Virgin axe hi-res DVDs from Roxy Music Studio Recordings box set

Virgin axe hi-res DVDs from Roxy Music boxThe much-delayed Roxy Music The Complete Studio Recordings box has been given a new release date of 6 August 2012.

However, crucially, what was an eight-CD box set with four DVDs featuring hi-res audio versions of all the albums, appears to have mysteriously changed into a Ten-CD box with no sign of the DVDs.

The original press release read:

“Each album will be represented on DVD format as high-resolution audio, transferred digitally from the original analogue masters, making this release an absolute ‘must have’ for Roxy Music fans and collectors.”

By this logic without the DVDs this is no longer a ‘must have’ box set. Audiophiles and Roxy Music enthusiasts are likely to be very disappointed with this. We understand the hi-res audio was going to be 96/24 LPCM stereo transfers from original analogue master tapes.

Roxy Music / Complete Studio Recordings Box Set
Official pack shot shows the 10 CDs - no DVDs...

Another change is that the bonus tracks which were appended to each album are now collected separately across two bonus CDs, hence ten CDs rather than the eight mentioned in the original press release. An extra track – More Than This (7” Version) – has also been added to the bonus material making a total of 32 singles, B-Sides and alternative mixes rather than 31 in the original box track listing.

Anyone who pre-ordered this box earlier in the year on the basis of the DVDs might want to reconsider. Amazon.co.uk still incorrectly list 12 discs as does Amazon.com. Some retailers reflect the new format with UK online supermarket sainsburys.co.uk showing the 10 CDs with correct track listing.

Updated tracklisting below:

CD1: Roxy Music

  • 1. Re-make/Re-model
  • 2. Ladytron
  • 3. If There Is Something
  • 4. 2HB
  • 5. The Bob (Medley)
  • 6. Chance Meeting
  • 7. Would You Believe?
  • 8. Sea Breezes
  • 9. Bitters End

CD2: For Your Pleasure

  • 1. Do The Strand
  • 2. Beauty Queen
  • 3. Strictly Confidential
  • 4. Editions Of You
  • 5. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
  • 6. The Bogus Man
  • 7. Grey Lagoons
  • 8. For Your Pleasure

CD3: Stranded

  • 1. Street Life
  • 2. Just Like You
  • 3. Amazona
  • 4. Psalm
  • 5. Serenade
  • 6. A Song For Europe
  • 7. Mother Of Pearl
  • 8. Sunset

CD4: Country Life

  • 1. The Thrill Of It All
  • 2. Three And Nine
  • 3. All I Want Is You
  • 4. Out Of The Blue
  • 5. If It Takes All Night
  • 6. Bitter Sweet
  • 7. Triptych
  • 8. Casanova
  • 9. A Really Good Time
  • 10. Prairie Rose

CD5: Siren

  • 1. Love Is The Drug
  • 2. End Of The Line
  • 3. Sentimental Fool
  • 4. Whirlwind
  • 5. She Sells
  • 6. Could It Happen To Me?
  • 7. Both Ends Burning
  • 8. Nightingale
  • 9. Just Another High

CD6: Manifesto

  • 1. Manifesto
  • 2. Trash
  • 3. Angel Eyes (***rock version***)
  • 4. Still Falls The Rain
  • 5. Stronger Through The Years
  • 6. Ain’t That So
  • 7. My Little Girl
  • 8. Dance Away (***ballad Version***)
  • 9. Cry, Cry, Cry
  • 10. Spin Me Round

CD7: Flesh And Blood

  • 1. The Midnight Hour
  • 2. Oh Yeah
  • 3. Same Old Scene
  • 4. Flesh And Blood
  • 5. My Only Love
  • 6. Over You
  • 7. Eight Miles High
  • 8. Rain Rain Rain
  • 9. No Strange Delight
  • 10. Running Wild

CD8: Avalon

  • 1. More Than This
  • 2. The Space Between
  • 3. Avalon
  • 4. India
  • 5. While My Heart Is Still Beating
  • 6. The Main Thing
  • 7. Take A Chance With Me
  • 8. To Turn You On
  • 9. True To Life
  • 10. Tara


Singles, B-Sides and Alternative Mixes:

  • 1. Virginia Plain
  • 2. The Numberer
  • 3. Pyjamarama (Island Mix)
  • 4. Pyjamarama (Polydor Mix)
  • 5. The Pride And The Pain
  • 6. Do The Strand (USA 7” Mix)
  • 7. Hula Kula
  • 8. Your Application’s Failed
  • 9. The Thrill Of It All – Edit
  • 10. The Thrill Of It All (USA 7” Mix)
  • 11. Love Is The Drug (USA 7” Mix)
  • 12. Sultanesque
  • 13. Both Ends Burning (7” Mix)
  • 14. For Your Pleasure – Live
  • 15. Trash 2
  • 16. Dance Away (Single Version)
  • 17. Dance Away (Canadian Extended 12” Mix)
  • 18. Angel Eyes (Single Version)
  • 19. Angel Eyes (12” Single Version)


Singles, B-Sides and Alternative Mixes:

  • 1. Oh Yeah (7” Version)
  • 2. Manifesto (Remake)
  • 3. South Downs
  • 4. Lover
  • 5. Jealous Guy
  • 6. To Turn On You (1981 B-Side Version)
  • 7. More Than This (7” Version)
  • 8. Avalon (7” Single Version)
  • 9. Always Unknowing
  • 10. Take A Chance With Me (7” Single Version)
  • 11. Take A Chance With Me (USA 7” Mix)
  • 12. The Main Thing (12” Single Version)
  • 13. The Main Thing (Remix)


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Well now; how surprising! Like the Floyd exercise, band group/member pride (no pain!) at curating their own legacy glaringly absent once again (BF not only adopts, but now acts, world weary persona?!): it’s patently bleedin’ obvious that this is an industry grab for further cash from those remaining original fans who still use this format before they all come their inevitable sooner ends (most, like the band members, well beyond the mid life) and the assocaited dying industry business model is no longer able to milk that literally dead market/format.
Some of the commentators on other format issues here tantamount to realise that (PG’S ‘So’ the most shock – (the monkeys = ‘US’!) – ingly obvious of late.), so that we ‘loyal’ fans may as well do as some other obviously otherwise muisc fans – (coz they come to this site) – do, and just wait to ‘acquire’ the really quite meagre extras* ‘alternatively’: we’ve paid enough over the years for more (certianly NOT ‘than this’!) or less the ‘same old scene’ enough.
* Foer example, what, no legendary OGWT spectacular Eno outtro of version of Ladytron 8already issued elsewhere, anyawy): the obviously recorded remaining gig from which ‘For Your Pleasure (Live)’ was culled from?
The legendary John Peel sessions with David O’List? (It’s said that any JP sessions are up for release, IF all band members involved agree – so if they still aren’t, you know where the responsibility lies …)
Need any self-respecting RM fan go on?
The oft stated ‘missed opportunity’ of these types of cynical music industry re-re-re (make /model! etc. ) issues is an understatment travesty!


「失望(shitubou )」 An English meaning:Disappointment
「The Complete Studio ・・」 what a Japanese meaning?

Edward Lawrence

Me too!…no DVDs = no purchase.

Why promise them in the first place?


It’s the same treatment as on the Thrill Of It All-boxset which I have: Album stuff on the first 3 discs, bonus stuff on the 4th disc. I really can’t understand this logic because I think it’s more convenient to finally have the bonus tracks on each album instead of separate them to 2 CD’s.


Ive got all the re-releases and the Thrill Of It All boxset so ill be giving this the wide berth too…..maybe Virgin will be releasing the Hi-Res discs separately.


Yes, a pass for me as well.


Have these albums been remastered at all or are they the same as the CD’s currenlty on the market? My cd of ‘Country Life’ (from the late 90’s?) is very over-compressed and quite unpleasant on the ear. Much too tinny and sharp. The others sound much better in comparison. Also, one of the albums (perhaps ‘Country Life’ again) has a mixup with band members attributed the wrong instruments on the packaging. Has that been fixed here too?

Am glad the extra tracks are now on disks of their own though.


Oh well…I can now pass on this one! Very stupid move on Virgin’s part – the HiRez tracks were the ONLY reason to buy.