Universal to repress OMD deluxe CD


Universal Music are to remanufacture the bonus disc of OMD’s Junk Culture deluxe reissue (out today) after fans alerted the band and the label to a number of errors that had slipped through.

Wrappup on CD 2 is actually an accidental repeat of album track All Wrapped Up and this will be corrected on the new pressings. Fans also noted that the Extended Version of Talking Loud and Clear on the second disc was in fact a six-minute edit of the original version which clocked in at almost nine minutes.

In this discussion on the forum of the official OMD website, Andy McCluskey last week acknowledged that “TLC extended version was edited in order to get the five unreleased tracks on the CD” before going on to say that “this was before Julia’s Song dub was removed to be made available as a 10″ for RSD”. It is unclear at this stage whether the full length version will be reinstated as part of the repressing.

Tesla Girls on CD 1 is also reportedly the seven-inch edit rather than the album version (SDE has not been able to confirm this) and there are reports that Love and Violence might be a slightly different alternate version. If this is the case these will not be corrected since CD 1 is not being repressed.

If you have ordered this set then contact Universal Music on mk.customerservices@umusic.com to organise a replacement disc.

Track listing – errors noted in bold.

Disc 1

1. Junk Culture 
2. Tesla Girls [seven-inch edit]
3. Locomotion 
4. Apollo 
5. Never Turn Away
6. Love And Violence [apparent alternate]
7. Hard Day 
8. All Wrapped Up 
9. White Trash 
10. Talking Loud And Clear 

Disc 2

1. Her Body In My Soul 
2. The Avenue 
3. Julia’s Song – Re-Recorded Version 
4. Garden City 
5. Wrappup – Dub Version Of ‘All Wrapped Up’ [Not ‘dub version’ but actually repeat of All Wrapped Up’
6. Locomotion – 12” Version 
7. Tesla Girls – Extended Mix 
8. Talking Loud And Clear – Extended Version [Edit of full 12″]
9. Never Turn Away – Extended Version 
10. (The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe 
11. 10 To 1 *
12. All Or Nothing *
13. Heaven Is – Highland Studios Demo *
14. Tesla Girls – Highland Studios Demo *
15. White Trash – Highland Studios Demo *

* = previously unreleased

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I had intentionally waited to order this Deluxe Edition — even though I am a huge OMD fan — because of these errors. I felt *surely* by now, Universal would have recalled the mispressed editions and supplied their retailers with corrected editions.

Not so.

The discs I ordered from Amazon (US) on 22 July arrived today, and have “All Wrapped Up” instead of “Wrappup” on CD2.

Who knowingly lets their retailers send out defective product for years after the defect became known?


The song “Locomotion” (track 3, CD 1) has a “volume” problem.
The song appears as if faded in, and in the first 20 seconds or so you can hear the mastering engineer raising the volume level while the song is playing.
Add this to the rest of the complaints for this CD and you wonder – didn’t someone from Quality Control PLAY the CDs before they went to press?
Paying a year’s salary to an extra employee to play the CDs and verify volume levels as well as quality of sound is way cheaper than to pay to have these CDs remastered, replaced and shipped, not to mention facing the anger of the fans and the embarrassment to the company.


The song “Locomotion” (track 3, CD 1) has a “volume” problem.
The song appears as if faded in, and in the first 20 seconds or so you can hear the mastering engineer raising the volume level while the song is playing.
Add this to the rest of the complaints for this CD and you wonder – didn’t someone from Quality Control PLAY the damn CDs before they went to press?
Paying a year’s salary to an extra employee to play the CDs and verify volume levels as well as quality of sound is way cheaper than to pay to have these CDs remastered, replaced and shipped, not to mention facing the anger of the fans and the embarrassment to the company.


So, is it safe to get the re-cut disc 2 with a purchase now (from Amazon or HMV, for instance)?

Billy Dojcak

Recently, I took the plunge and ordered a copy. Has the correct cd2. If I choose I can build my own cd with proper mixes and using some remastering software make it all sound ok.


Received my copy today and the replacement disc as well today. The spine was crushed of course. I ordered through the mail as it was much cheaper than buying it at my local record store (which stocked it for $30 US). Sad.

If there is such a large backlash as above on on their website they may think twice before putting out further reissues. That’s what Madness did after the Singles Box Vol. 1 came out. They got so much crap from the fans about which versions were used etc. that they decided NOT to do a Vol. 2. Vol. 2 would have had much more previously unreleased on CD tracks than 1 so this was a real disappointment for the fans at the time (prior to the more recent 2-CD reissues.

While I agree that this reissue is less than ideal I am happy to have it and hope OMD continue the reissue campaign.


I just wanted to state that, in general, these screw ups are totally unacceptable. Universal has been guilty of poor remastered/deluxe edition a LOT lately. For Junk Culture, the decisions made by the band along with Universal’s lack of quality control make for a genuinely undesirable final product. Since it is we older fans who buy these things in the first place, it is imperative that the labels get their act together and produce a truly premium item for the premium price we’re paying. It is absolutely fucking unacceptable for these errors and “early fade” cost-saving ideas to happen AT ALL. I know the bulk of Uinversal’s creative people have been fired but COME ON – do these things correctly the FIRST TIME. Jesus fucking Christ, is that too much to God damned ask?!?

[…] P.S. Added Corrected second disc with "Wrappup"… INFO More INFO […]


I think as this made the charts (and some money) a new 3 disc version should be made for late 2015 with a 35% discount for fans that have bought this edition. That would solve everything. Include the two alternative versions, the picture disc mix, the unofficial mix, the b sides, the TG USA mixes, the whole original album and maybe a few more demos. Make everything that appeared in the 2 disc version appear again in the same masters so we can sell our 2 CD versions. Fill up all 3 CD’s. But we all know this won’t happen. Makes far too much sense! I never understand if you can do a project like this why not do it properly once and for all. Call it the Ultimate edition or Final edition and make it clear that there won’t be another edition in 5 years time. That would get you more sales. I bought the TFF Songs from the big chair knowing i’d never buy it again.


@Neil Kelly:
Nice suggestion. But how should fans who have bought this JC expanded edition convince their (local) retailer that they should get a 35% discount on a potential 3-disc set in late 2015 (if it ever should be the case that UMG released such an Ultimate or Final edition)?

By the way, my suggestion for UMG was to introduce an OMD rarities series or CD box which features all tracks that don’t fit onto OMD’s expanded editions. I would call such a series “Souvenirs – The OMD Rarities”. Could be two or three or more volumes, depending on how much material is left over. Or it could be a double or 3-CD box, if it is less material.
The first four albums have been remastered already with bonus tracks. “Organisation”, for instance, did and does not feature ‘Enola Gay’ Long Intro Version (4:48) and the US 12″ Extended Mix (length unknown), ‘Motion And Heart’ Amazon Instrumental Mix by Roger Kimber (4:06) produced in 1982.
“Architecture & Morality” did and does not feature ‘Georgia’ Roger Kimber 10″ Mix (4:03) made in 1983, ‘Maid Of Orleans’ Razormaid Mix (5:15) and Razormaid Mix Unfinished (4:15), and ‘Maid Of Orleans’ Roger Kimber Remix (5:43), all of which were produced in 1984.
“Dazzle Ships” does and did not feature ‘Square Dance’, an unreleased and unfinished demo version.

I’m intrigued to know whether the ‘Crush’ remaster is going to feature ‘La Femme Accident’ US 12″ Mix (5:36)?
As you have seen now (or read, rather), there’s loads and loads of song material which has never been released previously. In other words, there’s a lot to do for UMG, innit?


Yeah it was only a suggestion wouldn’t ever actually happen. They could do the discount from their web store or something with proof of the previous purchase of the current version. Or offer stores like Amazon their own discount for buyers proving their original purchase so Amazon don’t lose their cut. Like i say never gonna actually happen. Your idea on those rarities ain’t ever gonna happen either but a great idea. Good name too! :)


Oh, that’s a pity if those rarities ain’t ever gonna happen. But how d’you know? Are you working for UMG?
Well, if your suggestion and my suggestion are turned down, then we can still hope for another volume of Blank & Jones’s OMD so80s artist edition. As far as I know, there is a tracklisting ready for a volume 2. Piet said something along these lines in this thread on February 4th, at 08:35 above. Maybe there could also be a volume 3 someday.

Probably the problem is to find out who has got the mastertapes of the unreleased mixes. And as for the US mixes, these were often done locally and so were out of worldwide licence agreements. But I don’t think one would have to renegotiate and pay for to put them on worldwide CD reissue. I mean, it is 2015 and there is a global market that allows for easy international releases and sales. So we can only wait and see…


Nemtrov and Ralph are clearly braindead fools. Totally agree with Musicator. As for Ralph suggesting that we have the original to listen to still, that completely misses the point. Of course as discussed before we should’ve had the original album remastered or at worst the 2 different versions replacing the album versions as OMD wish and then the two omitted album versions remastered as per the rest and included as bonus tracks on Disc 1 (at least an ardent fan could’ve programmed the correct order if they so wish or at least make their own digital copy in the order that they wish). Also that picture disc version and other missed tracks including full length 12″ versions and TG USA versions. Why should be have to buy an expensive So80’s compilation to get a missing track when we have paid £15 and have blank space. Utterly stupid.


And Musicator is a whining little maggot.


Thank you for your “criticism”. Well, I can live and cope with criticism, you obviously cannot. And if I’m whining, that’s fair enough.


Ralph is Andy Mcluskey in disguise obviously.


Noone is or was bitching here. People have rightly so criticised the way the remaster had been made. Normally, you don’t truncate extended versions or use faster/earlier fade-outs. This was done to fit more tracks on CD2, but another track (RSD or something like that) had been removed. So for the final tracklisting there was no need at all then to truncate TLC 12″ version or to use earlier fade-outs on ‘Locomotion’ and ‘Never Turn Away’. Both would have fitted on CD2 in full length amounting then to a total playing time of 74 minutes instead of 70:25 as is now the case.
And there was still CD1 which could have been filled up with bonus tracks (and the edits). Using alternative edits on a remaster is something fans normally don’t expect. Had it been announced beforehand by stating it on the tracklisting (e.g. ‘Telsa Girls’ – OMD Edit 2014), this would have caused less indignation. On a remaster the original album versions should be used and normally this is the case. OMD wanted to rewrite album history, a thing that backfired on them.

To have the original album does not really make amends for the remaster. I would have loved to listen to the remastered versions of ‘Tesla Girls’ (original album version) and ‘Love And Violence’ (original full length album version with 4:41 minutes), and not to shortened remastered versions. – Big difference.

When I got my replacement disc, I sent UMG a final statement on the ‘Junk Culture’ affair and what a remaster should be like according to my understanding and expectation. The answer was that all my comments were valid and that such a feedback would be considered for future releases.
Finally, let us hope that there will be no such disappointments with the remastered (and possibly expanded) editions of the remaining OMD albums ‘Crush’, ‘The Pacific Age’, ‘Sugar Tax’, ‘Liberator’ and ‘Universal’.

As for all other tracks that don’t fit onto the expanded deluxe editions in the future, an OMD rarities series could be introduced.


So what’s the big deal? It all boils down to one mistake that’s being taken care of. Most of the people who buy this edition have the original album, so they own the correct versions of the two songs on CD 1 – now you also have an alternate version of Love and Violence, which should be a good thing. The complete 12″ of TLAC is available on the so 80’s special OMD album. It’s not like the complete version has disappeared from the face of the earth! You get a replacement for CD 2, so could you all please stop bitching about nothing at all and instead enjoy two new songs and three demos that sound nothing like the final versions?

Jim Galvin

If i’m being “Forced” into buying a higher quality remaster with bonus tracks I want it done right. In this case, this is my only version because I only ever had it on vinyl and that’s been long gone.

Jim Galvin

I received an e-mail stating that they are only fixing Disc 2. (follows)

Thanks for getting in contact.

We’re aware that one of the tracks on the second CD is duplicate audio from the first CD. This unfortunately was not picked up by the band during the approval process and slipped through the net of our production system.

Some fans have noted that some fade lengths have changed. This was over seen by the band during the mastering process of the release. Andy McCluskey has addressed some of this in a statement on the OMD website which you can read here – http://www.omd.uk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9386&start=120#p207269

A replacement CD2 has been manufactured to correct the duplicate audio and we can gladly send you a replacement.

Our apologies again,

Many thanks,
Lisa Dorrington
Customer Services Advisor


I don’t think Universal are going to redo CD 1 “on the quiet like” because noone would know it when it’s been done, hence noone would buy it. Those who have bought the deluxe edition now with the replacement disc won’t be buying the same disc-set again.

If Universal (and the band) wanted to sell records, they would have to do another reissue (a super-deluxe edition with three discs or collector’s edition with just one disc featuring bonus tracks) with some new things added to it, like the previously unreleased (and obviously unauthorised) Razormaid mixes, the 7″-picture-disc-single version of ‘Never Turn Away’, the US ‘Tesla Girls’ mixes and similar stuff. Otherwise, a redoing of CD 1 wouldn’t make any sense at all. Redoing CD1 “on the quiet like” seems to me to be economic suicide of the record company.


Replacement disc arrived today…arrived in a slim plastic case nicely secured in a jiffy bag.


Is it possible that Uni may re-do CD1 “on the quiet like” for future pressings? How could we tell if it did happen?


Still waiting for my replacement CD.


How was the replacement CD packaged?


Just to say, I got the correct cd2 Fridauy last week – they were very quck to issue a replacement!


Incidentally – despite all this, I was rather gobsmacked to learn that the album had actually re-entered the official UK top 75 album chart – at number 73!!! Incredible. Even “Dazzle Ships” and the previous reissues never achieved this…. ironic too considering that it’s a mispressing as well…. This must be a first for a deluxe edition unless somebody else knows better! Wonder if it will be counted towards the original album’s total chart weeks tenure or a one-off under the deluxe edition (seeing as “Brothers In Arms” by Dire Straits and “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac” have also re-entered yet again – both of which have been repackaged and ‘deluxed’ several times over themselves)


Certainly not a first. I think one of the ‘One step beyond’ remasters by Madness went Top 75 but so many other albums too!


It’s true that Universal tend to make easy fists of these deluxe editions: another recent example was Tears For Fears’ 30th anniversary edition of “The Hurting” which actually – on CD2 – repeated the album version of “Ideas As Opiates” instead of the “Mad World” b-side version (which had a different percussion sound in the mix), and then, instead of the “Pale Shelter” b-side version of “We Are Broken”, they had the later “Broken Revisited” (from “Songs From The Big Chair” b-sides) included instead. This same error was repeated across ALL the multiple disc formats!

And of course, last year, one of the Siouxsie and the Banshees reissues (“Peepshow”) featured a mastering error on tracks 8 and 9 (where the respective end of one track and the start of the other was actually audible on each). Again they have had to be recalled to be fixed. Not good enough quality control at the end of the day, is it?

And I also agree with others that CD1 could have been better utilised and filled up with the b-sides and the single-sided “(The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe”, thus freeing the second disc to the remainder of the officially released [re]mixes of “Tesla Girls”, plus the full length 12″ versions of “Talking Loud and Clear” and “Julia’s Song”, not to mention also the exclusive extended 7″ picture disc version of “Never Turn Away”…

It’s a hard ask being a completist isn’t it??? ;)

Julian H

Also, on the regular album remaster, there are two little scratches in Ideas as Opiates. Not that I care too much


How can I detect the corrected CD’s ? Is there a different serial number or anything else?


Yes a shame that this mistake has happened and frustrating for many – especially us fans who know the releases and mixes etc. But, it must be said that they are acting and are repressing a disc to go out 0 which is more than many do.
We are lucky that we have Paul and such syerling work that he dod to make TFF Songs… such a fantastic box set – I wish that could happen with many more of my 80’s fav’s – but I guess its the same as buying anew phone – there’ always a new release round the corner and gripes that we have. Lost count on how many Level 42 ‘re-packages’ I have bought and still they are not right. Just get it on chaps, crank te volume and enjoy the maga OMD! :-)

Wax Monster X

Like all the other OMD fans I’ve been waiting years for a decent version of this only to now read that it’s effed up.

No wonder the music industry is in the shitter, But that’s OK major labels you just keep releasing vinyl to dumb kids who don’t know any better and just buy whatever because it’s on the suddenly cool vinyl. Back in the day these albums were cut-outs! LOL!

I guess I should not get my hopes up for any decent China Crisis remasters in the future. Sheesh! And if you labels wait any longer all us old folk will be too damn deaf to even hear the remastering.

Junk Culture – to buy or not to buy
Sparkle In The Rain – to buy or not to buy
London, Warsaw, New York – to buy or not to buy
Guess I’ll have to wait and see what the fans say…


Really all Re-issues need to include the “Original Album”….isn’t this the major point?
I have always been a fan of having the album as originally released (or as near as is possible), with the various Single A and B Sides added. Having all this collected together gives a good indication of the artists output of the time. Having detailed notes with regards to the various versions of released songs is always very nice too….and nostalgic (if you were there at the time)!
Demos and such can be fun or give an understanding of how songs or indeed albums developed (like these at the end of Discs!).
Another fun inclusion can be live recordings of the period…..often prefer whole concerts than individual live versions of songs.
I just do not understand removing songs or changing versions which (as most agree) mess up the original feel and flow of an album. Please just add these as well if you feel it is important, and it probably is!


Paul makes some good points on the “should acts mess with the original album” issue. Mostly, it’s misguided (Morrissey is indeed the classic example), but ultimately if the artist owns the recordings and the right to fiddle about with them, then we as fans/customers/collectors have to accept it….but…yes, always a but….as long as any changes are flagged up in the pre-release blurbs, or on the packaging itself.

So, if OMD really do cringe at the stuttered T-t-t-t-t-tesla on the original version (and the single mix, too), then obviously it’s their right to go back and rewrite history…just let us know, okay? Then we can decide if we still want to buy what is no longer just a remastered and expanded version of the original, it’s not the original at all.

Likewise, the alt. mix of Love & Violence, if tacked on as a bonus track, could have been an interesting curio, in addition to the original version. Or, as with Tesla Girls, the press release and/or packaging should have made clear that it’s a different mix (and given reasons if they felt like it).

This whole reissue of Junk Culture has turned out a horrible mess. Not just for the erroneously repeated All Wrapped Up – that can happen, it can be fixed easily, and has been fixed , but the questions surrounding a revisionism of acts’ own work without expressly saying so, the muddled thinking behind trimming a 12″ mix by 3 minutes to facilitate a track which was removed long before the project was released.

And it’s been a PR disaster for all concerned.


So CD 2 has been corrected. And has started to be shipped out. And some “lucky” people have received it already. That is amazing fast. So why has the download version iTunes still have the wrong song. How hard can it be to switch one song on a server somewhere?

Paul Kent

In recent years, Morrissey’s shameful re-writing of his own history has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth in this very room. For the purest of fans this can be seen as a simultaneous act of betrayal and egotism. Nobody really wants to purchase a re-ordered hodge-podge that the artist then claims to be the “definitive” version. No! The original album is definitive. In some cases, tinkering with latter-day technology CAN improve an album – I’m thinking of Nick Davis’s remixing of the Genesis catalogue in the mid-’00s, but that’s just my opinion. In other cases, such as Morrissey’s shenanigans, the decision to alter whole track lists is unfathomable.

However, in these cases, the purchaser was made perfectly aware, upfront and in advance, that they were not purchasing original versions of these albums. Whatever your views may be about such meddling, you can’t say you weren’t warned. In this instance, unless you subscribe to this blog (or any other online forum highlighting the error), you’re taking OMD and Universal’s claim at face value and buying the album thinking it’s a remastered original. Someone, somewhere, has recognised the mistake, brought it to the attention of certain parties, and made motions to rectify it (partially). But, to then mail out a blurb, a week later, advertising the reissue as an ‘as was’ version is dishonest and clearly a breach of some kind.


Hi Musicator, I think you misunderstand me.

Universal may genuinely not have realised OMD made changes to the mixes being included on the “original” album, hence the mailout claims. If so, I have no idea why the band would want to keep quiet about it, other than to avoid a repress, as you say.

The “telling porkies” comment does not in an way refer to fans or customers….it’s either the band, or the label, or both!

It’s a mess that could have been avoided, by withdrawing the item as soon as these issues were spotted before release. A quick repress of CD2 (which has happened anyway), and then some sort of announcement that, yes, OMD wanted to take this opportunity to alter a few things about the original album which they are unhappy with (a la Kate Bush and many others). And of course, the reinstatement of those missing 3 minutes of TLAC on the second disc.


Why should the band put the Universal staff to the test by swapping mixes of two songs on the original album? I just don’t get your point here, TBH.

The mistakes may well have been non-deliberate and so everyone involved wants to avoid repressing both CDs for economic considerations. But why should, as you put it, “certain people be telling porkies”?

Don’t you believe me and all other people who have confirmed it on Amazon, on the official OMD forum and on SDE, that the remastered version of TG is without the stutter and the remastered version of L+V misses a line? These are no lies, there are hard FACTS.

Universal Records advertise that one will purchase the original album. Clearly, this is not the case because of the two edits.
I also don’t subscribe to the point of view of some people on the OMD forum, saying that the “Tes-Tes-T-T-T-T-Tes” dates the song. This was how music was made way back in the 80s, sampling snippets of a song and integrating it into the final version of a song. Many other artists did it as well. Just think of The Art of Noise and ‘Paranoimia’ and many other songs by the Art of Noise. Think of Paul Hardcastle’s ’19’, think of Duran Duran’s ‘Reflex’ (Extended Remix).
Noone makes music this way nowadays, and so people today, especially young employees at record companies, may consider it odd. But changing original album tracks on a remaster is like re-composing and re-recording a symphony by Mozart or Beethoven and releasing it on another Mozart or Beethoven compilation with the same old title of the symphony. This is the thing, that probably does not add up here.

Billy Dojcak

Funny you bring up the stutter. That was on so many records. I was playing something the other day and my daughter asked if the cd was skipping.


“Misleading advertising” is an offence worthy of at least a cursory investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority, although it usually applies to broadcast media.

Something does not add up here….either Universal genuinely don’t know that the band have swapped mixes of two songs on the original album, or it wasn’t deliberate but everyone involved wants to avoid repressing CD1 as well as CD2…or, certain people are telling porkies.

All in all, not OMD’s finest moment in the PR stakes.

Paul Kent

…well, the reference to the TDA was a joke, really. However, the purpose of the act is to prevent consumers from being mislead about what they are purchasing. In this regard, the email I received is definitely misleading as they categorically state that what I will potentially purchase is the original album. Clearly, it is not. Greater minds than mine are better placed to determine whether this would stand up in court, though :)


Sorry for the typo:
of course, it should read: …that ‘Love And Violence’ was originally meant to be released on a single.

Paul Kent

I’m not interested in this release, at all. But, I received a promotional email about it from Universal this morning and thought you guys may be interested in the way the reissue is described…

“30 years after the release of OMD’s Junk Culture comes the remastered 2CD Deluxe Edition.

The package includes THE ORIGINAL ALBUM* fully remastered at Abbey Road, overseen by Andy & Paul, a collection of the era’s b-sides, extended mixes and 5 previously unreleased tracks (including the unheard tracks ’10 To 1’ and ‘All Or Nothing’).

Along with extensive sleeve notes by Paul Browne, this Deluxe Edition is THE DEFINITIVE, EXPANDED STORY* of Junk Culture.”

(*caps my own)

… a breach of the Trades Description Act, maybe?


@Paul Kent,
laughable is the statement that the package included the original album. Are Universal people really so naive as to believe that fans won’t hear the difference? Two edits, ‘Tesla Girls’ and ‘Love And Violence’, the former without the stutter, the latter with a line missing, these two edits were not on the original album. Otherwise these wouldn’t be edits, would they? Maybe the band wanted to say that ‘Love And Violence’ was originally meant to be release as a single.

There’s two things, I want to know more about:
1. What does the Trades Description Act say?
2. Aren’t there rules and regulations that prohibit record companies and the artist from using edits on original album remaster reissues?


Apparently replacements have started being received today. Time for me to get in touch! Only been out 5 days though. Bit quick seems like they started making them before as they knew the problem. Is a 5 day turnaround for re-pressing a CD and sourcing the correct version and posting out to people a bit quick?


Just had my repressed Disc 2 arrive in the post.

Kudos to Universal for shipping the replacement so quickly but yes, NeilKelly, it’s almost too quick – they were probably pressed up ready to go for when the album proper was released.

And whilst Wrappup has been corrected, it IS still the edited version of the TLAC 12″. Hashtag “missed opportunity”.




As an OMD fan, I’m a bit disappointed, especially for those that are big fans of Junk Culture. I admit I’m more a fan of Architecture & Morality and Crush (and hey, their new stuff – OMD is one of the few acts from pre-2000 or so that is still making good music!)

Dies anyone know if deluxe editions for Crush, Pacific Age and Architecture are in the works? Here in the US those 3 were pretty much their biggest albums…


@DLG, why should ‘Architecture’ be in the works? It’s been remastered and released already in 2003, and there is a Collector’s Edition with a DVD, which has been released in 2007. Or did you mean to say “Does anyone know if deluxe editions for ‘Crush’, ‘The Pacific Age’ and ‘Sugar Tax’ are in the works”?


If the tweaks to the main/original album are deliberate, the reissue ought to have had some sort of “Director’s Cut” tagline, or at the very least flagged up the differences in the credits/tracklisting.


@Jon, I suspect that the band, i.e. OMD, either Andy or both Andy and Paul, have decided to put some edits on the remastered edition. This obviates the tendency of the fans to get rid of their original copies. So there is some obsession here on the part of the band that we fans have to keep all the OMD recordings we’ve bought. But that’s just an idea. Maybe we will get a statement from Universal. Hopefully, not the one saying the band wanted to rewrite album history.


So does this mean that someone – OMD, perhaps –changed the versions of TG and L+V intentionally on disc 1? Was George Lucas involved? ;)


Does this mean that the full 12″ version of TLC will not be included?


@ Saad, obviously we will have to put up with the truncated TLC here. But fans still do have the B&J so80s compilation with the untruncated, i.e. full extended version.


Got an email to say there are sending me the corrected second disc also an interesting statement as well Some fans have noted that some fade lengths have changed. This was over seen by the band during the mastering process of the release. By that it looks like the only error Universal made was duplicating All Wrapped Up on disc 2.


Interesting. I guess that says it all


Hello Musicator,
I have the US promo 12″ of “Tesla Girls” in my own collection.
2 of the 3 versions are different to the “Extended Version”.
“Specially Remixed Version” 5:03
“Instrumental Version” 4:43
The “Extended Mix” on the “So 80’s Blank & Jones OMD Collection”
sounds like a Dub Mix of the “Specially Remixed Version”.
Most instrumental, with a few vocals and male backing vocals.


Maybe very interesting for “Tesla Girls” Fans:
on the Blank & Jones “So 80’s OMD Compilation” you can hear
an alternate vocal version of the US 12″ Special Remixed Version.
It begins like the known US 12” Mix but then it turns out very different.
Maybe Piet Blank can tell us what this mix really is.


@Daniel, I guess OMD fans are aware of the ‘Tesla Girls’ version on the B&J s080s OMD artist compilation. B&J referred to it as being the “Extended Mix” (not the extended version).
As for me, in 1984 I was 14 years old and couldn’t afford every record. US editions were unavailable in my country, even the 3″-CD-singles of ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Shame” had only been released in Germany, not in Austria. The US 12″ Mix of ‘Tesla Girls’ is a mix I am unfamiliar with, don’t know how it sounds or sounded like. But I do have hope that the previously unreleased Razormaid Mixes and US mixes will be released sometime in the future on another OMD’s rarities compilation.


I caved in and bought this from HMV for £12.99. To the people who have contacted Universal did you give them your name and address and are they just going to send out replacement discs to anybody without proof of purchase ?


Just name and address no proof of purchase asked for.


Thanks i sent them my address let’s wait and see if i get a reply. While they are fixing this by putting Wrappup on there i hope to hell they put the full TLAC on it as well.


@Paul: I haven’t asked when sending my e-mail to Universal customer services, which CD2 tracks are going to be fixed (apart from Wrappup, of course). It would be great if they also included the 12″ versions of ‘Locomotion’ and ‘Never Turn Away’ without the earlier fade-outs. ‘Locomotion’ should be a 5:20 and NTA should be a 6:31.

Will the previously unreleased Razormaid mixes of ‘Locomotion’ and ‘Tesla Girls’, and the Extra Mix of ‘Tesla Girls’ as well as the 7″-picture-disc version of ‘Never Turn Away’ ever see the light of day?
What are the chances that we will get the original album tracks remastered (without the ‘Tesla Girls’ and the ‘L+V’ edits)?


After all the negative comments about the tracklist…
Could anybody make a statement about the remastering? Does it sound better than the original CD?


@Michael, yes, it sounds better. There is more of the dynamic range, the tracks are a bit louder but pleasant to listen to (so no loudness war here). You may also have a look at what people have to say about the sound quality on the OMD forum. However, I didn’t do a spectral analysis.
Some people said that B&J had “overequalized” some of the tracks on their so80s OMD artist compilation, which should be the case on the track ‘Talking Loud And Clear’ (Extended Version). But frankly speaking, I’m very satisfied with the sound quality of TLAC there. At least, it is the only place where you get the untruncated extended version in CD-audio quality. Those discontented with the tracklisting and the sound quality of the deluxe reissue had better wait until the release of a super-deluxe edition of ‘Junk Culture’, if there ever should be one.


@William, they just want to get rid of the error CD2 :P CD1 won’t be replaced, so they kind of need those :D


Just to add further ridiculously poor quality control stories to this thread, my friends shop received copies of this with no disc one inside but two 2nd discs, what a complete balls up this has been


@Piet, thanks for the story behind! I was wondering whether you guys will re-do the previous So80s with your stand now (not too loud or compressed)! Perhaps a boxset with many volumes repress with a new master)! Or when people have the old one volume can get a replacement for the new one or discount on the new one!

You might can do that as well for the OMD: do a volume 2, redo volume 1, put them together in a boxset!

About this OMD release! The demo’s (rough mix/raw version of the song) and the bonus tracks won’t do me much! They can be easily put on CD1, right after the full album tracklisting, it’s like listening to the next CD, those won’t affect the pleasure of listening to the original album. And the empty can be used fully. I like the different mixes, versions, dubs, …! There is no other way/chance to get all of these. Unless they do CD Singles Boxes (each CD with all version/mixes of the Single)! Wow, a dream come true!