FIRST PICTURES: Peter Gabriel / “So” super deluxe box set

Peter Gabriel / First Pictures "So" Deluxe Box
Classic minimal design maintained across the deluxe box

Peter Gabriel‘s So deluxe box is out next week, and here are some exclusive photos of this new super deluxe edition.

Putting to one side the pros and cons of the audio/video content, the box superbly extends and maintains the minimalist Peter Saville and Brett Wickens sleeve design from just over 25 years ago. Design is by Marc Bessant at Real World.

A white hinged box, with the familiar album typography, contains a 60-page hard back book, which itself holds the six discs (4CD+2DVD) within this set. The ‘So’ and ‘Peter Gabriel’ are both foil blocked, in matt black and matt blue, respectively.

The book cover features Trevor Key’s original photo, which – without any fussy typography – was of course the original vinyl LP cover (not the CD, which added the type). The spine of the book subtly displays new iconography – one icon for each track on the album (a suggestion from Peter Gabriel himself).

Behind the book sits two vinyl records (So LP and bonus 12-inch). The heavyweight vinyl sits within classy sleeves of uncoated coloured board. Song icons are debossed (rather than embossed) onto the sleeves.

The strength of this presentation is its simplicity. Unlike the Pink Floyd’s ‘Immersion’ box sets which were full endless (useless?) stuff – marbles, scarfs, art cards, prints etc – there is something rather refreshing about the less-is-more approach to this set. A book, two records and six discs. That’s your lot.

What has been produced has been produced very well. The attention to detail in terms of the printing and production (by Daniel Mason/Something Else) is obvious once you get one of these sets in your hands.

As regular readers will know, the ‘less-is-more’ approach has also been optimistically applied to the audio content of this set. A live concert, a demo disc (So DNA) and the nine track album still feels stingy. Especially when you look at the price. In the US it’s $99 which equates to just below £65. This is a reasonable (even with the disappointing lack of B-sides or period remixes) for the quality of the set, but in the UK it’s £100 which is just too much money.

Ultimately, it’s a real shame that the price and/or audio content will discourage many from purchasing this set. Aesthetically, it’s hard to fault, but beyond that it’s rather easy.

Peter Gabriel / First Pictures "So" Deluxe Box
Hard back book and vinyl records sit within a hinged box

Peter Gabriel / First Pictures "So" Deluxe Box


Peter Gabriel / First Pictures "So" Deluxe Box

Peter Gabriel / So deluxe box set
Individual track icons pearl foil-blocked down the spine (photo Will Thom)


Peter Gabriel / So deluxe box set
Minimal graphics and limited colour palette (photo Will Thom)
Peter Gabriel / So deluxe box set
Brighter tones/colour for the disc pockets (photo Will Thom)
Peter Gabriel / So deluxe box set
Coloured board is used rather than printed board (where colour is ‘printed’ onto the material) to provide a quality asthetic (Photo Will Thom)
Peter Gabriel / So deluxe box set
Peter Gabriel himself suggestion icons for each track (photo Will Thom)
Peter Gabriel / So deluxe box set
Each record has a contrasting inner sleeve, also on uncoated coloured board (Photo Will Thom)

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Paul, I know this is an old post, but help me: the “So” vinyl version included here runs in 45RPM or 33RPM?

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So I finally received this thing. It is big and it is heavy, smells good and looks great. I am pleased with its contents after all, yet the missing b-sides and some of the mixes still hurt.
So far I have listened to the DMA cd and the 12″ twice and I am pleasantly surprised. There are some very interesting bits and pieces which never made it to the final cut and I like that.
I will probably listen and watch the concert later this week and check out the documentary tomorrow (which I still haven’t seen as I saved it until I got this box).

@Waye Carter.. the audio d/l is FLAC, 48k.

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Wayne Carter

Still trying to decide on this purchase…so pricey. Can anyone tell me the details on the audio download files? I know they are 24 bit but are they 44.1k – 48k – 88.2k – 96k?


I sent in a photo for the book. How can I find out if it made the final cut without spending $100?


It does look amazing. That’s the only positive about the set. Kudos for posting the pictures and letting people see what they’ll be getting design-wise as well as content-wise. It’s a work of art, in some ways.

fred smith

No b sides + period remixes = no purchase.

Michael Shogi

I am really happy now that I’ve chosen not to buy this box set. They are charging over $100 and don’t even include the B-sides, videos, and other So ephemera. These guys are not going to pad their retirement accounts at my expense.


I bet by this time next year the set will be below the 70 dollar mark, but would it still worth it?


I suspect if the vinyl inclusions were on CD/Blu-ray instead, sales would be bigger. The vinyl to me is the main reason for me not buying this set, and a waste of space. Otherwise, a nice-looking box. Shame.
Another 3CD buyer here, with my fingers firmly crossed for an eventual stanalone Athens 1987 Blu-ray release.

Paul English

Does the 12″ play at 45 or 33?


Package looks fantastic and I would really like the DNA disc.
Like Don and Patrick I will be purchasing the 3 CD set for just under $20 and adding the Encore Series Auburn Hills Michigan for another $15.
So aside from the show tickets to Back to Front, my nod to So will cruise in at a very modest $35.00.


Same here about the 3 CD version. Will definitely get that one instead.


The packaging looks outstanding,the icons for each track are really cool
Unfortunately I’ll be buying the 3cd version also……gutted because the book looks great…


I really was hoping for a 5.1 Mix of So….


The packaging looks great… but I’m going to have to settle for the 3CD version. This big box just isn’t worth it.

Patrick Gleeson

My thoughts exactly Don, especially since the Classic Albums doc will be available separately on Blu-Ray the same day …


The packaging looks fantastic! Shame about the cOntent…


Great! Now there is no need for me to unpack my copy next week! :D