


I really hope they get all the single mixes on there. I’ve got the US 7″ of “Bridge Of Spies” and I REALLY, REALLY hope they put it on there!!!


Bridge Of Spies 2CD/DVD deluxe reissue (Nov 6 2015)


i see there is a 25th anniversary tour but theyre promoting the cd/dvd behind the tracks set (excellent by the way), so obviously no interest in reissue, shame…


obviously a dead duck – shame those Heart & Soul mixes made it a must have.


Soon to be September and no more words about this?
Seems that it most likely won’t be released in September, if it’s even released at all. And I was so looking forward to this.

Let’s hope that it will be released in September after all. Fingers x’d ;-)

Todd R.

It should be noted that the band already put out a great collection of early demos and live recordings, plus a dvd showcasing the early days of their work – leading up to the breakthrough of BRIDGE OF SPIES.


Couldn’t agree more with the others….one of the most awful-sounding CDs I ever heard, which is a criminal shame because there are some terrific songs on the album, and hopefully this reissue will be an improvement on the original!


It will be interesting to see if they can improve the sound on this album because quite frankly it is one of the worst produced albums i have ever heard as good an album as it was.


I agree – the sound was quite harsh on the original CD. It’s a brilliant album but I do recall the sound being an issue.

I would love to see the Heart and Soul mixes.


Thank you for saying this…I had the cassette back in the day, and while I’m the farthest thing in the world from an audiophile, I thought it sounded horrible–the vocals especially were mush. Great to have someone confirm that the problem wasn’t my ears…