Prince / Withdrawn Original Album Series Box Set / Exclusive photos

Prince / Original Album Series box setBack in March Warner Bros. Records were due to bring out a five-disc Original Album Series collection featuring Prince albums. This was to contain 1999, Purple Rain, Parade, Lovesexy and Diamonds and Pearls and should have been released on 26 March to at the same time as the Madonna Original Album Series box set.

Well something happened, and the box set was hastily withdrawn. Rumours suggested that Prince put the kibosh the on best-laid plans of Warner Bros.

Whatever the issue, we don’t want the unreleased status of this box to get in the way of giving you an exclusive look at the set, and so below is a photo gallery for your enjoyment.

It is of course a ‘budget’ release, so all in all pretty unremarkable. Simple card sleeves, unremastered audio, familiar discs used on previous releases. It should have been available for less than £10 but now we will have to wait and see if differences get resolved and this set sees a release later this year.

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I bought a brand new copy of this on Discogs for £20 about 18 months. I’ve kept it sealed and only bought it in the hope that it becomes quite collectible. It seems that it did hit the shelves in a few countries before being hastily recalled.


It was available at the time in Germany, but i didn’t buy it because i have them all on CD.


I would rather have a box set of five albums from the “Vault.” Please, if WB and Prince are going to give the friends of Prince something…give us something we never heard of..some new music…not something we already heard of have already. Really? HOW SCANDALOUS! T o you WB and Prince, if you want to give us a gift, give us some new RE-MASTERED MUSIC from Prince…Madhouse…The Revoultion. Their are three albums right their? If you want to give us music…then open the vault.


I’d rather have a CD version of ‘Lovesexy’ with track markers.

Mychael Darklighter

meh. lovesexy’s the only one i don’t have on cd. there’s definitely no ove lost between prince + warner, that’s no surprise.
those are good sets, tho.



I read the title and thought that we were going to get a box set of “withdrawn” Prince albums – Dream Factory, Camille, Black Album, etc!