Photo Gallery: The Who / Quadrophenia / Director’s Cut

The Who / Quadrophenia / Director's CutThe Who release the Director’s Cut (aka Super Deluxe Edition) of Quadrophenia on Monday 14th November in the UK.

This set features a superb 100-page hard-backed book  as well as 4 CDs, a DVD-A and a 7″ single.

Here’s an exclusive early look at the set and the contents within. Most of the photos have comments below.

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[…] of the entire 1973 studio album. This is the very first timethis has been released – the 2011 Director’s Cut box set only offered a small selection of Quadrophenia tracks in 5.1. Extras in this new box […]

[…] it retailed at the time for between £75-£85. Check out the video below for a look at the set and our photo gallery from the […]

[…] an 80-page hardcover book with slip case (looks similar to the Quadrophenia one included in the Director’s Cut box). The book will feature, amongst other things, a 20,000-word essay by Who aficionado Richard […]

[…] discs will come packaged in a hardback book, similar to The Who Quadrophenia Director’s Cut box set of 2011, or the Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks… box of […]

[…] ‘super deluxe’ box sets that come with seven-inch records – such as The Who‘s Quadrophenia Director’s Cut from 2011 or last year’s Sex Pistols‘ Never Mind The […]

[…] band have been very active these past few years. A five-disc Director’s Cut box set of the Quadrophenia album was issued in 2011, and 2012 saw a variety of releases including a Record […]

[…] set has similarities with The Who’s Quadrophenia Director’s Cut box from last year, with the wallet, seven-inch and lyric sheets, but that set had the advantage of […]

[…] rapidly. The release of box sets such as the Pink Floyd ’Immersion’ Editions or the Director’s Cut of The Who’s Quadrophenia has upped the ante somewhat. Excellent reproduction of lyric […]

Chris D.

I believe that The Who are the best rock band ever so of course I could not wait until the release of this box set. I have now listen to the whole set numerous times and all I can say is that it was worth the wait. I now am looking forward to the album being released fully in 5.1 surround because that disc was the most amazing, hearing things that I never heard before and Pete’s demo’s are always amazing. I am thankful Pete Townshend did not leave us early like Keith Moon and John Entwhistle because I do not think we would still be getting this Who stuff if he was gone. Thanks Pete for all the years of great Rock & Roll you guy’s were the best there was.

[…] Here we have detailed photo galleries of all formats, with special attention paid to the Super Deluxe Edition. This lavish presentation features an 100-page hard-backed book set within a sturdy presentation box. The box has a lift-off lid rather than being a slip-case which tends to be the norm (this style was used in The Who’s Quadrophenia Director’s Cut Edition). […]