PICTURES: The Waterboys / “Fisherman’s Box” Deluxe Edition


The WaterboysFisherman’s Box 7CD+LP deluxe box set has been out for a few weeks and we thought we’d bring you some photos of the package. A cheaper, smaller clamshell variant (6CDs) has been delayed and is now looking like being released on 18 November.

The deluxe box includes a heavyweight vinyl version of the original Fisherman’s Blues album as well as a large format 12″x 12″ booklet, which includes some great photos and Mike Scott’s track-by-track guide to all 121 songs in this set.

Three art prints also feature, and someone has made the good call not to put any text on the prints which would spoil the images, so we can see these being framed and put on many a fans’ wall, especially the great (colourised) album cover shot.

We did have a little trouble getting some of the CDs out due to some glue residue, but it wasn’t a major issue. The foam setting is certainly preferable to using card.

If you’re a big fan of the album and/or the band, we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the bigger deluxe box, although admittedly if you don’t have any use for the vinyl you are paying an extra £30 for the bigger box, the improved booklet, some art prints and the bonus CD of songs by artists that influenced Fisherman’s Blues.

Fisherman’s Box Deluxe Edition is out now. Full track listing here.

7CDs + LPs Deluxe box

6CD Clamshell box set

32-page booklet
Mike Scott talks through every track in this set in the booklet
One of three art prints – a colourised version of the cover photo
Art print #2 – Polaroids of the sessions
Art print #3
Original album in glossy sleeve on 180g vinyl
Seven CDs in total in this set
The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Box deluxe edition

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[…] deluxe Fisherman’s Box came out at the end of 2013, and now the remastered Fisherman’s Blues vinyl is available […]


This box set can be ordered from Amazon Germany at the ludicrous price of ….13.97 euro !!!!
I ordered my copy a couple of weeks ago and received it yesterday. It’s not on stock but if you order it, you should receive it within the same lead time. This is 17 euro cheaper than the 6-CD clamshell box.


I’d love to know just how many of these have been returned to their seller with complaints upon purchase. I noted a few people complaining about damages within on Mike Scotts twitter and also a few rumblings on other forums but here i am on my 3rd return to amazon and it’s the same recurring problem.

the foam which houses the cds within the box set is glued to the box itself, the bright sparks who have manufactured the set have put the glue on, placed the foam in then immediately placed the cds in which has resulted in…. the cd slipcases being glued to the cardboard of the box set and thus unable to be removed without the use of a knife or something sharp to help prise it off, unfortunately the glue has already well and truly damaged the cd sleeve.

If this was a one off I’d put it down to bad luck but, as i said above, this is my third return with the exact same issue.

such a shame that such a comprehensive box set be manufactured so shambolically

Jon Shaw

I got mine from amazon.de on Monday. Looks and sounds great!


beautiful and comprehensive box set, infuriating that the clamshell deluxe has been constantly delayed though, I have bought this super deluxe already but tbh it was the clamshell that was on my radar….maybe the delay was an evil ploy on the record companies side??? :-p

Paul Dean

The Collectors Dream of a Waterboys Classic ! ~ Fishermans Blues , Looking forward to seeing them In concert again here soon .