UK retailer HMV announce limited editions as part of ‘Vinyl Week’


UK music retailer HMV have announced a ‘vinyl week’ where their customers will benefit from special discounts on selected vinyl records, and unique limited edition coloured vinyl pressings…

Vinyl Week will run from 13 to 19 June and the limited vinyl pressings will be available in-store and online from 18 June. Here is the full list of exclusives:

  • • Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols (1000 copies on pink vinyl)
  • • Manic Street Preachers: Everything Must Go (1000 copies on blue vinyl)
  • • Various Artists: Let’s Bop – Sun Records Collection (1000 copies on black vinyl)
  • • Teenage Fanclub: Bandwagonesque (500 copies on ‘hmv pink’ vinyl)
  • • The Clash: The Clash (1000 copies on green vinyl)
  • • Velvet Underground: Loaded (1000 copies on white vinyl)
  • • Deep Purple: In Rock (1000 copies on marbled vinyl)
  • • Alex Turner: Submarine OST (500 copies on 10” black vinyl)
  • • Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow: Ex Machina OST (500 copies on frosted vinyl)
  • • John Martyn: Solid Air (500 copies on green vinyl)
Deep Purples In Rock will be available on marbled vinyl

As well as the above HMV will also have an exclusive ‘release window’ on the following vinyl records:

  • • Iron Maiden: Brave New World
  • • Pulp: Different Class
  • • Pulp: His ‘n’ Hers
  • • Pulp: This Is Hardcore
  • • Pulp: We Love Life
  • • Laura Marling: Alas, I Cannot Swim
  • • Laura Marling: I Speak Because I Can
  • • 30 Seconds To Mars: This Is War
  • • Beastie Boys: Check Your Head (Deluxe Edition, Remastered)
  • • Various Artists: Guardians Of The Galaxy OST (2 LP soundtrack & film score on black vinyl)

The BPI forecast 3.5 million vinyl records will be sold in 2016, which would represent strong growth on last year’s two million.


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graham hill

do i have more of a chance of getting what i want by risking queuing outside the store at 8.00am and hope they have got enough or hitting the button at 9.00 and hoping they have any or will it crash??

[…] Read more about HMV’s vinyl week here. If you know where there is a Tesco with some coloured vinyl stock, when not leave a comment and help out other SDE readers. […]


Thank goodness nothing here I pined for.

When HMV did the limited 500 pieces Joni Mitchell colour vinyl for Blue, we got quite a few in Hong Kong- and for an irresistible price- I bagged a few copies.

Jan Burnett

Do we know if HMV owned Fopp are selling them as well?


Awesome! I just got my new USB turntable, so I’m ready!


You mean you’re going to buy vinyl and digitise it?


Its because some didn’t get it the first time, or have worn out their copy David B. Or was only an expensive import…I used to live in Australia. Getting a UK import on LP you’d pay about $60 – $70 just for one! I was broke after 2 albums yet had more on my wants list.

David B

Just wondering why everyone is getting excited about buying the same old stuff again but this time in coloured vinyl .. wow – bet that makes the sound better. Have people got more money than sense ?? It’s just another record company ploy to get us to but their back catalogue stuff again and again and again .. and sadly it seems to be working .. can’t think why.


People just like to have nice things.


So Pulp are going to reissue their Island albums as limited editions for HMV? How weird?


No, they’re not. HMV just has an “exclusive window” meaning they are available only there for a while before other retailers also have them. So I wouldn’t panic about Pulp and others, as they’re likely to be pressed in decent quantities (versus the true exclusives).

I’m mostly wondering if Plain Recordings is doing the Pulp reissues as they did in recent years, as I’d be very hesitant (as opposed to a direct repress by Universal).


No, I think HMV is just getting to sell them a bit earlier.

eric slangen

Very sad they don´t send out of the UK.

Le Baron

Thanks Paul,
Interested in Iron Maiden’s Brave New World double lp.
It will be this album’s first ever release on double black vinyl…only existed on Picture Disc Lp before.
I hope it will be available later on Amazon.
I also hope it’s the start of a second batch of Maiden’s vinyl reissues! :)


They’re charging £22.99 for the regular nmtb vinyl, which is expensive, so how much will the coloured vinyl be?!
One for the hipsters/ stamp collectors i think, to be hidden in a cupboard or on a shelf unplayed…


Thanks for this! I just set a calendar invite for midnight of the 18th :)

Alan Wilson

Is that 100% guaranteed re the online sale and will that be for the exclusive ones as well as the early release ones as well?


I really like the idea of HMV doing this vinyl release, it gives us people who never had the chance (or even had a record shop supporting RSD) to get hold of some vinyl. Gonna try to get a copy of the Sex Pistols album, wish me luck! Good Old HMV!


The Bandwagonesque looks good and would be a nice replacement for my lost original vinyl. But only 500 copies?


basically HMVs answer to Record Store Day, a great idea. I wonder how quickly this stuff will sell out or will they have tons of copies left like a lot of the RSD stuff?


I bought a pink vinyl bootleg of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ some years ago – I didn’t realise it was a boot at the time as the quality was far superior in comparison to the official anniversary edition doing the rounds at the time. It had copied the original inner labels as well. This one looks awful – just from the jpeg. Still, this has reminded me to pick up ‘Solid Air’ – cheers!


Those outside the UK are left out again, unfortunately HMV does not ship internationally.


Still waiting on a Pulp We Love Life deluxe edition with unreleased songs.

Steve Miller

Re: Pulp;. Tje only notable piece is that those albums have not been available on vinyl for some years and some of them are rather sought after.

Echoing an earlier poster – I tried to get the Morrissey releases last year but they were long gone.


Yes the Pulp releases are most welcome for those who don’t have originals and don’t want to pay £100 or so for This Is Hardcore. Wonder if ‘Different Class’ will have the changeable cover. I’m guessing probably not

Apparently HMV were considering doing this on RSD itself but then bottled it.

Good luck to everyone who queues


I would also love to know more about the new Pulp vinyl (i.e. who’s releasing, format, remastering, etc.). Especially since We Love Life is essentially unavailable.


I’m guessing the Alex Turner: Submarine OST will be some shade of blue vinyl… As noted above, it’s already easily available in black.

I’ll be looking out for the Beastie Boys: Check Your Head (Deluxe Edition, Remastered). Might be a reissue of the 4LP set, perhaps?

Paul Anderson

Is there anything notable about the new Pulp vinyl?

Alan Wilson

@Paul Anderson

Re Pulp records.

They’re just re-issues (no fancy frills, no funky colours), some of them very hard to get a hold of now (We Love Life and This Is Hardcore)

Auntie Sabrina

Should have gone to Specsavers, sorry I made a mistake about your lovely blog

Auntie Sabrina

You have a picture for the Ex Machina soundtrack on clear vinyl but forgot to list it then?


Virgin/EMI did a pink vinyl version of NMTB late 90’s / early 00’s (I have a copy) so a bit disappointing they didn’t pick a different colour. The Manics blue vinyl looks weird in a good way with different shades of blue around the centre and edges versus the main body of the vinyl – almost like a picture disc. There seems to be less titles available than last year.

Alan Wilson

I’m a bit bemused at the Alex Turner: Submarine OST (500 copies on 10” black vinyl) inclusion as this has and still is readily available already in that format.

4 X Pulp and a Manics for me. By the way if you’re new to this HMV exclusive vinyl offering they do (after all it’s only their 2nd time of doing it) it’s best to get down to your local store and queue early to guarantee you’ll get what you want. Last year the queues were reasonable and certain records flew off the shelves very quickly.

Auntie Sabrina

Good that HMV see a market for these type of releases. Their prices generally match and sometimes beat Amazon.co.uk too.

Well done, hope this is very successful

Rare Glam

All good colelctible fun of course. isn’t it though just a case of the mainstream hijacking Record Store Day? This seems to have quickly followed on from Tesco’s limited editions of LPs in time for Father’s Day (UK) that was in the press a day or two ago (The Jam pink vinyl, Clash green vinyl LPs etc).

Terry Settle

Record Day has already been hijacked by profiteers flogging them fie extortionate prices in Ebay

Martyn Alner


scroll to the bottom for the vinyl pics. EMG looks good.


it sure does Martyn.


if the manics sleeve is like the original (and not like the one in the EMG box. i.e. *photo* of the orig sleeve) I really really want this. thanks Paul for bringing this to my attention.


in excitement doesn’t even see the pic of the *actual* record above ;)
it looks so. good.

Le Baron

Got it, sorry:
”All of the above are strictly limited edition vinyl titles available only at hmv, but as well as these exclusives we’ll also be offering you the chance to get your hands on a selection of upcoming reissues weeks before they’re available anywhere else,”

Le Baron

Sorry Paul but what is a ‘release Window’?