XTC / Nonsuch 2LP vinyl

2LP vinyl • 200g pressing • XTC-approved

XTC‘s 1992 album Nonsuch receives a vinyl reissue next month.

The album, which features the singles ‘The Disappointed’, ‘The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead’ and is the ninth in a series of XTC Classics to be issued on a 200g vinyl edition. It has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering with input from Andy Partridge and is fully approved by XTC.

Like Oranges and Lemons which is coming on vinyl in early September,  Nonsuch comes with a reworked gatefold sleeve and includes the song lyrics and the front cover has been restored to its original quality with the gold coloured overlay.

This is the original stereo mix (as opposed to the Steven Wilson stereo remix) as mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering, with input from Andy Partridge..

Nonsuch will be reissued as a 2LP set, via Andy’s APE label, on 9 October 2020. Pre-order your copy from the SDE shop using this link, or the button below (a few other XTC titles are also available).

Side One
1 The Ballad of Peter
2 My Bird Performs
3 Dear Madam Barnum
4 Humble Daisy
5 The Smartest Monkeys

Side Two
6 The Disappointed
7 Holly Up On Poppy
8 Crocodile
9 Rook

Side Three
10 Omnibus
11 That Wave
12 Then She Appeared
13 War Dance

Side Four
14 Wrapped In Grey
15 The Ugly Underneath
16 Bungalow
17 Books Are Burning

Original Stereo Album mix

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James W

Serious question, I have always wondered how you pronounce this, are the first 3 letters (phonetically) pronounced as (i) Nun or (ii) Non, ryhming with Con.



Nonsuch actually means a person or thing regarded as excellent or perfect.
Which that album is.

Mike Thorn

James – the image on the cover is Nonsuch Palace which was owned by Henry VIII and later destroyed. It was located between Cheam (now London Borough of Sutton) and Stoneleigh (Epsom and Ewell – Surrey). Certainly locally the Palace and School are pronounced Non as in don and then such as in hutch.

Tim Abbott

Glory be! Never thought it would happen. It’s literally the only commercial vinyl release by XTC I don’t have (that’s albums *and* singles, including the beautiful 7” collection Apple Box, a Big Express in the circular sleeve and a Black Sea still in its paper bag), and I had sort of forgotten about it. I did consider springing for an original pressing, but like Skylarking, I guess a fresh copy from now is preferable to what was a second-class afterthought pressing in the early 90s when vinyl was seen as far less important.

Gary Thompson

I have 2 copies of the original vinyl, and it sounds fantastic to me, by no means an afterthought.


Great news what a great band xtc were

David Mcintyre

A possible reissue on CD of Coat of many Cupboards boxset wouldn’t go amiss. Current prices for second hand copies are eye popping.

Anyhow, no such is a great album no matter what format. Nuff said


Hmm, really? Maybe I should consider selling my copy.
I’ve never really liked it as a collection and only bought to as part of my XTC fetish.

Same with Rag and Bone Buffet although that is a better selection it is still a bit ‘odds and sods’ and I never play it either.

Mr Peter Neil Reason

Thanks for the list of the 9. I’d forgotten all about the Dukes.


Very much looking forward to this. Yesssss!

Murray Graham

The 9 so far on 200g vinyl have been:
Black Sea
English Settlement
Apple Venus
Wasp Star
Psonic Psunspot (Dukes)
25 o clock (Dukes)
Oranges And Lemons (pre-order)
Non-Such (pre-order)

Sylent Syd

So happy! My XTC vinyl collection will be complete on Oct. 9. Now, can someone urge Mr.Partridge and company to release a vinyl edition of Rag n Bone Buffet?

Mr Peter Neil Reason

Nine classics released?. Can anyone list me what has so far been released (vinyl wise )?

Paul Lewis

Black Sea
English Settlement
Apple Venus
Wasp Star
Oranges & Lemons
25 O’Clock
Psonic Psunspot

Sylent Syd

I know GO2 hasn’t received the 200g reissue treatment yet. White Music, Drums and Wires, Number and the Bug Express may be the others, bit I’m not 100% positive on those.

I’m really hoping that Rag n Bone Buffet also gets a vinyl release. That would be a first-time release on wax as well.

Sylent Syd

Sorry, I read that wrong (just woke up here in Canada). Here’s what’s on vinyl already:

Apple Venus Vol I & II
English Settlement
Black Sea
Psonic Psunspot (Dukes of Stratosphere)
25 O’Clock (Dukes of Stratosphear)

Paul Lewis

Ordered from SDE Shop! So great have this wonderful album on vinyl…a real treat to have this and Oranges & Lemons within a month.


Nonsuch is a really tremendous album which I have only ever owned on cd – so this is a very welcome re-issue. There is barely any filler on this – I’d say 2 tracks – but otherwise it’s really prime XTC.


Have they paused the CD/DVD reissues Paul?

Craig Hedges

I think the band are having problems locating the original multi track tapes which is the only way the 5.1 mixes can be produced. English Settlement is supposedly destroyed, Can anyone throw some light on this? I’m waiting for The Big Express.

Brad B.

Tried to… sigh…


I have a horrible feeling that they were amongst the artists who lost tapes in the 2008 fire at UMG.

Gerald Konopik

mmmh, don’t think so: fire was in 2008, the former record company “Virgin” was incorporated in 2012 by UMG (purchase of EMI to which Virgin belonged at that time); I can’t imagine that they would have stored the multi track tapes before the purchase at UMG……

Alan Jones

One of my favourite bands since their debut White Music in 77. Much underrated songsmiths in Partridge and Moulding of which Nonsuch is a fantastic example of their fine repertoire and back catalogue. Ignore at your peril…


Great news what a great band xtc were