Yngwie Malmsteen and Rising Force / Now Your Ships Are Burned


The Polydor albums of Swedish guitarist and songwriter Yngwie Malmsteen are collected in a new four-CD box set titled Now Your Ships Are Burned, due for release in February.

Studio long-players Rising Force (1984), Marching Out (1985), Trilogy (1986), Odyssey (1988) and Eclipse (1990) are all included, along with the 1989 live album Trial By Fire: Live in Leningrad.

Each CD contains (approximately) two albums and all the music has been newly remastered for this release by Andy Pearce. The booklet comes with an essay by Malcolm Dome as well as full album credits for each record.

Like the similar Pat Travers release, this will be packaged in a four-CD ‘fatbox’ and available at a bargain price of less than £15.

Now Your Ships Are Burned is out on 23 February 2015.

Track listing

Disc One

Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force (1984)

  • 1. Black Star
  • 2. Far Beyond The Sun
  • 3. Now Your Ships Are Burned
  • 4. Evil Eye
  • 5. Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4
  • 6. As Above, So Below
  • 7. Little Savage 8. Farewell

Marching Out (1985)

  • 9. Prelude
  • 10.I’ll See the Light, Tonight
  • 11.Don’t Let It End
  • 12.Disciples of Hell
  • 13. I Am A Viking
  • 14.Overture 1383
  • 15.Anguish and Fear
  • 16.On the Run Again
  • 17.Soldier Without Faith

Disc Two

Marching Out (continued)

  • 1. Caught in the Middle
  • 2. Marching Out Bonus Tracks
  • 3. Far Beyond The Sun [live]
  • 4. I Am A Viking [live]

Trilogy (1986)

  • 5. You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget
  • 6. Liar
  • 7. Queen in Love
  • 8. Crying
  • 9. Fury
  • 10.Fire
  • 11.Magic Mirror
  • 12.Dark Ages
  • 13.Trilogy Suite Op.5

Odyssey (1988)

  • 14.Rising Force
  • 15.Hold On
  • 16.Heaven Tonight

Disc Three

Disc Three Odyssey (continued)

  • 1. Dreaming (Tell Me)
  • 2. Bite The Bullet
  • 3. Riot In The Dungeons
  • 4. Deja Vu
  • 5. Crystal Ball
  • 6. Now Is The Time
  • 7. Faster Than The Speed Of Light
  • 8. Krakatau
  • 9. Memories

Trial By Fire: Live In Leningrad (1989)

  • 10. Liar
  • 11. Queen In Love
  • 12. Deja Vu
  • 13. Far Beyond the Sun
  • 14. Heaven Tonight
  • 15. Dreaming (Tell Me)
  • 16. You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget

Disc Four

Trial By Fire: Live In Leningrad (continued)

  • 1. Guitar Solo (Trilogy Suite Op: 5/Spasebo Blues)
  • 2. Crystal Ball
  • 3. Black Star
  • 4. Spanish Castle Magic

Eclipse (1990)

  • 5. Making Love
  • 6. Bedroom Eyes
  • 7. Save Our Love
  • 8. Motherless Child
  • 9. Devil In Disguise
  • 10. Judas
  • 11. What Do You Want
  • 12. Demon Driver
  • 13. Faultline
  • 14. See You In Hell (Don’t Be Late)
  • 15. Eclipse

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I agree with Hans, a full Trial By Fire would have been nice. I enjoy these type of releases since I’ve since dumped pretty much all my CDs and tapes.

Daniel H.

I really don’t like it when they split an original album on two discs just too keep the number of cd’s low. I’d rather pay a little bit more and have the albums complete each on one CD as they were issued originally.


Rising Force was the first CD I ever bought back in ’86 – Japanese too, and it certainly doesn’t need an audio upgrade . . still sounds great . . nice and warm.

Hans Jörg

They could have included at least the complete trial by fire concert available on vhs only. The inclusion of the fire & ice cd would also have been nice.


Fire And Ice was on Elektra Records and wouldn’t be here.


Good news as especially the first two or three albums were in desperate need of an audio upgrade. A shame that there aren’t bonus tracks. Still buying it, though.

To me these were among the best albums he’s done, in particular Trilogy and Odyssey. After Seventh Sign, I kind of lost interest. Except for the concerto and covers albums, it felt to me that he was releasing the same album over and over again.