FIRST PICTURES: Michael Jackson / “Bad 25” Deluxe Box Set

FIRST PICTURES: Michael Jackson's Bad 25 Deluxe Box Set
Two gatefolds with 2 discs each, 2 booklets, a sticker and a poster (click to enlarge)

FIRST PICTURES: Michael Jackson's Bad 25 Deluxe Box Set
Box closure is magnetic (click to enlarge)

FIRST PICTURES: Michael Jackson's Bad 25 Deluxe Box Set
Box still sealed (click to enlarge)

FIRST PICTURES: Michael Jackson's Bad 25 Deluxe Box Set
Spread from “Bad 25” booklet (click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Michael Jackson's Bad 25 Deluxe Box Set
Booklet for the album sits on top of the CDs (click to enlarge)

PRE-ORDER Bad 25 Deluxe Box Set

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Phil Wilson


Just listened to it again, I see what you mean, but I had not linked the two when I listened to it in thef first place. I have the HMV bonus mix CD – the Derry Mix of Bad, which is shorter than either mix on CD2 at 3:52. To be honest, I am not sure what the differences are, it contains the rap as does the version on CD2, but it sounds very similar to the other versions, so much so I had to check the track length as thought the bonus CD has been mispressed with the same mix. These only seem to have been available to online customers of HMV as I didn’t see any instore.



I listened to it and I think it is worth the money. The live songs sound very good. I don’t know anything about the video quality, but audio is great.

For a fan it is something you have to buy.

A good one of you see what crap has been released under the name Michael Jackson…


Uten Frame

This set looks awesome! I can’t wait to get a hold of a copy. This is one of the greatest albums of all time, from the greatest artist that ever lived! I’m very much looking forward to hearing the demo to Smooth Criminal (a very different version than what ended up on the album, I’m told. MJ appearantly would record a song and then take the best elements from that one to craft a new and better song). I think it’s awesome that we get a live Dvd AND a live cd. As far as ‘new’ remixes go: I’m looking forward to Nero’s remix of ‘Speed Demon’ – maybe I’ll edit out Pitbull’s rap from the new version of ‘Bad’, and then that’ll be a good listen too. And the packaging looks great!

Phil Wilson

Which format contains the demo to Smooth Criminal? I’ve listened to CD two but didn’t hear anything that sounded like it?


It’s ‘Al Capone’ on cd 2. Not a demo, as such, but the song eventually evolved into Smooth Criminal. All the elements are there, but it’s a completely different song.


I’m about as far from the target market for this as you can get, I register zero interest. But I did want to comment on the pricing. Wow! Of course the market for this is huge, so economies of scale come into it. But still, if you are a fan of Jackson (why?!?) then I’ve got to say the price is excellent given what some of these sets go for. Kudos for that.

Phil Wilson

Having listened to the 2 CD version today (still watiing for the boxset), I think the bonus tracks (demos) are actually pretty good, and well worth hearing. Certainly something I will listen to again. For me, I think BAD is my favourtie MJ album (not that I’m a big fan, but I was 15 when this was first released, and for the wife and I, this music is “our era”). Don’t think the spanish and french versions were essential at all, and I can live without them. The mixes, certainly of bad itself are pretty good and I am awaiting the HMV bonus CD which contains an additional mix of bad. I am looking forward to the live CD, and it looks from the timings on wikipedia, that some tracks are shorter, which if they’ve trimmed them of the crowd noise between tracks and the dramatic pauses he insisted on doing, is all good. I am presuming this is the 1987 “version” of bad, not compared it side by side with the special edition version that came out a few years back. For under £20 (and £18.99 at Sainsburys online in the UK), you’ve gotta consider it good value, so a big thumbs up for that.

Rich T

Well, the packaging looks ok, the content of the CDs could have been much better though. As many others have said, adding the various original mixes from the singles would’ve been a great, this modern mix crap is so pointless as are the Spanish versions really.

At least it’s not a total and utter shambles, unlike some forthcoming releases that have missed the boat big time *cough*…..

Ron de Joode

Complete nonsense. When Sony stop milking this crap out?