Paul and Linda McCartney / RAM Deluxe Edition first photo

Paul and Linda McCartney / RAM Deluxe Edition first photo
Updated 21/04/12 – New pictures added including standard 1CD edition of RAM, 2CD Edition,  2xLP Stereo Vinyl and Mono Vinyl Edition (with bespoke ‘white’ sleeve) – see gallery below.

Edition[nggallery id=67]

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I had some doubts because of the high price that was initially released on Amazon, $ 114 for the box, almost double what the previous cost, but seeing the picture I understand why, first of all seems to be much bigger this year and apparently brings an extra book and some inserts. And certainly I have never tasted the cds where to insert in a cardboard box as this is often scratching. When released the box set remastered Beatles they included wonderful plastic bags to prevent this, so the RAM Box Set appears will cover many expectations.

Joao Costa

And I have yet to read idiots saying that this release is “disappointing”…. Beautiful set!


i have it it is so wonderful


Wow. That looks amazing. Hope the remastering is excellent. As far as I’m concerned, this is Paul’s masterpiece.