Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters glow-in-the-dark vinyl

Remember the Ghostbusters glow-in-the-dark twelve-inch issued for Record Store Day back in April? Well that desirable item is already commanding high prices, but fear not, since Sony have set up a 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters online store and filled it with some exclusive items, including a repress of Ghostbusters RSD release, but this time not numbered and without the RSD sticker. It still exhibits the same glow-in-the-dark qualities.

A competitive price for this item probably makes shipping charges more palatable, but as always you need to factor in possible import duty when considering a purchase (items ship from the US). The store also has various bundles including T-shirt and vinyl for £22.

Ghostbusters glow-in-the-dark vinyl tracklisting

Side A

  • Album Version (4:04)
  • Instrumental Version (4:48)

Side B

  • Extended Version (6:08)
  • Dub Version (5:35)

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Reminiscent of my glow in the dark ‘Neon Lights’ by Kraftwerk, bought in 1979, stolen in 1993! :-)


I was eventually able to get my hands on the RSD release about 3 weeks ago through the Fargo Vinyl Shop in Paris for just 15 euros.


the soundtrack LP is being reissued soon.


And it fits in the ghostbusters release on blu ray later this year. Part two debuts on blu ray finally.


I read a rumour that they were reissuing the soundtrack. Not sure, though. It was reissued almost a decade ago with a 12″ version of the title track. I hope they reissue it again plus the sequel.

Mike F

Import charges occur over £15 these days. They actually reduced the limit!

Phil Wilson

As its under £18, import charges should be avoided. Bit unclear what is on it though, I had read elsewhere that is was the 10″ which they “reissued” un-numbered a few weeks ago

Mike Duquette

Hey Phil, it’s exactly the same contents as the RSD release (the hit version, instrumental and those wacky original 12″ mixes), sans the RSD sticker and numbering. I know, it makes the original one “less collectible” to some, but I pitched it to Legacy hoping Ghostbusters fans would dig it and maybe give vinyl collecting a shot. (And from everything I’m hearing, it appears fans like it!)

-Mike D. (co-producer of the single for Legacy)

Rob Puricelli

Mike, will these vinyl products only be available via the store or will they be available via other, more regional outlets? The prices of the products themselves are very good, but the shipping is a deal breaker. I’d love to buy the 12″ and the album, but £17 shipping is quite hefty, especially if HMRC add a chunk of VAT on top.

I’m really happy you’re doing this, but would prefer a more regional shipping option, if possible :-)