FIRST PICTURES / The Isley Brothers RCA Victor & T Neck box set


The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters (1959-1983) is a new 23CD Isley Brothers box set (released last Friday) which features newly remastered versions of the 21 albums recorded for both labels.

As can be seen from the photos below, the box is very much in the same style as previous collections that Sony have put out for artists like Blue Oyster Cult and Cheap Trick, but given that this has to contain 23 CDs and a booklet, it’s bigger than both of those.

The 52-page booklet is particularly good, with each album given a double-page spread of track listings, credits, chart positions, photos and half a page of notes. The CDs themselves are in the usual card wallets. There are no inner sleeves and with the gatefold designs the CD is accessed from the middle rather than the edge.

There is an intimidating amount of music in this set and you have to admire the band’s work ethic in the 1970s where they chalked up an album a year!

The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters (1959-1983) box is out now.




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Whoo! Can’t wait to get mine from Amazon Italy. Very excited!


Who buys a record because of the amount of hits on it anway? I’d love to read more about the band members themselves though. The excellent accompanying booklet focuses on the individual albums at the expense of an overall history. A band that stayed that good that long has got a story to tell.

Fat Old Bloke

You’d have to be a major fan to buy such a massive box of a band that had little hits. I’d expect a box such as this for someone such as James Brown or Stevie Wonder


The Isley Brothers have had more than 60 charting singles.

Nigel Hall

What Paul H said! I nabbed this at the bargain price of £39.99 thanks to one of Paul’s regular deal alerts and at that price it’s a simply fabulous set.

Having only been previously familiar with the Isley’s Motown output plus a few of their more successful singles over here in the UK it’s a complete eye opener to hear so many great songs, and like Paul said it’s amazing how many familiar samples there are!

There seem to be one or two 7″ single versions and b-sides missing – which is a slight shame as, given the size of the set, they could easily have made up a ‘bonus’ disc with all the extra bits and bobs that maybe didn’t fit on all the other CDs – but that’s such a minor gripe.

And sooner or later I’m sure their two Motown albums (plus the ‘odd’ tracks that only seem to have made it onto a UK-only released third album) will be re-released again too. But I have all of those tracks on one of those ‘twofer’ CD sets that I bought back in the 90s so I’m happy to wait a bit!

Paul H

Fabulous set, full of excellent music and many samples I didn’t realize the Isleys had originated. Shame the two Motown albums (1966/67) and Isley Jasper Isley’s Caravan of Love couldn’t be included, but otherwise formidable

adam shaw

Paul ,
Has this set got the full live album that was recorded in the studio in the 80s but only released in part on the last 3 disc set a few years ago ?
I cant remember what it was called , but the tracks Ive got from it were fantastic .

adam shaw

Thanks Paul
Thats enough for me to buy it !