FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / “The Hurting” 4-disc box set

FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set

It’s been over seven months since Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith – or Tears For Fears, to give them their collective name – hinted at a ‘big’ year to come in 2013. We knew that this big year would involve their 1983 debut album The Hurting, since their announcement came exactly on the 30th anniversary of the record’s release. A Hurting themed website, was the other giveaway.

This blog exclusively announced that The Hurting reissue was going to be rather special, at the beginning of August. A four-disc box set, no less. It would include unreleased-on-CD early singles, B-sides, alternative versions and remixes. An entire disc would be dedicated to previously unissued BBC radio sessions. A DVD debut for the 1983 concert film, In My Mind’s Eye, would be the icing on this particular new wave 30th birthday cake.

The box set looks and feels fantastic. It comes with a replica of the 1983 tour programme and a 32-page booklet featuring rare archive photography and a 3,000 word essay (by SDE editor, Paul Sinclair), that includes new commentary on the making of the album from Curt and Roland.

The Hurting 3CD+DVD box set is released on Monday 21 October.

FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Lift the lid off the box… (Click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Set features two booklets (Click to enlarge)

More photos below:

FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Shining a light on “The Hurting” (Click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Every disc is in a gatefold wallet (Click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Disc One (Click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Disc two utilises the original US album cover artwork (Click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Click to enlarge
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Peel and Jensen radio sessions (Click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Click to enlarge
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
“In My Mind’s Eye” concert film on DVD (Click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Click to enlarge
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Click to enlarge
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
Click to enlarge
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
From the tour programme (Click to enlarge)
FIRST PICTURES: Tears For Fears / "The Hurting" 4-disc box set
FULL track listing (Click to enlarge)

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I’m sure the computer graphics could have been taken away and the actual concert film re-edited. I always wonder why they don’t when it is possible to do it.
Remind me of that Genesis footage with Gabriel from a French TV programme called Melody showing a TV studio performance of Supper’s Ready. The whole thing is marred with background animation from the mid-70s. The band playing in front of a blue background to allow the animation footage to be superimposed. Anyway, a few years later it was shown on French TV without the animation so I can only assume it could be done with the Tears For Fears footage which is not even superimposed but replaces actual concert footage while the sound continues to play… The Rockpalast show Tears For Fears played in Oct. 83 in Germany is actually more interesting visually and they also play an early version of The Way You Are. A bootleg DVD of it can be easily found and would have been better than the Mind’s Eye video which does not even feature the full concert.


Is this box still available anywhere at a sensible price, I had this on order at Amazon UK earlier this year for a while and they have now advised it is no longer available. I’ve looked around but have not been able to find it for less than £120 anywhere.


Just a heads up….amazon.co.uk are offering this at £24.00 at the moment

[…] (slightly bigger than seven-inches) rather than the usual rectangular ‘shoe box’ (see: Tears For Fears, Level 42).A 40-page hardback book with photos and quite informative sleeve notes (featuring new […]


Finally watched the DVD yesterday. Holy smoke!!! How to ruin a good concert!
The extra computer graphics nonsense (which probably seemed the height of sophistication at the time) is really distracting and overdone. There are whole sections of the DVD that are filled with some graphics ‘wizard’ noodling around with their ‘state of the art’ effects settings – unfortunately with little regard to, and to the detriment of, what is going on onscreen.
Reminded me of Top of the Pops episodes around this time that were filled with unnecessary computer effects…
Won’t be watching the DVD again :-(

[…] For the Marchin’ Already box (which will also be issued as a two-CD deluxe), the original album takes up the first disc and is joined by a second CD of B-sides, radio sessions and previously unreleased demos. A further audio disc offers up a hour of live performance capturing the band’s gig at the Manchester Apollo on 22 February 1998 and a DVD –  Travellers Tunes: Live at Stirling Castle (originally a VHS release in ’98) – completes the set. This will come packaged with a book that includes new sleeve notes with testimony from the band themselves, four badges and a poster. Discs will come in card wallets and the box will be similar to the Tears For Fears Hurting set. […]


I got mine last week but only got a chance to start listening to it today. I haven’t heard the original album in years but the sound on track 4 at around 2:33 goes a bit odd and sounds like a mastering fault… has anyone else noticed this or am I imagining things?


Today I received the 7″.


Received it today and there is no trace of the 7 “though in my order (23/7) is written. :-(

[…] For Fears 1983 debut album The Hurting is reissued this week as a two-CD deluxe edition and a 4-disc box set. Earlier this year we put some questions to Roland […]


There seems to be 35 seconds missing from Change (New Version) on this.

José Ramón

Ordered two copies of the box, one of them arrived without booklet and tour program ;(


So do we get the lyrics or not?


Is the DVD Pal or NTSC? Thanks.


Received my copy today (no 7″, but I’m confident it will arrive soon).
The box set looks gorgeous and lavish and brought a smile on my face in this rainy grey day.
Milan, Italy


Am I a bad fan for not shelling out for the gorgeous 4CD set? £21 extra for some sessions and a DVD felt a bit much on my limited budget. Really enjoying the bonus material on disc two of the “bog standard” (haha) edition.


Thanks Paul. Good to hear.


I have not receive mine !!! :-(


Just received my copy. But no sight of the 7″ single either. So an email is in the Universal inbox as i’m writing this.

Mike Cox

Did anyone ever confirm if the dvd is region free? Thanks

gary C

Mine arrived today, 7 inch arrived in a separate box about an hour later.
It’s fantastic, will play the hell outta this one

Tim H

I’m still waiting…anyone else had no 7″ included?


Got mine today but no sight of the bonus 7″. Just sent them an e-mail.

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Just a few minor things the version of We Are Broken on this is Broken Revisited not the original version on the b side of Pale Shelter also i did not see the need to repeat Ideas As Opiates on the second disc when Saxophones As Opiates should have been there but we know the reasons behind that now. The sound quality on this is very good and sounds better than the 99 remaster. In answer to my earlier question i haven’t watched the DVD yet but the sound on it is indeed LPCM stereo. 10 out of 10 from me.


received my copy today it sounds fantastic and looks the same.its what an album boxset should be like .complete.


@Neil – I’m envious (and impatient :-)

So what do you think?


Got it today :)


I still find it annoying that The Way You Are is not included on this considering the related b sides are included.


It looks brilliant actually. I can’t believe it’s been 30 years. One of the great albums of any era in my opinion and still sounds timeless. I’d love to see a vinyl re-release of this album.


Looks average. ;-)

gary C

I’m working from home for the next couple of days so it would be great if it at least arrived tomorrow so I can have a thorough listen to it without the GF getting huffy.
It really has been an outstanding couple of months for reissues, and I’m still playing the Sparks stuff as recommended on this grand site. Many thanks to SDE for keeping me up to date.


Mine was despatched today as well apparently. Not sure I like the 3 – 5 day delivery idea particularly with the impending threat of a postal strike…

Hoping it arrives at the weekend…

Looks absolutely fab!
Still confused by the inclusion of ‘The Way You Are” b-sides but not the track itself…

Phil Wilson

Contacted Universal today, mine has been despatched today. My order said limited 7″ but they inform me I will be getting one but it MAY be despatched separately (for those wondering where theres is)


This looks like the same sized box as the T.Rex Electric Warrior box set released last year. These are great box sets, everything you you would want from the album, fantastically packaged in a nice shelf friendly sized box without paying for unwanted vinyl.


Any pics of the 2cd deluxe version ?


I received a notification that my copy has been shipped !!!


Amazon aren’t selling this now it’s some marketplace trader called speedyhen who claims to have it in stock although it’s not supposed to be released till the 21st. Anybody know if there is a LPCM layer on the DVD ?

Lanny Justice

You probably can’t tell from there, but I’m drooling like a crazy here. Must have!