Photo Gallery : U2 / Achtung Baby / Uber Deluxe Edition & Super Deluxe

Here we take an in-depth look at the U2 Achtung Baby Uber Deluxe Edition. Across 64 annotated photos you can view every detail of this amazing box and we also have pictures of the Vinyl box and the Super Deluxe Edition.

There are FOUR pages of photos to view. Click on page 2,3,4 etc below the thumbnails to select more photos to view. If you need to be reminded of the exact specs of the box then click here. We’d love to know what you think of the Uber Deluxe Edition, so please leave a comment!

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[…] an album session, and I wonder, is this the beginning of a new Uber Deluxe Edition (yes, I know U2 nicked the title) where at some point in the future the super deluxe editions of, say, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely […]

[…] speaking it’s a good deal. We took many, many pictures of this set when it was released, so check ‘em out and see what you think. It really does have the ‘wow’ factor, although don’t even […]

[…] right, they can charge astronomical figures. Last year the Uber Deluxe Edition of U2′s Achtung Baby cost an eye watering £260, and sold out its print run almost […]


Yes, £375 and up seems the way now. I guess I missed this one as an investment. I got Station To Station and The Smile Sessions at rrp though.


try recordcollector1978 on discogs. he has one left at 79.99….and i think that might be the last one at rrp


Apparently the uber box set is a limited edition but the info does not say how many of these box sets were manufactured. Anybody know? At nearly £400 I would hope it was extremely limited, perhaps to 500.


It’s a missed opportunity isn’t it?

The packaging is great (all apart from the silly sunglasses, come on!) but the audio and video included is half-arsed.

This Uber set should have included every single audio piece released around AB, all the remixes, all the b-sides and all the odds and sods used on compilations and soundtracks.

The video portion should have included at least one of the unreleased concerts they have in their vaults.

Steve Marine

Awesome! Thank you for all the pictures!