Trevor Horn / The Reflection / 2LP vinyl

Legendary producer Trevor Horn‘s music for Japanese anime superhero series The Reflection was issued in Japan last year on CD (and a special CD+DVD edition), but will now be available for the first time as a limited edition coloured vinyl pressing.

The animated series was aired on Japanese public broadcaster NHK and The Reflection is set in a world where a mysterious atmospheric phenomenon known as ‘The Reflection’ killed many people all around the world while causing the survivors to spontaneously develop superhuman abilities.

The Reflection comes in a gatefold sleeve, includes a four-page booklet and features all 24 tracks that were included on the CD release.

Only 250 0f these double PINK vinyl edition, released by Music On Vinyl (MOV), have been allocated for the UK (it’s 1000 units worldwide). The Reflection can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop using this link, or by clicking the button below.

CD editions available in Japan:

Side A:

1. Sky Show
2. Battle Begins
3. Reflection
4. Here Them Come
5. In Chaos And Confusion.

Side B:

1. From On High
2. My Daily Life
3. Reflected
4. Peace In Blue
5. In A World Of Unreason
6. I Am Alone With Sadness

Side C:

1. Loneliness and Solitude (Dialogue Ver.)
2. Main Theme
3. Hear Them Come (Again)
4. Left In A Bleak And Desolate Land
5. The Transition
6. From Battle To Flight.

Side D:

1. The Future Of Happiness
2. Greater Expectations
3. Reflection (Reprise)
4. SunSunSunrise (TV Edit)
5. Sky Show (‘Bel Air’ Reflected & Extended Mix)
6. Future Boyfriends
7. Sky Show (Unplugged).

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Is it vocaltracks or mainly instrumentals? I really love Trevors voice so I really hope for vocaltracks.

James Auman

How much Trevor Horn is on this album? Did he write/arrange/play all the music?


Howdy Paul,

Thanks for arranging to get this collection on LP. Do you know if there is any dialogue that plays over the songs? The music is really great, but the YouTube clips with dialogue are a bit of a letdown.


Steven Roberts

Hmmm…seriously tempted by that Trevor Horn album.

Would be even more tempted if you could get them signed :)

Daniel ( from Berlin )

the trevor horn work for dollar was truly great. so sad that the work ended after “dollar album”.
4 good pop songs, so many good ideas inside the songs with several bridges / vocals overdubs and endings ( especially “mirror mirror” – i wish it would go much longer after the 3:28 min. )
the “videotheque” was for me a first sign of the sound that was later used for propaganda.
“hand held in black & white” belongs to my favourite pop songs ever.
maybe it would be a “lexicon of love” re-issue with trevor horn alternate takes as bonus tracks like they used for the “dollar album”. it is much more interesting than the primitive demo’s ABC made without / before trevor horn.

James Auman

I didn’t know about the Dollar stuff until this past year. It is really really good. It’s almost an extension of the 2nd Buggles album. So layered and lush. I think they improved Videotheque as well.

elliott buckingham

I preferred dollars version of oh lamour over erasures also shooting star is pure pop class

Paul Spurgeon

Just ordered 1.
Cheers Paul!

Sean L

Hi Paul
Could you tell me if this is this a Japanese issue ? With an OBI strip etc?


Cheers Paul :)


Any chance of a cd reissue for this in Uk/USA?

Chris Squires

It would be good if there was a updated vinyl version of “Produced by Trevor Horn” although I was miffed that the 2004 CD set missed of anything from Tubular Bells II, Sentinel would have been a good addition. Particularly as there are three ABC tracks and many other two track appearances (Dollar!).

In fact I thought that The Reflection was what this was going to be. In the vein of Phil Collins’s Plays Well with others (great title) it would be good to get a “Collected” type edition for Trevor Horn’s work. It would make a great 4LP boxset. Best singles x 2, best remixes x 2…. Doesn’t that sound great?


And what’s up with Dollar? We wouldn’t be talking about Trevor Horn if it wasn’t for them! That marked the first time those songs had been on CD from original masters, or in the case of Give Me Back My Heart, at all.

Sorry but the days of Dollar being a soft target for being pop should be well and truly over.

Chris Squires

My apologies, I should not have mentioned one specific artist when several have two tracks. You are right an easy and lazy target. Suitably chastized I shall slink away.

Steve Thorpe

Hear Hear Alan – it was a massive bonus back in 2004 to see the Dollar tracks included on Produced by Trevor Horn! Not sure why they are often regarded as a soft target by music fans – some fantastic songs including my favourite ever single (Videotheque) came out of the 1980-1988 period in particular…

Phil Morris

Horn did pretty well via Buggles and Yes. I don’t think we can give (all) the credit to Dollar for his continuing stature.