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Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front deluxe set is out this week.

Pictured here is the 2 x blu-ray + 2CD deluxe edition which presents the four discs in a 60-page hardcover book designed by longtime Gabriel collaborator Marc Bessant.

If you’re looking for essays and something to read you’ll not find too much here, since this is largely a visual document of the tour, with some stunning colour and black and white photography. Review of the audio/video soon, in the meantime enjoy the photo gallery below.

Blu-ray Deluxe Book Edition (4-disc: 2 blu-ray + 2CD)

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Based entirely on Paul’s pics, I decided to import a UK version of the set. With the NA and UK versions side-by-side, there is absolutely no contest in terms of quality of the package. I have returned the NA version and am keeping the UK version. It is just so much better than what the NA version offers. Larger size, more pages, better pages (glossy versus card stock), and better housing of the discs. Very disappointed in the NA product.


Found a way to get the discs at the inside front and back covers to come out easily. Find 2 CD sleeves [paper type]. Cut off a bit of the vertical sides but re-tape the bottom. Slide disc into sleeve. Keep sleeve flap out [i.e. don’t bend]. Insert sleeve with disc into pocket. you should be able to pull disc out by the flap.


I dislike the North American package as well. It has these deep pocket sleeves that are glued down. Nothing to grip to remove the discs from the book. Not a happy camper.


I received my US version yesterday and have to say I wish I would have ordered the UK version. Based on Paul’s pics above, the UK version definitely seems like a much better package.

Johnny Feathers

I ripped the CDs into iTunes on my Mac and just listened to the results on my iPod the past two days–no issues for me, it sounds great. I’ve not heard of any typical CD format that wouldn’t allow it to be ripped into iTunes, so I would guess you might have a hardware issue?

I do notice the differences now in the US/UK editions according to the photos. I’m not terribly bothered, though it looks like maybe the UK version would be easier to take the discs out. I’m just a little confused why differences would be necessary in the first place. Otherwise, I truly don’t mind the smaller footprint of the US version. And I’m quite pleased with the whole set overall, especially having shaved more than $10 off the price when I pre-ordered on Amazon.

Danny Graydon

That’s interesting, Christophe, because I too ripped them with a Sony VAIO, so perhaps it’s merely something to do with their drives. I shall try again!

Danny Graydon

I was at the show that was filmed, so it’s a particular pleasure to have this set as a memento of what was a particularly thrilling gig, given that SO is one of my favourite albums. The image quality on the Blu-Ray is astoundingly good – certainly the best of the concert BD’s I’ve seen – and the same goes for the sound quality. The only niggle I have had is with the audio discs: when I ripped the music via iTunes, the subsequent MP3’s were riddled with jumps and scratch noises. Is this some form of covert copy protection? Has anyone else noticed this? I will try again via WMP, but, really, am particularly looking forward to the 24-bit download offered (when it’s finally available!). As for the packaging, it’s a very stylish, image-led affair, beautifully designed and very pleasing to look at. With two versions of the show on hi-def, two CD’s of the show and a 24-bit audio version, this was worth every penny of the £29 Amazon charged.


Same problem goes for me with the audio CDs …it seems there is a compatibility issue on some PCs…First I tried to rip the CDs on a SONY VAIO (with I TUNES, MEDIA GO and WMP), I had the same scratch noises and it took over 30mns to rip 1 CD…Then I moved on to my DELL PC…and it did the job in 2mns with WMP. I was also wondering if some people had teh same problems, I bought my box in France by the way.

Johnny Feathers

I’ve only watched the “theatrical” version so far, but this set is lovely. I hadn’t really considered the musicians he had on the past tours, but this band is particularly special. I didn’t see what the differences are between UK and US sets, but as a US customer, I’m quite pleased. Having seen this show from second row, it does an amazing job of recreating that experience.

Mic Smith

I received my copy last Sunday (UK version) a day before release date. This is beautifully packaged and a great document of a great show. I know that Gabriel has replaced some of the vocals with those from German shows earlier in the tour (he had a cold during the London gigs) but that doesn’t detract from the experience.
The quality of the footage is impressive and the sound mix is incredibly clear and full of detail.
Has anyone got an explanation for the retitling of the unfinished song O But having become Daddy Longlegs without having gone through any significant development in the “lyrics” department?
It was seeing this band back together than made me wish his Growing Up tour had featured a higher calibre of musicians. Manu Katche is easily my favourite of the Gabriel-hired drummers and his fluid style was much missed over the years 2002-09. Good to have him and Sancious back in the fold.

BP Mills

Yeah, here in Cołorado my copy is the smaller set. But the product is great. A little bummed that the concert is edited . I know it was put together from 2 night’s shows, but even within a song they have edited footage. Drum fills heard are not seen when the shot is of Katche…… Or, Peter standing at his rhodes, then suddenly mid-stage, then back at the rhodes…… It isn’t a huge deal, but my favorite concert films include complete takes of songs, not edits of the same song footage stichted together……


Wow, on the surface this should be a great release that semi-redeems the So box debacle. But quality control strikes again… download problems and a vastly inferior “deluxe edition” for the US. :(

The differences between the US and UK versions are especially baffling since, in this day and age, many deluxe editions are manufactured in the EU and imported to the US (and elsewhere) anyway.

Rob Puricelli

Download issues have now been resolved.


World of Genesis is reporting that a 40th anniversary “Lamb” photo book will be released in the fall: http://worldofgenesis.com/NEWS-June2014.htm


Yeah i paid $50 dollars for mine on amazon.com and was surprised it wasn’t like the one pictured above but like the one James mentioned. I guess North American releases will be different. Im still happy bc of saved shelf space but i paid a lot considering its just a digibook and not like the big 60 page book as advertised. The discs are also impossible to remove from the cardboard sleeve without getting fingerprints. But as far as the contents of this set i couldn’t be happier


I purchased mine from Amazon Canada and it seems the North American version is different. It has only 40 pages and the discs are housed in cardboard sleeves attached to the front and back covers. I’m a little disappointed.

Michel kempes

In relation to pg box set this is interesting about hacketts box…also the upcoming steve wilson mixes..?

Bonus material
In contrast to Peter Gabriel’s artbook, plenty of bonus material is included. There are two documentaries, one being a entertaining backstage feature, the other an extensive album-by-abum reflection. Hackett talks about all his albums and presents some interesting details – Steven Wilson for example has expressed great interest in releasing a 5.1-version of Hackett’s second album Please Don’t Touch, apparently preparations have already commenced. He also names Spectral Mornings as a candidate for a 5.1 mix.
The backstage feature is similar to the one on the Hammersmith DVD, the band members share their views, as well as guest artists.

Rob Puricelli

I was really impressed with this when I got it on Monday. It’s a lovely document of the gig and I personally think it represents great value for money.

Has anyone else had issue downloading the FLAC version of the audio? All I get is a page telling me that, “Back To Front Live will soon be available as a studio quality 24-bit download via Bowers and Wilkins Society of Sound.

The download is due to go live shortly so please check back soon.”


I never managed to download the hi res stuff from the New Blood box set so maybe there’s a pattern emerging here…

Rob Puricelli

Just heard back from PG.com…

“Our partners Bowers & Wilkins have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the delivery of the download. They have informed us that it should be resolved on 30th June.”

Rob Puricelli

Happy to report that the download issues have been resolved and the content is now available :-) I managed to download mine yesterday.