FIRST PICTURES: Bill Nelson / “Noise Candy” six-CD deluxe box set


Out next week is Cocteau Discs/Estoric Recordings’ reissue of Bill Nelson‘s 2002 box set Noise Candy.

Nelson himself points out in an intro to the 52-page booklet that this reissue “carefully recreates the originally packaging” and reminds readers that 13 years ago the project was originally going to be a single album but “rapidly expanded into a six disc box set.”

The 118-track set is out next week and we have some exclusive photos in the gallery below.

This box set was manufactured by Key Production.

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[…] FIRST PICTURES: Bill Nelson / “Noise Candy” six-CD deluxe box set […]

Barrie Sillars

I too have the original set as produced by Lenin. There were trials and tribulations indeed, which Bill Nelson has gone into in the past. Suffice to say he didn’t get much or any royalties on this, so it’s good to see this reissued so that he can at last see some returns for all his efforts. I am sure the new set won’t have the detachable plastic trays which mine had! Yes, there were manufacturing problems aplenty with this, but it was still a beautifully packaged set, which I see the estimable Phil Smee has reproduced very nicely indeed.


I’m a strong believer that music only has value if it can be heard. I intensely dislike anything that goes out of print, so fans can’t get it. unless they way way over the odds. If all of my “rare” discs were reissued I’d be thrilled.

Sadly this set comes at the wrong time, and I don’t have the funds to get it right now. I very much want it though, so hopefully it will stay on the market at reasonable prices for some time.


I do agree with you.
As I said it was only a small part of me that felt let down :-)


As an owner of the original I have to say that this is a great (if lengthy) collection. It is patchy at times but Nelson is always worth a listen.
I still remember the lengthy wait for the original orders to be fulfilled Nelson had all sorts of trials and tribulations getting what he wanted (although originally he talked of packaging it in a chocolate box style to go with the Candy theme).

There is a part of me…. a small part… that is let down by the reissue of something that was originally supposed to be a very limited edition release :-)
But it is good that fans that really want this will finally be able to get hold of it. Also I believe there may have been some controversy over where the proceeds from the original went so hopefully Nelson will see more of the revenues this time round.