Paul McCartney / “Wings Over America” deluxe explained in photos

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America deluxe slipcase
Slipcase contains FOUR books (click to enlarge)

BOOK 1: Commemorative Tour Book

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America deluxe Commemorative Tour Book
110-page commemorative tour book – The story of the tour via interviews and liner notes by David Fricke. This book will be most similar to the previous books (click to enlarge).

More photos below:

BOOK 2: Tour Itinerary Book

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America deluxe leatherette bound tour itinerary book
Leatherette bound ‘tour itinerary book’ contains the CDs+DVD, glossy photos, backstage guest pass, facsimiles of tour party invitation, concert tickets, posters, set lists and lyrics and more (click to enlarge).

BOOK 3: LOOK! Linda McCartney’s photographs

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America deluxe LOOK! Linda McCartney photo book
LOOK! Linda’s book of photographs features Paul and the band in their everyday life as they made their way across the US in the spring of ’76 (click to enlarge).

BOOK 4: The Ocean View

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America deluxe The Ocean View book
The Ocean View – Drawings and sketches by Humphrey Ocean (click to enlarge).

PRE-ORDER the Wings Over America reissue:

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America 2CD reissue

2CD Standard Edition

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America Deluxe Edition photo

Deluxe 3CD+DVD with four books and slip case

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America 3LP vinyl reissue

Vinyl 3xLP edition

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[…] the lavishness of Paul McCartney‘s recent four-book, four disc, Wings Over America deluxe box set, it is missing one vital ingredient – the 1976 Rockshow […]

[…] finally gets a release on DVD and Blu-ray. This is not included in the deluxe Wings Over America box set and features the full show (previous laserdisc/VHS/Betamax editions were edited). It has been fully […]


I forgot to add that this box set is an amazing release of an LP that really isn’t amazing. WOA is a really good live LP but not all the songs on it are that great (or even good!) but I’m glad that the audio quality was improved upon. Even the original LP lacked in that dept. Truely though, this release is really for the extras and it is loaded with them! You can pour over this box for hors and still find more to read and look at. Amazing!

The only real disapointment was the Wings ove rthe World doc on the DVD. I had never seen it before and I was hoping for a history of the band, or at leat a history of post-Beatles Paul. What it mainly contains is a bunch of songs that are also included in the Rockshow film in the same exact versions! You do get some interview, alternate, early footage, but not all that much. Too bad as if you have this disc you will still need to buy Rockshow if you want the full concert experience.

Having said that, it’s a pretty minor quibble and the extra on the DVD is great a photo history of the tour. If you like big box sets with lots to look at you will not be dissapointed as this has 4 books and some amazing photos and art.


The above comment was written by me M1984…not sure why the 1984 was left off of it…


The photo/painting of Jimmy M. that was featured in the track listing article here (from April 8, 2013) is NOT included in The Ocean View book that is part of the box set! How strange is that? I was thinking I must have missed it when I first looked, but I went back and looked twice more to make sure the pages weren’t sticking and it is NOT there! I was bummed, Jimmy w/ a flying V is a cool painting!


I think it was listed as 119 UKP when I pre-ordered but the actual delivery price was 89UKP. Definitely worth it.


I pre ordered the deluxe version from amazon when it was $94. It is quite a package with the itinerary and all. It is heavy in weight. I really like it. I think the quality is pretty good and it’s just huge. It was worth the $94 IMO


Although the super deluxe looks nice, I preordered. The Best Buy edition.

Marc W

[…] edition’ this time around, the choice is a bare-bones remastered double CD or a balls-out deluxe edition which comes with four – count ‘em – books, a DVD and a bonus CD. A vinyl version is also […]

Richard Harris

Well it looks very nice and I’m sure it would make an excellent door-stop but at £119.58 currently on Amazon UK that’s more than I’d be prepared to pay for it. And putting only 75 minutes’ worth of content on the DVD is on the stingy side in my opinion. Even if they wanted to hold “Rock Show” back for standalone release surely they could have found some other visual content to pad out the DVD with, such as then and now interviews about the tour with Macca?


The box on WOA looks to have a different facia that doesn’t match the other releases which is a bit odd. If the releases carry on like this one and RAM storage is going to be a problem.


I just checked my purchase history on Amazon Canada and I eventually got the RAM set for $91. I pre-ordered it at the time but I don’t remember what the price originally was.

I don’t want to pre-order at $293 so I guess I’ll check back every once and a while or wait until PopMarket has it as a daily deal after it’s released.

Andrew K.

Kudzu, you can order from Amazon US if you want. You’re not forced to pay the high Canadian price.


This box was $94 when Amazon.com first listed it…and yes, $293 is quite over the top IMO!!! My advice is to check as often as you can to see if the price went down.

R. Michael Cox

I’ve been priced out of all these super deluxe editions. I’ll admit it would be nice to have the books and dvds but not for the price. Specifically for the Macca sets the extra music material has been lackluster. The dvd’s are a joke–give me the whole Unplugged show, not a few songs edited. Greedy.

Andrew K.

R. Michael, you just said “give me” and then called someone else “greedy.” You’re the one who wants them to just give away 3 CDs, 1 DVD, and 4 books (plus other memorabilia).

Mike Cox

Not true Andrew. I’ll buy at a decent price if the music material is enough. Again, the books are nice but they’re only worth a bit extra from my perspective.


Do these prices for the Deluxe Editions seem abnormally expensive? Amazon Canada is $293! Surely this must be a mistake as the Amazon US is $140 (which still seems a little high). What was the price for RAM when it was announced?